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If you are a Penn Foster student, graduate or also former student, you may want to know from your official academic transcript that you have worked hard at Penn Foster. Well, that’s an easy way that you can do where you can totally request to have your official transcript. Your transcript can be sent directly to you or another institution you choose.

If you have plans to transfer to another college, you may be thinking about how to transfer your official transcript to your new college. Otherwise, if you already have studied in one college and want to move to Penn Foster, you may want to know how to transfer your academic transcript from your previous college to Penn Foster.

Generally, the colleges will transfer your academic transcript through email or mail. Then, how to send your academic transcript to Penn Foster? If you’re wondering how to transfer your transcript from previous college to Penn Foster, let’s see what you should do below!

Email and Mail for Transferring Academic Transcripts

Your academic transcript commonly can be used to receive college credits and also as a requirement to attend another college (if you move from one college to another). Generally, you will receive the credit for previous college coursework if the school you attended meets the Penn Foster’s standard.

Then, the course work is eligible for transfer and you have received a minimum grade of ‘C’ up to 75% of required credits will be transferred. Of course, all approved transfer credits will be cut off from your tuition.

If you want to receive credit, you should contact the college you attended and ask them to either mail a copy of your official academic transcripts or submit an official electronic transcript to be sent to Penn Foster College for evaluation.

Here are the email and mail address to send your academic transcripts:

  • Email: Send you official academic  transcripts through email to or fill the form here.

transcripts through email or fill the form

  • Mail: Send you official academic transcripts through mail to Student Service Center, 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515 (under contract with Penn Foster College, AZ).

Penn Foster will also accept electronic transcripts from credential services such as Scrip-Safe© and Parchment©. You surely have to check with your prior school for their electronic transcript process or you can also access one of the sites to see if they’re a participant.

However, that’s important to note that your official transcript is mailed directly from your previous school/college to Penn Foster or sent electronically through an authorized credential service that we’ve mentioned above.

Requesting a Transcript, Here’s the Guide!

This post also shows you how to request a transcript at Penn Foster, here’s how!

  • Firstly, you need to look for your student record through this link here.
  • After you have found your student record, you will be taken into an official Penn Foster Transcript Request with a third party vendor, such as Scrip-Safe© and Parchment©.
  • You will then be required to enter more detailed student information. Here, you need to choose where or who you would like your transcript sent to.
  • You can select between a Paper Transcript or eTranscript that can be mailed to the address you choose. Of course, the fees will vary based on delivery method.
  • Afterwards, you have to provide details on your order options including which program you wish your transcript generated for.
  • Last, you have to provide an electronic signature of consent. Then, submit your payment information for the transcript processing. In this case, you will have an opportunity to review your order before it’s placed.

That’s it! You successfully request your academic transcript that you can use for any purposes, especially to receive credit.

About Credit Transfer

Why do we explain about Penn Foster credit transfer? However, your academic transcript can be used as a requirement to receive credit either for high school or college.

In order to receive the transfer credit of Penn Foster high school, your academic transcript from an accredited institution which is recognized by Penn Foster should be submitted for evaluation. Well, transfer credits are evaluated for comparable high school subjects where a full credit has been earned.

As high school programs vary, sure, only an evaluation by Penn Foster can determine the actual number of transfer credits to be awarded. Well, the maximum number of transfer credits which are allowed is 16.

How if you want to continue your education beyond high school? Sure, after you graduate from Penn Foster High School, you have earned a nationally and regionally accredited high school diploma which can assist you to create a better future for yourself whether it’s your new career, your job opportunity, or even an advanced degree.

How If You Want to Transfer Credits to Another School?

To transfer the credits to another school, you can use ACE which has partnered with Credly, a leading digital credential provider. It provides you with badges and transcripts on their Acclaim platform. The badges here contain the information about your completed courses which explain what you’ve learned and the recommended equivalent credits.

After you’ve been issued and have received a badge, you’re able to use Credly’s Acclaim platform to send your academic transcript directly to a college you’re interested in attending. You will then no longer have to use the ACE Transcript Registry or pay your transcripts.

Otherwise, you can also click on the ‘Send Transcript’ button from the drop down account menu in Acclaim to begin  sending your transcripts to schools and employers for free. Moreover, you also have a right to share your badges on social media, on your resume or anywhere else you like.

To order a transcript, you need the name or department and email address for the receipt of the transcript. For more information, you can look on the college’s site for the information about where to send transfer transcripts because it will vary with each institution.

You can also click on the ‘View Transcript’ option to download a free copy before you order the transcript. In this case, we recommend you to use the copy of the transcript to check that all of your credentials are shown correctly before you send an official version.

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