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Do you have a plan to enroll in the Dental Assistant Diploma program? However, you want to enroll in an online school, don’t you? We think that you’ll look for the college which offers a learning home program. Well, finding the online Dental Assistant program is a bit hard as not all schools provide it.

Don’t worry! Penn Foster College makes your dream come true by offering you an online Dental Assistant program. Your choice to take the Dental Assistant program is exactly right as this profession rapidly increases around 11% than the average job growth rate over the next few years.

Penn Foster Dental Assistant Reviews

Sure, when you decide to take a study program in a college, you may want to know the reviews from the people or also graduates for their experience during learning in their choice of school program. Then, do you also want to know people’s reviews about the Penn Foster Dental Assistant program? Thankfully, we’ll share it to you on our page here. See below!

People’s Review for Penn Foster Dental Assistant

To convince you that the Dental Assistant program at Penn Foster is very worthy to enroll in, we also show you some people’s review for the Dental Assistant program at Penn Foster. Here are they:

  • Shawanna R. (Dental Assistant Graduate)

She is a graduate of Penn Foster Dental Assistant program who gave the positive review. She said that the advantages of studying online gave her the opportunity to work a full time job as well as build my future.

  • Kristin G (Reviewed on August 16, 2020)

She also gave a positive review where she really loved Penn Foster Dental Assistant Program as the program was so affordable and she could pace herself as she needed. This course took her as little as 5 months to get a dental assistant diplome. It means that you shouldn’t take a long time to get a diploma. She also got licensed through LARS with 2 letters of recommendation from dental professionals  after she was done with this program. She emphasized that it was a great experience  for her personally to take the dental assistant program at Penn Foster.

  • Dentalmystic (Reviewed on February 18, 2020)

“I just completed my career diploma in Dental Assistant. It was a good experience and I was introduced to the dental field. I also had my certificate and transcript sent to me today. I wish they had the Dental Hygiene program and request that we do our practicum in a dental office/clinic near by”.

Dental Assistant Program Overview

Dental Assistant program focuses on Dental Terminology and Anatomy, Dental Insurance, Radiology and more. The students who take this program will work with managing office operations, updating patient records, scheduling appointments and more.

This program allows the students to learn topical anesthesia and basic pharmacology. In the process of study, they will be taught the stages of endodontic and periodontic treatment and the effectiveness of root canal therapy. They also learn Web software, clinical charting and patient insurance billing to prepare for the professional workforce.

The students who are accepted in the Dental Assistant program will be taken into the program to complete nine instruction Sets of course curriculum. The Instruction Sets here are specialized materials which are designed in giving them a step-by-step program to be a Dental Assistant.

Additionally, the students will start by learning an overview of dental history and what they should do as dental assistants. After that, they will learn the anatomy of the mouth, types of teeth and teeth structures. Aside from that, they study the importance of good nutrition especially in order to prevent oral disease and pental plaque. Moreover, they also practice confidentiality and privacy laws and ethics.

The point is, by learning the Dental Assistant program at Penn Foster, the students will learn on-the-job skills like dental health procedures, dentistry terminology use, office operation and more. So, if you want to be a Dental Assistant, you can begin to enroll in Penn Foster’s Dental Assistant training program right now.

Dental Assistant Program Detail

Program Goal

The Dental Assistant diploma program has a vision to prepare the students for an entry-level position as a Dental Assistant. At the beginning of the program, you will develop the necessary skills to make sure your success in this program. Sure, you will discover how you can improve your study skills, so you can use a number of tools which will help you to be successful.

Here are all programs that you will learn at Penn Foster Dental Assistant:

  • Dental Assistant Introduction

When you’re starting this program, you first will learn about the history of dentistry. You will also study about the origins of inventions and the predecessors of modern equipment. In this stage, you will learn how to identify the members of the dental team and their duties.

  • Anatomy, Terminology and Charting

In this stage, you’re going to analyze varying dental terminology including dental anatomy, the oral cavity and tooth morphology.

  • Ethics and Preventative Dentistry

For this stage, you’re required to review preventative dentistry and how nutrition impacts it. You can also identify how dental law and ethics applies in the office.

  • Dental Emergencies and Infection Control

At Penn Foster’s Dental Assistant course, you will learn the different facets of the dental operatory including instrumentation, patients and moisture control. You will also review pathology, disease transmission and dental emergencies.

  • OSHA and Radiology

Students will learn dental film, process radiographs and diagnose radiographs.

  • Dental Medications and Materials

In this stage, the students will learn the basics of pharmacology, review various components and also methods for preparing and administer anesthesia safely.

  • Dental Specialties

In this course, the students will learn periodontics and endodontics and the field of dentistry which deals with the tissues which surround the teeth. You will be introduced to the e specialties of prosthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery and the specialties of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.

  • Dental Front Office

You will learn how to get professional communication to maintain the reception area.

  • Professional Opportunities and Management Software

In this stage, you will learn how to use account modules, appointment modules, image and chart modules as well as how to manage employee information.

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