Penn Foster Career School Review

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Take a look at the reviews from Penn Foster Career School, as they share how their Penn Foster education helped get them on the path to career success. If you are a graduate, you are able to submit your story on how Penn Foster helped you succeed. Also, the students are able to share their stories.

Review of Penn Foster Career School

Here are some reviews of the Penn Foster Career School:

Cynthia Maher (Reviewed: 2/19/2020)

The Penn Foster is great. It surely teaches you if you know how to read and continue the steps of what it says. It is like opening a cook book and then making a recipe. It is not too hard as the recipe is right there for you to learn. In order to learn, you have to read first. It needs patience and understanding. Nothing to do with a person who talking to you. Just read it. Get it, show it and do it. You are able to call the instructors for help. If you know how to read, then you are going to be just fine. If there are colleges out there, which will take this high school diploma then no issue from there. You are going to be taught something whole entirely different in college face to face repeatedly depending where you select to go.

Erica (Reviewed: 8/12/2019)

“I am so thankful for Penn foster. In June 2019, I enrolled in Penn foster and got my diploma in one month. Thanks to Penn foster, I will be attending college in August. I am so grateful that everything was a smooth process. I had no complications, no complaints. The test is all multiple questions. They are going to send your diploma within 1-5 days after you completed all your course.”

Penn Foster Career School Review

Kat Jones (Reviewed: 7/12/2019)

“In the year of 2019, I started the Travel and Tourism program. It took less than a month and a half to complete the program. I have read other reviews saying that the material is outdated, however I do not have that problem with the Travel and Tourism program. Everything seems up to date and I did learn a lot. They give you a year to complete the program, or you are going to need paying extra. I was told this the day I started the program, to which they give you six days from enrollment date to cancel if you want to. I would not say it was very easy or very hard, but in the middle of both, you are going to need to take notes and study. They have lots of resources available in your student portal to help if you get stuck on something. If you have problem or any questions, I recommend just calling them. I have never had issues when I needed to call. I know everyone has different opinions on the good, however I had a great overall experience with them.”

Dawn (Reviewed: 5/18/2019)

“I discovered the student portal well put together. This is a 100 percent self taught course. You have 12 months to complete the coursework. Also, you have the option to extend your studies twice for additional time for an extra fee if you want. There is help via the Student Portal via facts and questions, as well instructor outreach and social community groups. I have discovered the social groups to be the most viable of all. The contract was very clear in black and white, just read what you are signing and understand. Ask questions if needed. After completing the course, you are going to get a free voucher to sit for the NHA CBCS exam or to sit for the CPC (You Pay) via the AAPC. If you do not have at least 2 years prior coding experience to the exam you are going to receive a CPC-A until your 2 years on hands experience is completed. Besides your course, I suggest you take the AAPC Plexicode classes. Also, you have to know before you sign what type of learner you are.”

Wking (Reviewed: 12/12/2018)

Penn foster is a great college, however it is definitely a real college in saying that it means you have to pay a tuition every semester and also you have to study really hard. The material is hard material, but not impossible to make good grades if you put in the time and effort. Some people given bad reviews are most likely disgruntled as they thought they could only get a degree without putting in hard work and without paying. You are able to go to Penn Foster for compared to other colleges what do you people expect ,it’s not free. If you are going to attend an online college, get ready to do the work it sometimes can be harder than traditional college, and no one will be catering to you. You are going to need to know how to research and discover other resources when needing help. Usually, I use Youtube tutorials. I have some job prospects after I get my degree.”

Shelster70 (Reviewed: 10/5/2018)

“I started the Vet tech program. Since that, transferred over to the Business Management program. It had no any issue in switching programs. Also, the staff were very polite and helpful. We think that it is not a traditional school. They are very obvious about the time frames and the extensions. I saw some reviews where people are complaining about that. You are an adult. Just take some responsibility. For every class which I have taken there has been an assigned instructor. Also, I attended ECPI (MCI) for a registered nursing program some years ago. This school is much more organized. If you want or need a guide reading a text book to you or holding your hand to ensure you complete your assignments, do not sign up for an online program that is self paced. I have only good experiences and I am glad I chose to stay with Penn Foster.”

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