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Do you already have a job but you still want to improve yourself by learning more? Penn Foster has the answer for you. Everyone is able to learn the skills that can be really helpful to start a new career, advance in the job that they already have, or start a new business. The online training through the self-paced courses is offered by the Penn Foster. This one allows them to progress through the program at the right pace and they can learn the skills related to their career.

Penn Foster is undoubtedly one of the best. The perks of choosing the career program offered by Penn Foster include:

  • You can start and learn everything anytime you want. Feel free to learn or access the student portal that is on your mobile on your comfortable sofa.
  • It has a committed support system. While you might feel lonely learning the courses at your home, do not feel that way as the Student Service Department, Student Community, and instructors are always there for you.
  • This has a curriculum that will lead you to success. Get ready to receive the skills and knowledge that you need and get ready to be a professional pet groomer.
  • Penn Foster Career School makes it possible for you to customize your study schedule with progress tracking. There are also some tools to be used when you want to reach something. These things are best to keep you moving forward.
  • There is no doubt that the Peen Foster is one of the best ones. In the year of 2019 alone, it has more than 58,000 graduates from the accredited high school, career school, and college.
  • As stated before, the Student Service Department, Student Community, and instructors will always make sure that you are not lonely. In addition to these, it is also possible for you to connect in real time with the students of the same Pet Grooming program in the Penn Foster Community.

The Penn Foster Career Programs is divided into two: Career Diploma and Career Certificate. These followings will talk about these two so please continue reading and do not skip anything.

The Penn Foster Career School or Penn Foster College helps everyone to take the first steps toward starting a new career, building the resume, and getting the new opportunities in the job that they already have. It does not matter your planning in your career, the only sure thing is that you are offered by Penn Foster online career diploma programs that can be afford easily. These career diploma programs are made to help you in getting new career skills. There is no pressure here as you will be able to learn everything with your own pace. It means everyone might be different since each individual has their own pace. In addition to the self paced online courses, you will also get support from the strong instructor when you are on your way reaching your goal.

Penn Foster Career Programs

What about the Career Certificate? If you are looking for the way to earn the knowledge and in demand skills that are needed by today’s employers, Penn Foster Career School is the perfect one. There are a lot of different kinds of online certificate programs that are made specifically for those with hectic schedule. Aside from that, the tuition for this program is also affordable. On top of that, it is self paced so there is no pressure in it. All these things make everyone easy to enroll and to get started.

Career Diploma Programs – Penn Foster Career School:

  • ABC® Certified Wedding Planner*
  • Administrative Assistant*
  • Appliance Repair
  • Auto Repair Technician*
  • Basic Electronics
  • Bookkeeping*
  • Caterer
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Child Care Professional
  • Computer Graphic Artist
  • Construction Trades
  • Dental Assistant*
  • Desktop Publishing and Design
  • Diesel Mechanics/Heavy Truck Maintenance*
  • Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor*
  • Drafting with AutoCAD®
  • Dressmaking and Design
  • Electronics Technician
  • Event Planning*
  • Floral Design
  • Furniture and Cabinet Maker
  • Guest Service Agent
  • Gunsmith*
  • Home Health Aide*
  • Home Inspector
  • Home Remodeling and Repair
  • Hotel/Restaurant Management
  • HVACR Technician*
  • Interior Decorator
  • IT Support Specialist*
  • Jewelry Design and Repair
  • Landscaping Technology
  • Legal Secretary
  • Locksmith & Home Security Technician
  • Medical Administrative Assistant*
  • Medical Assistant*
  • Medical Billing and Coding*
  • Medical Transcriptionist*
  • Motorcycle Repair Technician
  • Occupational Therapy Aide
  • Optician*
  • Paralegal*
  • Payroll Clerk*
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician Professional*
  • Physical Therapy Aide
  • Plumber
  • Private Investigator
  • Residential Electrician*
  • Retail Supervisor
  • Security Guard
  • Small Business Management
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Sterile Processing*
  • Tax Preparation*
  • Travel and Tourism Specialist*
  • Veterinary Assistant*
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Wildlife/Forestry Conservation*

Career Certificate & Credentials – Penn Foster Career School:

  • Accounting Essentials
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • AutoCAD Essentials
  • Automotive HVAC Essentials
  • Automotive Transmissions Essentials
  • Business Management Essentials
  • Career Readiness Bootcamp
  • Child Development Training Certificate
  • Child Psychology
  • Computer Programming Languages
  • E-Business Management
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • English Comprehensive Skills in Reading and Writing
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Forensic Computer Examiner
  • Gourmet Cooking
  • Health Information Management
  • Human Resources Management Essentials
  • LexisNexis: Legal Research
  • Medical Terminology
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • National Electrical Code®
  • Personal Caregiver Skills
  • Pet Grooming
  • Property Management
  • Solar PV Installation Skills
  • Solar Thermal Installation Skills
  • Solar PV and Thermal Installation Skills
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Supervisory Skills for the Industrial Workplace
  • Retail Industry Fundamentals Credential (Featured Partner Programs)
  • The Business of Retail Credential (Featured Partner Programs)
  • Customer Service & Sales Credential (Featured Partner Programs)

In case you are wondering about the asterisked, they are all the career diploma programs that are offered through the Penn Foster College that is nationally accredited by the DEAC or Distance Education Accrediting Commission and has earned a license from the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education. Each program included in the Career Diploma Programs – Penn Foster Career School is offered through the Penn Foster College. As for the last three included in the Career Certificate & Credentials – Penn Foster Career School, they are developed by National Retail Federation and are not accredited Penn Foster program.

For those who are interested in one of these career programs, it is the time for you to call an Admissions Specialist now. The number that you need to dial is 1-800-275-4410. If you feel that it is not the best time to enroll as your knowledge about these career programs is still limited, you are encouraged to know more about these first by visiting the official website of Penn Foster at

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