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How valuable is the bookkeeper position in business today? Sure, deciding to be a bookkeeper is such a right choice for you. Today, a bookkeeper will earn a bit higher salary than previous year with an average salary of almost $40,000 a year. The Bookkeepers will be always looked for as every business will need this position.

According to the numbers in the United States by 2019, there are over 28.8 million small businesses that search for the bookkeeper position in their company both big and small. It doesn’t matter as a bookkeeper really has a set of skills which allow them to efficiently and accurately discover a company’s numbers to make sure that everything is up to par.

So, don’t waste the opportunity before your eyes to be a Bookkeeper by joining With Penn Foster College. Yeah… We understand that you’ll need further information about this program and how reliable this program to take by seeing people’s reviews. Let’s dive out what you need from our post!

Penn Foster Bookkeeping Reviews

Penn Foster Bookkeeping Program Overview

Penn Foster college offers a bookkeeping program, allowing you to develop the fundamentals of bookkeeping. Through this program, you will study a range of topics from assets and liabilities to revenue and expenses, a comprehensive understanding of QuickBooks.

With online-learning, you shouldn’t go into a classroom as this program does not have a strict schedule. Sure, you can learn the material at the times which are convenient for you. You also have a right to access Success Coaches as part of this program. Those are individuals who have experience with teaching and the material you’re learning. Well, it will help to make sure that if you need the clarification you have any questions.

The Penn Foster bookkeeping program allows you to move through the material at your own pace. The good news is you can choose to do it on your own or take advantage of the Penn Foster Community. Through this course, you will have a chance to interact with other students who are taking this program.

All your coursework can be finished on your computer or smaller devices. The material will come in various forms including, reading materials, videos and visual simulation. You can also use the goal-settings tools to assist yourself to develop a regular study schedule.

Penn Foster Bookkeeping Program Detail

The bookkeeping courses at Penn Foster are divided into multiple sections. Sure, all of the tools and materials you have to complete the coursework is included, so you do not need to purchase anything additional. There are at least 7 sections in this bookkeeping course, here are they:

Section 1

The first section starts with a section entitled ‘Starting Your Program’. This stage provides the material to allow you to know more about the school and how they designed this course. This lesson focuses on the accounting equation. However, this is one of the most basic elements of bookkeeping which sets the foundation for the rest of the course.

Well, the objective in this section include:

  • Learning the first steps of this equation
  • Applying the equation and explaining it
  • Defining common bookkeeping terms and have ability to discuss how they apply to the field
  • The balance sheet and its purpose
  • How to prepare a balance sheet

Section 2

There are at least two courses to discover in the second section where you will learn about the book of accounting and liabilities and assets. In this section, you will also study about owner’s equity. This section will come with a workbook and two learning aids which is started by introducing you to the chart of accounts.

Section 3

In this section, you’ll learn by looking at expenses and revenues. Sure, it includes the information about debits and credits. Another part of this section is financial reports which come with two more workbooks that you’ll use.

Section 4

In this section, you will receive three courses. First, you will talk about payroll and cash accounting. In this course, you will learn how to prepare, record and execute payroll actions in a timely manner.

Second, you will learn accounting systems which allow you to know about the differences between accounting systems and cash accounting. Third, you will get the information about invoice and elements which are related to them which come with three workbooks.

Section 5

The fifth section provides you to learn about the different activities which bookkeepers do at the end of the month. You will also study how to prepare the various documents which you need to perform at the end of every month to make sure that a company’s books are in order.

Section 6

This section focuses on Microsoft Excel where a spreadsheet program will be required by bookkeepers in organizing various financial figures. Moreover, it will help you to understand how to use the program and the different functions which create organizing the numbers easier.

Section 7

In this final section, you will focus on QuickBooks upon knowing this software is imperative for being an effective bookkeeper today. You will learn an introduction to this software and how to navigate the software and input different figures into the proper areas.

Penn Foster Bookkeeping Tuition

If you have enrolled in the Penn Foster Bookkeeping program and want to pay for your study, you’re allowed to choose one of the payment plans that Penn Foster offers below!

  • Pay In Full

Cost: $699

If you choose this payment plan, you will save $176. Paying the full cost upfront means no monthly payments while you study.

  • Monthly Auto Pay

Cost: $844

If you choose this payment plan, you will save $31. This plan will be automatic monthly payments which start for as little as $1. The monthly payments will cost you as low as $49.

  • Monthly Mail Pay

Cost: $875

These monthly mail payments will cost you as low as $49. Then, you should mail your payment using a payment coupon book.

Review for Penn Foster Bookkeeping Program

Breanna M. as a Penn Foster Bookkeeping graduate gave a positive review who says:

“I have applied the skills I learned in my coursework to my job. Penn Foster introduced me to many things I do daily working at a small business, like bookkeeping”.

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