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PCC’s online learning team provides Help Support for both the students and faculty/ instructor. They provide the Faculty Help Desk and Student Help Desk. Of course, each section will help in providing the solutions in accordance with the problems that are being encountered by both the students and the instructors.

So, you do not have to worry if you get any issues related to the D2L that you may find. Thankfully, this post will show how the PCC D2L Support works in giving the solutions either for students or for instructors.

PCC D2L Support

Faculty Help Desk

PCC’s online learning team also provides the Online Learning Faculty Help Desk that will help for instructors with online courses or courses that use D2L Brightspace. The PCC D2L Faculty Help Desk is managed by college staff from Monday to Friday 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

After 5 p.m and on weekends additional coverage is provided by D2L user support staff. To contact the Faculty Help Desk, you can dial them at number 971-722-8227 (inside the Portland area) and at number 1-866-922-1010 ext. 8227 (outside the Portland area) or you can send them an email to dlhelp@pcc.edu.

What will the instructors get after contacting them? However, the PC staff will assist you to find the troubleshooting issues with your online course, answer the questions about PCC-specific information such as deadlines, dates and also processes as well as teach you how to use the tools. Moreover, the D2L help desk will help with issues using the D2L Brightspace environment or reporting outages.

Here’s a list of PCC Supports for certain issues:

  • Contact Online Learning Faculty Help Desk by sending them an email to dlhelp@pcc.edu or 971-722-8227, if you have problems with D2L Brightspace, Zoom or online learning course.
  • Contact PCC Staff Service Desk by sending them an email to servicedesk@pcc.edu or 971-722-4400, if you have problems with PCC Email, MyPCC, the public website, Banner or your PCC-owned computer.
  • Technical Support for students: Student Help Desk: shd@pcc.edu or 971-722-8222
  • To report an outage when the help desk is closed, you can call 971-722-4400 and press 1 to activate the emergency pager.

Student Help Desk

Aside from providing the Faculty Help Desk, PCC’s online learning team also provides the Online Learning Student Help Desk that will help the students find out what they need when working with the D2L Brightspace.

Just like the Faculty Help Desk, the Student Help Desk can also assist the students getting the troubleshooting for the D2L issues. This PCC D2L Support also provides computer software and online service support especially for PCC online students.

If you’re a student of PCC and looking for troubleshooting for your issue, what you should do is go to the Student Help Desk that you can access here.

Here’s a list of example issues you may encounter when working with D2L:

  • Can’t login to D2L portal

If you have an issue where you cannot login to the D2L login portal, you can try to clear your browser cache and history, close your browser completely and try to re-open the browser and try to access the D2L Brightspace through the login portal or via MyPCC.

  • Can’t see your courses

If you cannot see your courses within the My Courses box , you can try to choose the course selector (represented as a waffle icon at the top of your D2L Brightspace account). However, this area will display any courses that you currently have access to. Then, by clicking on the course will take you to the course homepage.

  • Can’t find or access a course

If you get an issue where you cannot find or access a course, you may lose some important requirements. In fact, in order to find or access an online course, you should be officially registered at PCC and be on the official class roster before you’re able to access your online class.

  • Can’t see video on online course

It’s highly recommended for you to enable third-party cookies to use Kaltura as it needs to communicate with D2L Brightspace to verify who you are and where you want to save your videos.

  • Can’t find your missing course

You  can notify the PCC’s online learning team and tell them what your problem is. Instead, you can send them a form in the event. The form can be accessed here.

PCC’s Faculty Resources

Moreover, if you need some tutorials and technical support, you can also try to use PCC’s Faculty Resources that you can find here.  This page will guide you how to use D2L Brightspace at PCC.

The tutorial and technical support also guide you in order to find the solutions about the D2L issues. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Accessing D2L Brightspace: This section will guide you how to access your D2L Brightspace course.
  • Navigating D2L Brightspace: This section will guide you how to navigate within D2L Brightspace.
  • View my Course as a student: This section will guide you on a way for you to view your course from the student view.

Here’s a list of tool guides:

  • Announcements: You can use the Announcements to post your course updates, changes and new information to your students within your Course Homepage.
  • Content: Through the content tool, you can post your course materials such as course calendar, syllabus and more.
  • Assignments: This allows you to create an Assignment, as a way for you to gather individual student’s assignments and organize it within your course rather than cluttering your email.
  • Discussions: Through Discussions, you can add new topics and forums, as a way for you and your students to discuss and collaborate on an assignment of course material together.
  • Quizzes: With this feature, you can create quizzes, as a way for you to assess your student or collect an assignment which can be auto graded or manual grading by you.
  • Grades: Through the grade feature, the students are able to see their own grades and instructors’ feedback.
  • Online Rooms: With this feature, you can create a virtual office hour or remote learning class time for you and your students.

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