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Marana Unified School District has a secure web-based tool called MUSD Connection (ParentVue). This one provides both parents and students the ability to view student information such as grades, class assignments, course history, attendance, report or progress report, and health information from the convenience of any computer or mobile device, 24-hours each day.

It is such an efficient tool that provides parents the opportunity to update the annual back of the child to school paperwork, reducing paper costs, and saving time.

There are three simple steps to login to MUSD Connection (ParentVue). First, access the MUSD Portal. You will be taken to a page where you will login or activate your account. Second, activate your account by entering your first and last name, along with the secure User Activation Key. If you do not have one, please contact the school of your child to get your User Activation Key, the one key for all children enrolled in District. Third, enter a username and password, along with the valid email address. The later one is required to activate your MUSD Connection account. You are now able to view information for all of your students at the same time.

If you need assistance with the MUSD Connection, do not hesitate to contact the school of enrollment of the student. Parents are encouraged by MUSD to participate in MUSD Connection to enhance their involvement in the education of their child.

By downloading the ParentVue or StudentVue application from the applicable marketplace, both students and parents are not able to access MUSD Connection quickly and easily anytime. First of all, download the ParentVue or StudentVue Edupoint Educational Systems application at the Google Play Store or Apple Store for free. After that, type in the following District URL: Then, enter the username as well as the password, the same one for the MUSD Connection.

Take a note that these apps are not developed or supported by MUSD. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the representative at

Marana Unified School District takes pride in providing the best quality comprehensive curriculum in safe, innovative, nurturing, and award-winning learning environments. Each student is challenged, each relationship is built, and teaching is focused on the individual student achievement.

Marana Unified School District is full of remarkable employees, a dedicated Governing Board, invested parents, as well as caring community and business members. Everyone is so proud of many accomplishments done by Marana Unified School District, whether it is the A+ schools, state recognized programs and athletes, award-winning students, or the nationally certificated educators.

The school is committed to make an educationally enriching experience for every student in the community. From the arts, to the academics, to the athletes, to the educators, to the staff continue to inspire and empower everyone to explore, create, learn, and question. There, the school can seek opportunities to engage students in the most relevant learning opportunities possible to prepare them to be lifelong learners and responsible human beings.

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