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Just like any school districts, Mahopac Central School District has a platform or portal where the parents or the guardians of the students can access a lot of important information about the students. The information includes grades, assignments, attendance, and many other ones. With this kind of portal, everything is able to be accessed with just a single sign in.

Mahopac Central School District uses Infinite Campus as the parent portal. This one can be used by the parents or guardians with the students who are currently studying at the schools under the school district. If you have no idea about the schools that are under Mahopac Central School District, the list includes:

  • Mahopac High School (Secondary)
  • Mahopac Middle School (Secondary)
  • Mahopac Falls Academy (Secondary, alternative middle school)
  • Austin Road Elementary School (Primary)
  • Fulmar Road Elementary School (Primary)
  • Lakeview Elementary School (Primary)

Parent portal offers a lot of things and it has a lot of benefits. If you are a parent or a guardian with a child who is currently enrolled in one of the schools under Mahopac Central School District, you need to know about this portal. Below is everything that you need to know about the parent portal.

Definition of Infinite Campus

The parent portal offered by Mahopac Central School District called Infinite Campus is described as a district wide student information system that is designed to manage the information about the student and to maintain the student records.

Definition of the Infinite Campus Parent Portal

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal refers to a portal for the parents and guardians of the students so that they are able to access to the school related information about their children who are currently enrolled in one of the schools under Mahopac Central School District in real time. With this kind of thing, the parents and the guardians have a chance to view class schedules, assignments, attendance, report cards and transcripts, and some other information.

Talking about parent portal, there are several things that are not available to be accessed in this portal. One of them is food service balances. If you want to know the information about the food service balances, you are encouraged to use MySchoolBucks instead. This one can also be used if you want to make payments and view activity. If you do not feel like want to use this service, you might want to continue to make advance payments through check that can be paid to Mahopac Central School District. While making a payment, do not forget to include the full name of your child on the check.

If you are new to MySchoolBucks and wants to make an account, there are two ways to choose from. First, click on MySchoolBucks that can be found on When you are there, click on Sign Up Today. After that, enter the required information. As the alternative, you can also go to the official website of Mahopac Central School District. In the homepage, choose Parent Access: MySchoolBucks, which is found under Parents/Community. Lastly, click on Sign Up Today and enter the required information.

As suggested before, remember to include the full name of your child. Apart from that, it is also needed for you to enter the student ID number of your child as the part of MySchoolBucks registration process. For your information, this number is able to be found on parent portal.

Where to Access the Campus Portal?

If you want to access the Campus Portal, you can access it through the official website of Mehopac Central School District and the mobile app of Infinite Campus. Aside from these, the Mahopac app will be released in the near future.

Logging In to Parent Portal Account

Logging in to parent portal account is relatively easy and it will not take too much of your time. Here are all the steps that you should follow:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to go to the Parent Portal page of Mahopac Central School District at
  • When you are there, find the Infinite Campus (Campus Portal Login) and click it.
  • By clicking it, you will be taken to the log in page of Infinite Campus. In this page, you will be presented with two options: Campus Student and Campus Parent. As you are a parent, the one that should be chosen is Campus Parent.

with two option- Campus Student and Campus Parent.

  • To be able to log in to the Portal Parent, you will have to enter the parent username and password.

log in to the Portal Parent

It should be easy for you In case you forget the password, there is a link under Log In button that you can click. Please follow the instructions well so that you will be able to retrieve the password. If you forget your username, you can get help by clicking on the Forgot Username? link which is located next to Forgot Password?. After getting your username back, you can try to log in again.

Creating the Portal Account

For those who have not yet set up your account, you will need to request the important information by sending an email to It is actually not the only way. In addition, you can also call 845 621 0656, ext. 13506. By doing one of these steps, you will receive an Activation Key and the instructions to set up your account. If you want to fain full access to the system, photo identification is required. You can provide the Photo Identification to the Office of Central Registration. If you have no idea where it is, it is located at The Falls District Office.

Bottom Line

Parent portal is really a great portal and it is like the bridge between the schools and the parents, and guardian of the students. For more information about the parent portal offered Mahopac Central School District, it is better for you to visit the official website of Mahopac Central School District as well as the official website of Infinite Campus.

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