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Are you here because you are looking for the answer key of the Our Federal and State Constitutions? If the answer to the question is yes, you are in the right place as you will be informed about it here. Below is the list of some questions along with the answer keys of the subject:

  1. Question: Establish Justice, Insure Domestic tranquility, Provide for the Common Defence, Promote the general Welfare, Secure the blessings of Liberty.
    Answer: What are the six goals in the Preamble?
  2. Question: 1st Amendment
    Answer: Freedom of region, speech, press, assembly, and petition.
  3. Question: 2nd Amendment
    Answer: Right to bear arms
  4. Question: 3rd Amendment
    Answer: Housing of soldiers
  5. Question: 4th Amendment
    Answer: No unreasonable search or arrest
  6. Question: 5th Amendment
    Answer: No person tried without grand jury indictment or punish twice for same offense. Prohibits being a witness against yourself and guarantees due process of law
  7. Question: 6th Amendment
    Answer: Rights of accused in criminal cases
  8. Question: 7th Amendment
    Answer: Trial by jury
  9. Question: 8th Amendment
    Answer: No excessive bail or cruel punishment
  10. Question: 9th Amendment
    Answer: People retain rights no listed in the Constitution
  11. Question: 10th Amendment
    Answer: Power not given to the federal government is given to the people or states
  12. Question: 13th Amendment
    Answer: Abolished slavery
  13. Question: 14th Amendment
    Answer: All person born or naturalized in the United States enjoy full right. This was done to protect the rights of freed slaves and minorities after the Civil War, but it applies equally to all Americans. This amendment also made certain rules concerning the southern states after the Civil War
  14. Question: 15th Amendment
    Answer: States cannot prevent a person form voting because of race, creed, or color
  15. Question: 18th Amendment
    Answer: Prohibition. No alcoholic beverages to be bought or sold in the United States
  16. Question: 19th Amendment
    Answer: Women suffrage. This amendment gives all women, who are U.S. citizens, the right to vote in all elections
  17. Question: 21st Amendment
    Answer: Repealed prohibition and voided the 18th Amendment (the only amendment to repeal another amendment)
  18. Question: 22nd Amendment
    Answer: No person shall be elected to the office of president more than twice
  19. Question: 26th Amendment
    Answer: 18 year olds are allowed to vote in federal and state elections.
  20. Question: Foreign affairs, Domestic and Military Administration, Legislation, Appointment, Judicial Functions.
    Answer: What are the five major areas of presidential duties?
  21. Question: The president
    Answer: Who is the chief of the armed forces?
  22. Question: 2 years
    Answer: How long is the president’s term?
  23. Question: What is the order of succession to the presidency?
    Answer: Vice president, then speaker of house, then president pro tempore of the Senate, then members of the senate, starting with the secretary of state.
  24. Question: To enforce the laws.
    Answer: What is the main duty of the executive branch?
  25. Question: Donald Trump
    Answer: Who is the president?
  26. Question: Mike Pence
    Answer: Who is the vice president?
  27. Question: The president
    Answer: Who is the head of the executive branch?
  28. Question: President Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
    Answer: What two presidents have been impeached?
  29. Question: President Spiro Agnew
    Answer: Who is the only president ever to resign?
  30. Question: True
    Answer: The president can call both houses of Congress into special sessions.
  31. Question: False
    Answer: The president picks his successor.
  32. Question: False
    Answer: A president candidate is selected by Congress.
  33. Question: True
    Answer: The executive branch enforces our nation’s laws.
  34. Question: True
    Answer: In 1973 when Vice president Agnew resigned, President Nixon designated his successor.
  35. Question: True
    Answer: The Congress has the power of approval.
  36. Question: True
    Answer: The president can make treaties without the approval of the Senate.
  37. Question: False
    Answer: The president cannot veto bills from Congress.
  38. Question: False
    Answer: The president may be reelected three times.
  39. Question: C
    Answer: The national budget is presented by the A. Vice president, B. Secretary of state, C: President
  40. Question: This department is charged with foreign affairs, including participating in the United Nations, issuing passports, and running our foreign embassies. (1789)
    Answer: The Secretary of State
  41. Question: This department manages our nation’s finances, is responsible for coining and printing of money and enforces monetary laws (1789)
    Answer: The Secretary of the Treasury
  42. Question: This department is charged with all natural resources of the nation, scenic and historical regions, the National Parks System, Indian affairs, dams, and water power. (1849)
    Answer: The Secretary of the Interior
  43. Question: This department conducts educational and research plans aimed at aiding agriculture. It also promotes legislation to help farmers and aids them with their problems. (1862)
    Answer: The Secretary of Agriculture
  44. Question: This department enforces laws of the United States in federal courts, conducts suits in which the U.S is concerned, and is chief legal officer of the federal government. This department conducts investigations and suits concerning monopolies, anti-trust laws, and organized crime. (1870)
    Answer: The Attorney General
  45. Question: This department aids wage earners, enforces labor standards and law, runs employment bureaus, mediates strikes and suggests new legislation promoting worker safety. (1913)
    Answer: The Secretary of Labor

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