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Learning English is hard, even deciding whether to use organized or organised can also be hard. If English is not your first language and you just started to learn this, it is normal when you are confused when seeing organized and organised. So, which is correct? Is it organized or organised?

Actually, both organized and organised are correct. These two are different spellings of the same word. The spelling “organized” is preferred in the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, “organised” is more common outside North America. Keep in mind that it extends to all the word’s derives, including organized/organised, organizing/organising, and organization/organisation.

Organized or Organised Which is Correc

Apparently, both organized and organised are acceptable in British English, even though there is a 80 to 20 preference for organised over organized in the United Kingdom. If you are curious about the preference of the other countries, you can check out the followings:

  • There is a preference for “organized” over “organised” (99 to 1) in the United States.
  • There is a 68 to 32 preference for “organised” over “organized” in India.
  • There is a preference for “organized” over “organised” (99 to 1) the Philippines.
  • There is a preference for “organized” over “organised” (94 to 6) in Canada.
  • There is a 76 to 24 preference for “organised” over “organized” in Australia.
  • There is a preference for “organized” over “organised” (100 to 0) in Liberia.
  • There is a 75 to 25 preference for “organised” over “organized” in Ireland.
  • There is a 72 to 28 preference for “organised” over “organized” in New Zealand.
  • There is a preference for “organized” over “organised” (84 to 16) in Jamaica.
  • There is a preference for “organized” over “organised” (75 to 25) in Trinidad & Tobago.
  • There is a preference for “organized” over “organised” (76 to 24) in Guyana.

Before going further, do you know where the word organized or organised came from? According to Grammarist, this word ‘organizare” came to English from Latin via French in the 15th century. At the time, it’s primary spellings were organize and organyse. Until a century or two later, the spelling that is now preferred outside North America did not appear. Since that time, the word organize has mostly been used, even though the British writers in particular have been seemingly confused. It is the reason why both organize and organise were used in a large number of British books, journals, and magazines published between 1800 and 2000. As of now, the spelling “organise” is now preferred by the British, at least in new publications, which tend to reflect popular usage.

Once again, both organized and organised are correct. However, in America, there is only one choice for the spelling of this word, which is organized. As for Britain, both organized and organised are commonly used, even though people in Britain tend to use organised more now. Take note that changing the spelling does not change the meaning of the word. There is only a difference between the two spellings, which is the geographical audience you are writing for.

What does the word organized or organised mean? The word organized or organised means to arrange something or a group of people. Basically, to organize means to arrange something in a good way.

As you already know the meaning of organized or organised, you may want to check out the examples of organized and organised in content below:


  • …few thousand volunteers, Al-Husayni organized the blockade of the 100,000…
  • …British Press Chief Richard Reoch, organized a long roll of successful…
  • “The bureau was […] organized in such a way that…
  • …having been methodically murdered in organized genocide, while the actual municipal…
  • “Wonder & Vital”, Video exhibition Organized by Femlink, May, 2010 Paris.
  • …the Barre Library Association was organized as a formal subscription library…
  • In 2005 he organized a conference with Black ambassadors…
  • Company “E” organized at Adrian, Mich., and mustered…
  • …Iron Soil Pipe Institute – organized in 1949
  • …in which each base was organized into a separate numbered unit.
  • I organized the seats before the arrival of the senator.
  • Engr. Uba asked the organizers for the contact of the person that organized the kids.
  • As organized as the team was, they still messed up.
  • Being organized doesn’t mean that you won’t have a pillow fight with me.


  • Meanwhile, in 1902, he organised the ambitious Exposition des primitifs…
  • Tokyo Tech is organized into 6 schools, within which…
  • …in the town and is organised under the auspices of the…
  • …America and had public gatherings organised.
  • The annual concert is organised by Flaytime Promotions, a subsidiary…
  • …on, each stage that is organised will host both Division A…
  • Competitions organised
  • …Leon to attend an event organised by him at his home…
  • …is a series of games organised by the Gaelic Athletic Association…
  • In October 1961 Daddah organised a Conference of Unity, and…
  • Even if you were the one that organised it, then who ordered it?
  • Being organised is one thing I have to learn.

In addition to these examples of organized or organized, you can also check out some examples of these two words in publications below:


  • Having an efficient system to file and otherwise organize these documents can save frustration and time. [Los Angeles Times]
  • If organized labour is as great for workers as its supporters claim, why are so few people fighting to save it? [National Post]
  • Although they lost to New England, the Ravens’ organization remains stable. [Wall Street Journal]


  • A government spokesman said the Council of Ministers is currently considering how to organise the service in the best way. [BBC]
  • Local committees organising opposition rallies reported that at least 21 people were killed. [Irish Times]
  • So if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to eliminate the stress of always feeling on the back foot, start with the basics of good organisation. [Sydney Morning Herald]

In conclusion, both organized and organized are two spellings of the same English word. All of them are correct spellings. However, organized is used in the North American countries while organised is commonly used outside North American.

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