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How to login to D2L at Northeast State? If this question comes to you recently because you become a student of Northeast State, then this question is important to answer because you will use D2L as your learning platform at Northeast State.

How to Login to D2L at Northeast State

When you log in to D2L at Northeast State website, you will use Brightspace D2L username and Brightspace D2L password. The username that you will use in Brightspace D2L is the first part of your NSTCC student email address. So, if your student email address is, then your D2L username is carissa37.

Northeast State D2L

How about the password? Password in Brightspace D2L that you have to use is your 6-digit date of birth in the format MMDDYY. For example, if your birth date is May 5th, 2002, so your password is 050502. If you want to request a password reset, you have to make sure that you include your student ID (900#), username and date of birth. You also have to use your Northeast State student email when you request a password reset for faster services because it provides verification of your identity.

Now, how to login to Brightspace D2L at Northeast State? You can login by following the steps below.

login to Brightspace D2L at Northeast State

  • Enter your username and then your password.
  • Do not forget to hit the Log In button.

If you are a new student and you have just enrolled for class, it is important for you to know that your account will not be available until the following day. So, if you just register for a class, you have to wait until tomorrow.

How to Change Brightspace D2L Password

Do you want to change your password? As explained earlier, your password is your birth date in MMDDYY format. You may feel that this password may be able to be guessed by others easily so that you think that it is not safe for you. So, you are able to change your password by logging into Brightspace by D2L and choosing your name in the upper right hand corner. After that, you have to choose Account Settings. The page which is show once this is chosen is Account Settings. You can find the first item which is listed on this page, under General Settings. That is a link Change Password.

What To Do If We Cannot Go Further in Brightspace by D2L after Logging In

If you go to the Brightspace by D2L login page, but then you find that you are not able to get no further where it says ‘my user ID or password is invalid’, you have to do something. It can happen maybe because you type in either a user ID or password that is not recognized by Brightspace by D2L. The user ID or password the user is trying is not correct or you have not yet been sent to Brightspace by D2L.

It is important for you to note that students who register late have to have their registration information delivered to Brightspace by D2L before they are able to log in. It is done overnight and may be able to delay logging in until the next morning.

What To Do If We Cannot Send Email in Brightspace by D2L

You may find that you are able to read email in Brightspace by D2L. However, you then find that you are not able to send mail. What do we have to do? If you have this kind of issue, the reason is because the compose screen in Brightspace by D2L is  a popup window so that popup blockers will prevent the compose screen from coming up. It is important for you to know that email in Brightspace by D2L is a closed system. It means that you are not able to send mail to a mail account outside of Brightspace by D2L.

Some Questions and Answers About Yuja at Brightspace by D2L

How to get to my Yuja recordings? You may wonder about it when you access Brightspace by D2L. Well, Yuja is used to record lectures and then you are able to play them back for review. Each recording is part of a class which corresponds to a Brightspace by D2L course. As a student, you are able to access the recordings for their courses by clicking on this link here.

When you go to the Yuja login page, you find that you can get no further where it says that your user ID or password is invalid. What do we have to do if we face this problem? The process needed to link the D2L Brightspace courses to the Yuja recordings is time-consuming. It is only run until the last day to add a class. If you are a student who is purged from class and permitted to re-enter or you may register after the last day to add a class, you may not be included in the list of students delivered to Yuja. You may be able to contact the Office of Academic Computing at 423-212-3552 or on campus at Extension 3388.

Now, if we have forgotten into the Yuja site, but there are no course recordings listed for my class, what should we do? It is important to note that the instructor has not recorded any lectures for this class or they may be in the process of being uploaded from the classroom computer to the server. This condition will be characterized by the name of the lecture showing as unavailable. Lectures may take around 24 hours to upload before they are available.

The Difference Between MyNortheast Email and D2L Email

There are two types of email namely MyNortheast email and D2L email. What are the differences between them? Northeast State’s Student Gmail can be accessed through MyNortheast. The student email system is available to every student who is enrolled at Northeast State through MyNortheast. Gmail accounts are built for all registered students each semester.

Now, how about D2L email? Email which is available in D2L is a closed email system for students and faculty correspondence. Students and faculty are not able to send email messages to an email account outside of D2L. All course related email should be done inside D2L so that students and instructor will not be confused and will focus.

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