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For those who looking for information regarding Normandale D2L EServices, now you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to reveal that information. Please ensure you do not miss any information.

E-Services Gateway

Registration through Normandale eServices is only for college courses. For information about enrolling in hour-based Continuing Education and Customized Training coursework, you are able to read other articles on our site. Now, please ensure to read all of the information listed below before going to Normandale e-Services.

Normandale D2L EServices

Summer and Fall 2021 Registration Continues

  • Registration is open to degree-seeking, no degree-seeking and visiting students.
  • Individuals registering under the senior citizen rate are able to register for summer beginning June 1 and for fall beginning August 23.

The guide to registration can be discovered under Course Schedules and Catalogs.

Tuition Payment

Read information about payment arrangements and other payment deadlines below.

When you register for your classes, you are responsible for the tuition and fees. There are some methods to pay your bill and ensure your registration is not dropped:

  • Monthly Payments

Please sign up for the Nelnet Payment Plan with the required down payment. Automatic monthly payments applied to your credit card (MasterCard, VISA and Discover/Novus. For more details, you are able to call at 800-609-8056. Please note: The only cost to budget monthly payments through Nelnet is a $25 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee. If you select to pay your account in full, the only fees charged are the $2 fee for full payment and convenience or service fees for debit/credit card transactions.

  • Financial Aid

Please file a free Application for Federal Student Aid or MN Dream Act application with the Normandale Financial Aid Office.

  • Pay in Full

You will be able to pay your tuition and fees in full through eServices.

  • Down Payment

Make payment of 15 percent of your tuition and fees or $300. You are encouraged to set up a payment plan for your remaining balance. You have to note that signing up for the Nelnet Payment Plan will need you to make another down payment through Nelnet.

  • Third Party

Please submit a Third Party Billing Authorization to the Payments and Billing Office. For more information, you are able to visit the Third Party page.

  • VA Education Benefits

Submit a VA Education and Military Benefits Request E-Form to request a deferment. Additional documentation can be required to verify benefits entitlement. For more information, visit VA Education Benefits page.

  • Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

Please submit a VA and Military Benefits Request E-Form to request a deferment. You will need to complete necessary steps through your military branch to secure funding. Also, submit your TA Authorization to the Payments and Billing Office. For more information, visit FTA page

  • Scholarship

Give proof of scholarship or the scholarship check to the Payments and Billing Office. You are able to visit the Third Party Page for more information.

  • PSEO

Please submit your PSEO Notice of Student Registration form each semester. For more information, visit the PSEO page.


If they do not already have the necessary proof, you are going to be required to give documentation that you have met a course’s prerequisite requirements before you are able to register. The most efficient of doing that is the Prerequisite Verification Form.

Instructor Permission

Several courses or situations need you to get special permission from the instructor.  Examples include:

  • Courses which need instructor permission (For example: Music lessons)
  • Adding the course after the add deadline.
  • Reinstated to the classes after your instructor has reported your non-attendance.
  • Overriding prerequisites, only in special circumstances (not available for ENGC, EAP, READ, MATH)
  • Changing a course’s grade method after the course withdrawal deadline (For example: Moving from A-F to Pass/No Credit for the courses numbered below 1000)

Please request permission by emailing the instructor from your email account. Submit your name, Tech ID number, and the course ID, class and section number of the desired class. If your request is approved, then the instructor is going to initiate an online process by submitting an Instructor Permission eForm. You have to ensure to watch your Normandale email account, because you have to give consent before the request can be processed.

Always check your email account. Lots of important communications are sent by email. email is their primary means of communicating with you. Of course, you have to be responsible for the information sent for you. They notify the students on warning and suspension within a week following the end of the term. If you have been suspended and you want to enroll the next semester, you have to submit your suspension appeal right away.

How to Register

The new students who begin Fall or Spring semester are going to register during their advising and registration event. For complete information regarding admissions and new student registration, you are able to visit the Admissions Office website.

The new students beginning in the summer term:

  • Please consult the academic calendar for registration dates and deadlines. Also, you have to see Registration Changes/Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines.
  • Please discover your registration window in eServices. This information is available about two weeks before the priority registration period begins.
  • Consult the Course Schedule to define which courses are going to be offered and plan your schedule.
  • Please download the Registration instructions for complete information regarding registering online. Also, you need to learn about:
  1. Logging in to eServices.
  2. Checking for holds which may impact registration.
  3. Choosing or changing the course’s grading method.
  4. Dropping and withdrawing from the classes.
  5. Wait listing
  • Online Registration is only a click away.

Course Prerequisites: If you want to register for a course with prerequisites, simply you are able to submit a Prerequisite Verification Form for registration permission.

The Records Office will help the students with questions about registration. Keep in mind that federal and state laws limit the type of information they can release over the telephone or via email.

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