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If you are a student of Normandale Community College, you will be required to use D2L. At this point, you may want to know the information about the D2L app. You come to the right site because here we will give you information about it.

The D2L Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) is used in Normandale. According to the website of Normandale, you are able to access the course shell in D2L automatically 25 days out from the beginning of the semester. Faculty also have the same access like this. If a faculty member wants to access early to their courses before the 25 days, then they need to use the Employee Ask Us tool and choose D2L. After that, they have to enter the request for the course name and section number. They will get an email from ITS when the course has been created usually it is in 24 to 48 hours.

The faculty resources for D2L include D2L Brightspace Community, Teaching site, MN State D2L Brightspace Tutorials, and D2L Brightspace Apps.

Normandale D2L App

Apps for Brightspace Platform

As you can see from the explanation above, one of the faculty resources is D2L Brightspace Apps. The apps for the Brightspace platform are so many and some of them can be seen below.

  • Integrity Advocate

Integrity Advocate
It provides identity verification, participation monitoring and examination proctoring for online training events.

  • Bongo Video Assignments

Bongo Video Assignments
These are video-based activities which permit skill development and personalized feedback from a distance. There are four Video Assignments workflows which are integrated in Brightspace including Individual Assignment, Question & Answer, Interactive Video and Group Assignment. Instructors can customize these workflows to make chances for demonstration, practice, analysis and collaboration.

  • Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0
It is a powerful tool to create and manage assessments.

  • Cengage LMS Integration

Cengage LMS Integration
With it, instructors will enjoy a seamless user experience, simplified registration process, content customization and deep linking and automatic grade synchronization.

  • ReadSpeaker docReader

ReadSpeaker docReader
It is able to be integrated across the Brightspace platform or on a course by course basis to read aloud online documents in a variety of formats. With it, you can enable the online text to speech technology provided by ReadSpeaker for locally stored online documents. Besides, all users are permitted to hear their local documents spoken aloud while seeing highlighting of the spoken text using only their internet browser.

  • Janison Insights

Janison Insights
With it, you are permitted to take control over your assessment events with powerful tools from authoring and marking, to delivery and analysis to provide intuitive and secure high stakes digital assessment.

  • Panopto Video Platform

Panopto Video Platform1
The integration between Panopto with Brightspace makes it easy not only to get and embed video, but also to  browse, search and watch video content from any device. Whether it is a flipped class, a lecture, or a student assignment, Panopto permits Brightspace users to be able to capture new videos directly in their LMS.

  • FeedbackFruits

With FeedbackFruits, you are able to increase student learning through specific Feedback. With it, you also provide in-line feedback on assignments and reduce your workload.

  • Simple Syllabus

Simple Syllabus
This is a centralized, template-driven platform which permits instructors to personalize and publish interactive class syllabi so that it can make them easily retrievable through reporting.

  • Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally
It focuses on making digital course content more accessible.

  • Kaltura

It powers the video experience of hundreds of higher education institutions around the globe with a broad set of video management and creation tools and it is integrated into your LMS.

  • ProctorU

It provides distance proctoring services for institutions which offer examinations online. With it, students who take exams online will be watched  by live proctors using webcams and screen-sharing technology.

  • Turnitin Feedback Studio

Turnitin Feedback Studio
It is comprehensive online learning to prevent plagiarism and foster a culture of academic integrity. It can empower instructors with time-saving grading and personalized feedback tools which engage students, drive career readiness and develop critical thinkers.

  • Honorlock

It provides on-demand online exam proctoring services for schools and universities. This app is all about bringing integrity, humanity, confidence and positive outcomes. With it, you are able to keep your test information off the internet; detect the use of smartphones, watches or tablets and ensure that students follow exam guidelines and stay on track for success.

  • Harmonize

This is an LTI-compliant discussion platform which seamlessly integrates with Brightspace by D2L to make an engaging, collaborative community for dynamic academic discussions.

  • Vocareum Virtual Labs

Vocareum Virtual Labs
It permits students to be able to have access to their educational platforms whenever and wherever they are. They can be used in various learning environments such as large residential courses, MOOCs, bootcamps and instructor led corporate training. All of the labs come with easy integration to your LMS through SAML, LTI or SSO.

  • Ensemble Video

Ensemble Video
It will be able to make uploading video to the Brightspace platform easy for educators who want to use video as part of their course. The Brightspace extension will be able to simplify your life on campus because all the media is saved and streamed from Ensemble Video.

There are still more apps that you are able to use which are integrated to D2L Brightspace. To know more, you are able to access the information through the website of Normandale Community College in the Brightspace By D2L page.

About D2L Brightspace of Normandale Community College

D2L Brightspace is a course management system. It is used by students who are enrolled at Normandale Community College and throughout the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. There are a lot of instructors who use D2L Brightspace to give course materials to their students online.

In the D2L Brightspace, there are a number of interactive tools which permits students to be able to access course materials, participate in discussions, upload assignments, watch recorded lectures, see their grades and take tests and quizzes.

Do you need a help to use D2L Brightspace? If so, you are able to contact the IT Help Desk, submit an AskUs ticket or you are able to call the IT Help Desk at (952) 358-8181. If you decide to call, make sure that you do that during the service hours.

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