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The current version of the game called Nitro Type is Nitro Type 3.0 or Nitro Type V3. Before this version, there was Nitro Type 2.0 or Nitro Type V2. This one was released on April 28, 2015. There were a lot of new features of this update, including:

  • New race track

A new track was released. This one used the HTML5 standard. In the past, the track needed the adobe Flash plugin. Before this update, there was no way the site could work on a mobile device. Besides, Flash was not that good as it required players to install Adobe Flash Player if they had not done it yet. The intention of Nitro Type redesigning its track with the HTML5 and the canvas element was to remedy this. With the new design, the admins were allowed to make themed tracks that could change randomly. In addition, they were also allowed to make tracks for events.

While the new update was good, it would mean that older browsers would not support this new track and the list of such browsers included Internet Explorer 9. To be able to use the new track, every player was suggested to download more modern browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • New car designs

Almost every car in the game known as Nitro Type had a new card design in the Nitro Type 2.0. The new designs are able to be found on the regular website. They are at a URL that follows this style: Everything was saved like that for the new update. If you are wondering about the old links, the style was something like The player can change the car shown in the image by changing the number 1 to another number. For your information, this number is known as the ID of the car.

However, a few cars do not show up on the website. The main reason is because they were made after the Nitro Type 2.0 was released.

Talking about the new car designs, most of them were just minor details. For example, only small changes were included in the process of redesign. Some of them included lighter tires and more detail around the edges. Actually, not all of them were like that. Aside from them, there were also some that got completely remodeled, including the Outtie R11 and Nitreux Vyrus SS.

  • New achievement design

The page where all the achievements were found was redesigned. The basics, such as the title of the achievement, the reward, and if the player completed it or not, remained still the same. However, there were some major changes. In addition, the feature that made it possible for the player to see the percentage of players who had completed an achievement was no longer around.

  • Removal of Popularity Contest achievements

All the achievements in the Popularity Contest category, and by extension, the obtainability of the 8Bit Racer and Hotdog Mobile were all gotten rid. While those who obtained the achievements before the removal still were able to keep their achievements, everything was changed after this update.

  • Removal of mystery box achievements

Every single achievement included in the Cruisin’ Back achievement category was removed. This update also made the Zonday Tricolor became something that was not able to be obtained. As opposed to the weekly mystery box system, a new daily mystery box system was implemented a few months after that. Not only that, every Cruisin’ Back achievement was brought back. However, getting achievements required more mystery box and the number was a lot more than before. The reason was due to the shorter cooldown time between claiming mystery boxes.

  • Gold members

The whole concept of the Gold Membership was still the same even though the Nitro Type 2.0 was released. However, the achievement The Gold Standard was no longer around. Instead of that, Nitro Type gave permission to the players to decide the amount of cash they wanted to get by paying different amounts. For instance, if one spent $9.99, they would get N,000,000. Besides, the 15% discount on all cards in the dealership was replaced by the 20% cash bonus per race.

Talking about Nitro Type 2, the reason why you are here is because you might be looking for Nitro Type 2 unblocked. Unfortunately, you will get nothing. Even if you open your browser and enter “Nitro Type 2 unblocked” as the keyword, there will be nothing that matches the keyword.

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