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This year’s season may look different compared to the previous ones, but it is now officially underway with each team scheduled to take the field. The thing called DirectTV is bringing NFL Sunday Ticket back again for this year, delivering almost every game to the subscribers.

Just like the previous years, DirectTV will also be offering NFL Sunday Ticket U, a product which is similar at a discounted price geared towards the students. The perk of the normal price of NFL Sunday Ticket drops from $300 price tag to just $100. However, if you sign up with a special promo code, you will get the service down to the additional 20% to $80. Do you want to know how to leverage this popular discounted service? If yes, please keep reading the article.

Sunday Ticket is perfect for the fans of the NFL with every game coming to your living room. For those who are currently living far away from your team of choice or just simply do not want to travel with the current event restrictions, getting a NFL Sunday Ticket subscription is such a perfect way to enjoy your favorite games.

The original price of the NFL Sunday Ticket is not for everyone, especially in 2020. However, the student version of the ticket might be a better choice. Years ago, DirectTV introduced this option for the fans of the NFL with a valid .edu email address to cut down the price. This program is basically the same subscription, it is just another notable price discount.

With it you will still receive all of the games not on national channels in your market, along with RedZone and Fantasy Zone Channels. If you are not familiar with the RedZone, it can be described as a fast-moving feed that goes from game to game when a team is about to score. This one is a fun way to enjoy some games at the same time. Sunday Ticket U is available for every student on streaming media players, such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and some other devices.

This 2020, students are able to save on NFL Sunday Ticket U, getting great deals from $100 to only $80 when promo code TEAMHUDDLE is applied during checkout. The 20% discounts represented in today’s deal is in-line with the ones before for the best we have seen all time.

First of all, you can just go to and see if you are eligible for Sunday Ticket U. Some schools are eligible for the promotion while some are not. You may have to show your student ID in some instances to lock-in your savings. Keep in mind that only one stream can be accessed at a time.

In conclusion, you can enjoy the NFL even though you do not have enough cash. There is a discount for students called Sunday Ticket U. To be able to get the discount, you will have to own an .edu email address.

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