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When you are new attending National Student Clearinghouse, you need to know the information about the school. Inside the Portal, you are going to find everything you need to succeed as a National Student Clearinghouse student.

The National Student Clearinghouse was founded by the higher education community in 1993. It relieves the administrative burdens and costs which related to the student data reporting and the student exchange. You have to know that National Student Clearinghouse is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization. It is as the leading provider of educational reporting, verification, data exchange, and the research services.

Their work performed in a trusted, secure, and private environment, of course it is going to give lots of time and cost-saving benefits for the students, schools, administrators, and the requestors. The National Student Clearinghouse services comprise four service areas. Those are Data Exchange Sevices, Research Services, Financial Aid Services and the Verification Services. National Student Clearinghouse has a mission, it is to serve the education and workforce communities and then all the learners with access to the trusted data, related services, and insights.

As a new student of National Student Clearinghouse, you have to login into National Student Clearinghouse to access and get information you need. To do it, you are able to go to the official website of National Student Clearinghouse, then click at ‘user login’. It is going to bring you to the page where you can get access to login your Clearinghouse account. At the page of Sign in to National Student Clearinghouse, there are two columns which need to fill out. The first column is where you have to enter your username. Then, the second column is where you have to enter your password. Now, the first thing you have to do is enter your username. After that, please enter your password. Before you click ‘Sign On’ button, you have to ensure that you have already entered your username and password correctly. If you feel that you have already entered your username and password correctly so the next step that you have to do is click at Sign On button. Then, you are able to access National Student Clearinghouse by using your account.

In other case, if you get problem about your password, so you are able to click at ‘Request a password change’ link to change your password. By clicking at ‘Request a password change’ link, it is going to bring you to the page where you are able to change your password. After you arrived at the page of Password Change Request, there you have to enter your username in the field provided by the National Student Clearinghouse. So, please enter your username correctly and then click the “Request Password Change” button. Please wait a few seconds until you get an email message which consist the information about the password reset process. This email message is going to ask you to click on a link to reset your password. In addition, you are able to contact the administrator if you do not receive a message within 15 minutes.

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