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Do you have many questions about National College Match 101? If yes, you should read the text here. We are going to inform you what National College Match 101 is, and also other information related to National College Match. So, do not miss any information from this page.

What is National College Match 101?

You have to know that National College Match 101 is  a section of the application that assists you understand the National College Match. By the way, are you a high school senior with low-income who has excelled academically, but you feel that the best colleges are out of reach financially? The QuestBridge National College Match will be able to be your pathway to a top college. Through this National College Match and scholarship application process, you are able to apply to the nation’s best colleges for free and also be considered for early admission and a full four-year scholarship from the college.

The National College Match application will give you extra space to tell your story as a student who has excelled academically even though your financial hardship. Their college partners are actively seeking the smart students like you. If you are admitted to a college partner via the The QuestBridge National College Match Regular Decision, then you are able to join a community of thousands of other QuestBridge Scholars that attending their college partners.

National College Match 101 Answers

National College Match 101 Transcript   

In the United States education system, there is a gap. And it is a big one. This is the gap between the nation’s brightest high school students from low-income backgrounds and leading colleges and universities. Each year, almost 30,000 low-income students accept national standardized test scores high enough to make them competitive to top colleges. But, over 80 percent of them do not apply to a single competitive college. Those students are intelligent, motivated and talented, but they do not realize the extent of the chances that exist for them, or that these leading colleges really want them on their campuses.

By the way, are you one of those students that excelling academically, but worried about your ability to attend a good college? Are you worried that there is no way you and your family will be able to afford the high price of college? Or maybe you do not know anyone who attended an extremely selective college so you think that your own opportunities of being admitted are limited?

QuestBridge is an organization (non-profit) which has over 20 years assisting the students like you get admitted to the top schools with full 4-year scholarships. They partner with 40 colleges and universities like Stanford, Amherst, Yale, Williams, and Emory that are looking for the best students in the nation, regardless of your financial background.

If you are a student who strives for the best chances regardless of your financial background, they will invite you to apply to the National College Match: a program which connects the nation’s most outstanding students with admission and full scholarships at their college partners.

They are looking for the students who have academic excellence and who are financially qualified. Are you a top student who comes from a family with yearly income of less than $65,000? Is this you? Do you have the academic ability to thrive at one of their college partners? If so, here is how the National College Match works for you:

  • Send a QuestBridge National College Match application in late September. The application is especially designed to highlight your strengths and circumstances in a method that other college applications do not.
  • QuestBridge will review applications and choose Finalists to continue in the process.
  • Finalists may choose to rank colleges based on preference for participating in College Games. Ranking colleges means that these are the colleges you want to be considered for early admission along with a full, College Match Scholarship. If you match, you are going to be matched to one school, the highest one on your list which wants to admit you with a full scholarship. Crucial note about rankings: They are binding. It means that if you are admitted through the College Match, then you are obligated to attend.
  • By December, you are going to be notified if you have been matched to a college partner. If you are, Congrats! Now, you are a College Match Scholarship Recipient, admitted with a full four-year scholarship, including tuition, room and board, and other expenses. College Match Scholarships are provided by QuestBridge college partners.
  • If you do not match, you do not worry. It does not mean you were rejected. You are still able to apply for Early or Regular Decision to their college partners. Now, finalists who did not rank colleges are able to apply through Regular Decision. If you get in via early or Regular Decision, you are still able to get a lot of aid from their college partners, who will meet 100 percent of your demonstrated financial need to make attending college really affordable for you.

They have thousands of scholars that are brave to dream to meet your college aspirations. You are able to visit to learn more about their college partners and how to apply for the National College Match.

Getting Started

Here are some steps to get started:

  • Please go to and log in, or click on “Create an account.”
  • Then register with an email address you check regularly, and keep your password secure.
  • After opening an application, make sure that your QuestBridge ID is at the top of the Manage page.

Also, you have to ask your teachers and counselor to write recommendations for you.

  • Please be sure to give them lots of of time, at least three weeks
  • Register your teachers on the Recommendations page of your application and your counselor on the Academic page (Firstly, you will need to enter your high school in the Institution section).
  • If your educators do not receive an email from QuestBridge with instructions, you are able to ask them to contact us at with your full name and QuestBridge ID number.

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