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Do you want to login to myPascoConnect as Parent? As a parent, you are allowed to access the myPascoConnect so that you are able to see the progress of your child. It is very easy to login and even the login page is designed to be easy to use. So, everyone can access MyPascoConnect easily without having to face any problem. Even if you face any issues, there is assistance that you can contact any time.

So, how to be able to login to myPascoConnect Parents? Below, we have the steps for you to do it and other information related to myPascoConnect.

How to Login to myPascoConnect for Parents

It is very easy to login to myPascoConnect for parents. You are able to follow the steps below.

myPascoConnect Parents Login

  • After accessing the link above, then you will see that in the screen there are some options including:
    • I’m a Pasco Student
    • I’m a Pasco Staff Member
    • I’m a Parent of a Pasco Student
    • All Other Users
    • Contact Us to Report Login Issue

The thing that you have to choose is “I’m a Parent of a Pasco Student”.

  • After you click on it, then you have to enter username and password.

enter username and password.

  • At last, click on the Log In button.

Pasco County School Parent Portal

The myStudent parent portal is a tool which is created to be able to enhance communication and parental involvement. In this portal, parents can monitor the progress of their kids in school by providing access to academic, attendance and test history information and also teacher communication options.

If parents want to create a parent portal account, the things that they need are the student ID number, student birthdate and parent pin number. It is important for you to know that each student will be assigned a PIN number. If you do not know the student ID number of your enrolled kid or parent pin number, you are not able to link the kid from home. So, you are able to visit the school of your kid and request the student ID number of your kid. When you visit the school of your kid, make sure that you bring a valid Driver’s License or a government-issued photo ID.

It is important for you to know that a student PIN number will only be given to the custodial parent who has the option to share the PIN with others. Is the PIN number which is given different to each member of the family? Well, each student is given only one PIN number for the entire family.

myPascoConnect works as a one hub Pasco solution to every login problem which has been encountered by students, teachers and parents. By the help of myPascoConnect, users do not have to remember different passwords for all types of services which are provided by official Pasco. By using myPascoConnect, it is a single sign-on service which can be accessed by students and the staff of school such as teachers. After logging in to the account, the users who use it for the first time will be given the option to be able to customize the MyPascoConnect account.

To access myPascoConnect, you are able to use any internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome and many more. If you want to be able to experience all the features and functions of the website, you will be asked to use the Class Link extension and it is available for Chrome browser.

MyPascoConnect is good for educating student and staff so that they are able to maximize academic effort by facilitating access to learning tools through the virtual lesson desk. With PascoConnect, you will be given real time access to your Cloud folders, assigned Active Directory shares, and Apps if your school or organization has MyPascoConnect.

The Things To Do After First Time Login

If you sign in for the first time in myPascoConnect, you will be prompted to verify your password. Then, on the Launchpad, you will be able to see a good number of applications which are directly provided in your myPascoConnect account. If you use it for the first time but you want to access any of the applications, you may be asked to provide the details of login. This must be done if you use any application for the first time.

Profile Settings of MyPascoConnect

In the profile settings, users are able to change the avatar easily. Besides, they are also able to update the theme colour and also access the password locker. Also, there are a lot of other features that you are able to enjoy there. The existence of this portal is very important. It is because this portal has great features and functions. This portal can connect students, teachers and parents in the same portal. So, it makes them easy to coordinate.

In the General Settings, as a user, you are able to change the avatar image. You are also able to change the dashboard and website’s colour as you want. There are also various kinds of applications and you are able to assign a password for these applications. Even this feature has extra safety and security to an unauthorised login.

Setting Up Password Recovery Option

Do you forget your password in MyPascoConnect? If it happens to you, you may be worried. However, you do not have to be worried because there is a password recovery option. You are able to follow the steps below to set up a password recovery option.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to access MyProfile.
  • In MyProfile, you have to click on the Password Recovery Setup.
  • After that, you have to choose any of the available options from Phone, Email or Security Question.
  • If you ever have to reset the password, you are able to click on ‘Help, I Forgot My Password’ link from the official website.

However, if you forgot your password, but then you try to recover your password and it does not help, you are able to get help by contacting 813-794-2859 (42859).

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