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The myMCPS Portal is the main location for students, parents or guardians, or the other authorized adults to access MCPS student information. Started in the early August 2017, MCPS will send a letter with instructions and access codes for activating a portal account to the home address on the file for every student. After creating an account, the additional instructions for accessing online forms in the portal and for accessing the mobile application will be sent.

This following focuses on the Parent Portal. With this portal, parents or guardians can access some contents or do several things, including:

  • Toggle between some students, if possible
  • Historical grade data
  • Attendance report
  • View student schedule
  • School contact information
  • Update account preferences; add additional students
  • Update student emergency information. It is available at the beginning of the school year only.

For those who want to set up your Parental Portal account for the very first time? Please follow these instructions or watch this video

  1. Go to and click Create Account.
  2. Click the hyperlink so that you can read the regulation IGT-RA.
  3. Check I Agree.
  4. Enter your first and last name.
  5. Enter your personal email address. If you do not have one, please create one first. DO not forget to use a personal email address rather than your MCPS address.
  6. Make a 7 character password.
  7. Be sure you have the Access ID as well as Access Password of your student nearby. Everything is able to be found in the letter that was sent to the primary address of your student.
  8. Enter the name, Access ID, and Access Password for every student that you want to link to your account.

What should you do if you do not have an email address? As stated before, you can just create one. There are a lot of free email providers available for you. Feel free to create an account with Google, Yahoo, or any other ones. After giving out some basic information about yourself, creating an email address specific to you, and creating a unique and secure password, you will be able to use your email as well as accessing it from any web enabled device.

What should you do if you do not have the Access ID or the Access Password of your student? For your information, the Access ID and the Access Password of your student exists in the letter sent to the primary address of your student. It is available for middle and high school students at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. As for the elementary information, it will be available later.

What if you did not receive a letter in the mail? As mentioned above, the letter was sent to the primary address of your student. You are recommended to reach out to the student’s school’s main office in case you did not receive a letter. After contacting them, the school staff will be able to update your address information or generate a new copy of the letter to you, whichever is needed.

How do you access the student grades? The first thing parents or guardians will see when they sign into the Parent Portal is the student grades. They will only see the ones that have been entered by the teachers or instructors into the gradebook.

How do you access the interim report of the student? The parents or the guardians with the active myMCPS Portal accounts will get only an electronic interim report shared on myMCPS Portal on the Mailed Centrally date. As for the ones without the active myMCPS Portal accounts, they will get the interim reports via U.S. mail.

How do you view the student assignment? Each student assignment that is completed through myMCPS Classroom is available for parents or guardians to view. It is available to be seen once the Parental Portal account is made. After creating the Parent Portal account, parents or guardians will get an email with more information about myMCPS Classroom access to an Observer. The link to the myMCPS Classroom (Canvas) is able to be seen on the left hand menu.

How do you see the activity of each student in myMCPS Classroom if you have more than one student? All the courses linking to all students who are related to the parent accounts will be displayed on the same dashboard. It is done as the effort to make sure that parents or guardians only have one place to look. Please pay attention to the school listed on the course tile, as well as the name of the course, in order to determine which course belongs to which student.

If you want to update the emergency information of your student during the open window, you need to choose which of the students you want to update the information for. The chosen one is marked orange. The second step is to view the student data and information such as MAP Student Progress Reports. In the end, edit the student emergency information by clicking the Student Emergency Information icon on the left menu.

Parents or guardians with Observer accounts will get notifications of assignments, grades, due dates, and so on. In order to turn off or change the notifications, the first thing that you have to do is to log into the Portal at Then, click myMCPS Classroom located at the left hand of the navigation menu. The next thing is to click Account. After that, click Notifications. The last thing that you have to do is to set preferences on the right side.

If you want to add the additional students to your account later, first of all, you will have to log in and click account preferences form the left hand navigation bar. Then, click the Students tab and you will be able to see associated students listed. On the next step, click Add. Lastly, enter the name, the Access ID, and the Access Password of the student, found on the letter mailed to the primary address of the student. if needed, repeat.

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