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MCPS has made a new platform for those who want to report grades and post assignments. This one is called myMCPS Classroom. It was created to replace Edline. This new one is more cost effective compared to Edline, allows teachers to add notes and write comments on documents as they grade, and give the students access to both their assignments and grades in the same place.

How do you know if your instructor has graded your assignment? After submitting an assignment or completing a quiz, your teacher or your instructor will grade your submission and give you feedback. If you want to see your grades and feedback given by your teacher, first of all, you can go to the Grades section of your Course Navigation and click on the thing entitled Assignment. In this section, you will be able to see your grade and any feedback your teacher has given to you.

From the Grades page, you are able to choose the Course for which you want to check out the grades. By default, they are listed chronologically by assignment due date. In the Arrange by menu, sorting by module, assignment title, or assignment group is also allowed. If you want to see the certain grades, you can just click the Apply button. Keep in mind that assignments that are not included in a module will be displayed at the end of the assignments list in the alphabetical order. However, if modules or assignment groups are not used in the course, they will not be included as sorting options.

The name of the assignment, the due date of the assignment, the status of the assignment, the score that you earned, and the total point value of the assignment can be viewed. On top of that, you may also be able to see whether the assignment includes scoring details, comments, or rubrics. There may also be various grade icons in the core column, indicating the kind of assignment you submitted. They are the ones that have not been graded by your teacher. Once it is graded, the icon will be changed by your score. On the same page, you will also be able to create hypothetical or What If grades. Feel free to click any score field and approximate your grade for both graded assignments if you want to submit something and ungraded assignments. If you want to print your guides, you can just hit the Print Grades button.

If the grading periods are enabled in the course, you have the chance to view your grades according to grading period. By default, the Grades page shows the current grading period. An assignment will be displayed as a part of the last grading period if it does not include a due date. You can click the Course drop down menu if you want to view grades for another course. For those who want to see the certain grading period and course, please click the Apply button instead.

If the weighted assignment groups included in your course, the assignment groups may vary in the sidebar. Everything depends on which grading period you are viewing. An assignment group shows when the group has at least an assignment due in the chosen grading period. Once the grading periods are weighted and you choose the All Grading Periods option, the sidebar shows the weights of every grading period.

Your teacher may give you an automatic late policy in your course. Each assignment that is submitted after the due date will be considered as a late assignment. This policy will immediately cut a percentage of the grade from the overall score. You will be able to see the Late icon displayed in the Status column of the gradebook, indicating that it is a late assignment. If you want to view the submission details for the late assignment, please click the submission name.

The Submission Details page consists of your grade, the amount decreased late penalty, and the final grade. The black warning icon may be included in some assignments, alerting you that your earned points from the assignment will not count toward the final grade. You should still submit the assignment with the exception by your teacher. If someone leaves comments in your assignment, the assignment shows a comment icon. To view what’s written, click the icon. All comments will be managed chronologically. If you want to close them, click the Close link.

If the scoring details can be viewed, click the Check Mark icon. You are allowed to view the grade distribution for the assignment and view the mean, high, and low scores. The horizontal line of the graph lengthens from 0 to the highest possible score of the assignment. The white box lengthens from the lowest to the highest points. On this plot, your score shows up as a blue square. You will only be able to see the scoring details if more than five students have submitted that assignment in the course. If you see nothing in the scoring details, it means only fewer than five students have submitted the assignment, please click the Close link if you want to close the scoring details.

The assignment groups included in your course will be listed in the Grades page. They allow the teachers to organize assignments, discussions, and quizzes into groups and apply particular grading rules or weights to those groups. You can check the percentage score for every group and the points that you have gained and the comparison to the total points possible. In some cases, your teacher may restrict the assignment group percentages.

The current grade will be counted by adding up the graded assignments according to the weight in the course gradings scheme. This one is calculated with the thing called Calculate based only on graded assignments checkbox chosen in the sidebar. As for the total grade, it will be calculated by adding all the assignments according to the weight in the course grading scheme, both the graded and the ungraded ones. If you want to view the total grade, you can just deselect the sidebar checkbox and you will see the grade at the top of the sidebar, reflecting your total grade.

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