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MOIEP stands for Maryland Online IEP while MCPS is the abbreviation of Montgomery County Public Schools. MOIEP is the platform for the students of the MCPS. The structure of the MOIEP can be divided into two components or modules. The first one is Student Compass and the second one is IEP Module.

The Student Compass refers to the one module shown when you log into the system that has all the supporting information about IEP. The IEP Module is the one to start an IEP, to continue to develop, or to review before the IEP associated with the case.

Both of them have their own unique features. Even though they are different, they still share some similarities. You will be able to look for the case of the student from either component using the Look Up Student search future located at the top page as well as accessing the user guide and process guide through the Help function. Accessing forms or logs for a student and making reports can be only done in the first component. You can use the Student Compass link located in the upper left of the IEP module if you want to return the user to the Student Compass Module. Entering data into the IEP of the student is able to only be done from the IEP Module.

The local school systems provide the student demographic data that is available to the MOIEP MCPS. Apart from that, they also provide a periodic upload of student information. It can happen as much as nightly and the local school system determines the frequency. Once the thing known as the student demographic data is available to access, it can be brought to the case level. At this stage, each form and report as well as the development of the IEP is possible. By selecting the Copy Demographic Data on the Student and School Information screen of the IEP, the demographic data recorded at the case level is able to be uploaded into the IEP of the student.

For those who are new to the MOIEP MCPS, here is the user and process guide of MOIEP MCPS.

You can use the technical assistance tools if you want to access the information on how to use the MOIEP MCPS system and requirements for making a high-quality standard equal to IEP. The User Guide gives you details on functionality of the MOIEP MCPS system and on the Process Guide, you will be able to see the regulations and requirements. The technical assistance tools are able to be found in the drop down below the name of the user.

If you want to access the searchable knowledge base for both MOIEP MCPS system User Guide and MSDE Process Guide, you can just choose User & Process Guide (Web) from the drop-down list. All information from that place can be accessed freely by entering a keyword in the Search for Help toolbar or choosing the topic for the list. The PG that can be found in the search results indicates the information from the Process Guide.

How to log in to MOIEP MCPS? First of all, you will have to enter your assigned login name and password. Please keep in mind that the password is case sensitive. After you have entered those two things, please click Submit or press Enter in order to complete the login process. If it is the first time you log in to MOIEP MCPS, you will be required to answer a secret question and to change your password to the one that you want. This security password will be used in case you need to recover your password as you forget it or something. If you ever forget your password, you can select the Forgot Password button and your password will be sent to your email account.

Talking about the passwords, they must be 8 characters, have 1 upper and lower case letter, have a special character, cannot be the same as the last 3 passwords used, cannot be common words such as “qwerty” or “password”. They will expire every 90 days, and you will have to enter a new one.

Single Sign-on is able to be used by people to end users who have multiple accounts in MOIEP MCPS, ECAS, IFSP. End user has to be logged into the MOIEP MCPS system to make a single sign-on account. In order to create a single sign-on account, the first thing that should be done is to click the Single Sign-on Portal link. Then, create the Single Sign-on ID and associate some different user ID and passwords of the system. The next thing that you have to do is to choose and enter an answer to a secret question to support the forgotten password functionality. Once the thing called the single Sign-on ID is established, you can login to the MOIEP MCPS system through the Single Sign-on Portal and have a quick method to navigate to the other systems with just one click.

When you are using MOIEP MCPS, there are some things that you have to remember. For safety reasons, there is a time limit of the app for how long the program remains inactive. It is about a half hour and will log you out of the platform. The inactivity can be caused by not doing anything such as not clicking. Any click can reset the time back to the beginning. Apparently, typing is not counted as clicking and therefore, it will not reset the timer. When you are on the program, please save often. Using this button equals a click and will reset the timer as well as ensuring no date is lost. If you go somewhere without first saving, everything will be lost following the last time the Save button was used. Using the Save button is such a good practice. Another thing to take a note is to avoid using the back arrow on your browser and use the navigation choices instead.

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