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Miller Motte Course Catalog is the name of the official publication of Miller Motte College Wilmington. It is the subject to revise at any time. The school has the right to change, delete, or supplement this catalog when there is the unnecessary or inappropriate thing in its policies and operating procedures, course content,curricula, schedules of the class, training, equipment, tuition and fees, faculty, and staff.

Every student of Milere Motte College is individually responsible for being aware of the information contained in the catalog and any amendments thereto. Please keep in mind that the failure to read and comply with school regulations will not exempt the students from penalties that they might occur. In this case, it is better for all the students of Miller Motte to read and fully understand the rules, regulations, and policies stated herein and to retain this catalog for the use as the reference. In order to update for this catalog, all the students are encouraged to visit the thing called student portal.

Miller Motte Course Catalog consists of some information. They include the school name, the school address, the general disclaimer, the accreditation statements, the state approval or licensee, the equal educational opportunity, the title IX compliance, the academic calendar, about the school, the mission, the objectives, the history, the facilities, the class size, the tuition bond, the admissions requirements and procedures, the acceptance, the background checks, the drug testing, the vaccinations, the assessments, the student disability accommodation, the transfer of credit, the proficiency testing, the proof of previous education for veterans affairs funding, the program length, the modes of the program delivery, the distance education, the Internet policy, the re-admission, the individual subjects, the tuition policy for military, the withdrawal due to military leave or national emergency, the guaranteed tuition plan, the tuition, the payment plans, the textbooks, the book provision for pell grant eligible students, the past due accounts, the financial aid, the grants, the loans, the vocational rehabilitation, the veterans education benefits, the enrollment certification, the financial aid eligibility, the verification policy, the cancellation and refund policy, the return to title IV, the definition of withdraw and return to title IV, the return to title IV and recording of attendance, the career services, the success and professional growth orientation, the advising services, the tutorial assistance, the health services, the school closings due to the weather, the emergency information, the library, the housing, the publications and announcements, the hours of operation, the crime awareness, the campus visitors, the children, the student code of conduct, the academic integrity and copyright, the infringement policy, the computer use and file sharing, the attendance policy, the incomplete policy, the late work submission or make up policy, the state mandated programmatic make up policies, the leave of absence, the withdrawal, the loss of personal property, and many more.

for further information about Miller Motte Course Catalog, please visit the official website of Miller Motte College. Usually, the catalog is upgraded every month so please check he student portal regularly.

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