Medical Billing and Coding Jobs from Home No Experience

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As we know, work from home is becoming famous right now. When you search on Google for home-based jobs, you are going to discover a lot of different work from home chances including medical coding. The problem is, are there Medical coding jobs from home with no experience? Well, let us find out that information here.

Apply for Medical Coding jobs from home with no experience

Lots of people are hesitant working as a medical coder especially without experience as it is really challenging. Honestly, we guess in any work field, getting in work will really be challenging especially when you are new to it. However, at the end of the day, if you are really focused on getting your job, and you have enough confidence in yourself and your abilities, then working a medical coding job will be easy with or with no experience.

Medical Coding jobs from home with no experience

After you already know several of the basic information regarding what medical coding is, it is time to share with you several of the best companies which offer medical coding jobs from home with no experience.

Companies which offers Medical Coding jobs from home without experience

Here are some companies which offer Medical Coding jobs from home without experience:

Precyse Solutions

Precyse Solutions is a popular clinical data management company located in Roswell (Georgia). Based on the research, the company was founded in 1998. It has roughly 4,000 partner healthcare facilities such as UMass Memorial Medical Center and Fairmont General Hospital. The Precyse Solutions company has been awarded the HIMSS Gold Corporate Member Award. Also, the company boasts its history of excellent coding services. For your information, the company’s coding team consists of 375 certified medical coders, all of these are living in 41 states.

If you want to be a medical coder for Pryce Solutions, you must own AHIMA credentials and at least two years of work experience as a medical coder. After you are hired, you are going to undergo a full orientation, and also free online training from Precyse University, that can assist you learn the integrated PrecyseCode platform.

Medical Record Associates

Medical Record Associates has developed into one of America’s largest health information services organizations. It is located in Quincy (Massachusetts). When we wrote this article, the company provided employment to approximately 500 employees nationwide. Those employees give full-suite HIM solutions. Especially for medical coding and cancer registry, Medical Record Associates company offers work from home jobs. What we like working for Medical Record Associates is that they provide their work from home employees well-rounded benefits, including paid holidays, which is unusual to other work from home jobs.

If you want to apply for the job, you must own RHIT or CPC credentials with at least 95% accuracy rate. We know that it is quite hard, but getting in is definitely worth it. Medical Record Associates company serves many clients like doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers who choose to outsource their HIM department.

Maxim Health Information Services

Maxim Health Information Services company is based in Gardena (California). The company is one of the largest staffing companies in the United States. Maxim Health Information Services (MHIS) has worked with different healthcare facilities in the United States to assist increasing electronic patient records through outsourcing solutions. The Better Business Bureau has awarded Maxim Health Information Services (MHIS) an A-rating, for its impeccable service.

Maxim Health Information Services (MHIS) is providing long-term and short-term medical coding jobs especially for those with ICD-10 training. If you want to accept competitive pay, full benefits like dental and 401(k), so Maxim Health Information Services (MHIS) is the perfect company for you. Furthermore, the company will offer a room for career advancement from medical coding associate to medical coding supervisor posts.

Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Health Solutions is located in Frisco (Texas). It is a popular health information services firm which has over 30 years of experience to back them up. Conifer Health Solutions company has over 800 medical clients, making it one trusted company by healthcare providers. In the year of 2016, the company was listed as number 66 on Forbes list of America’s Best Employers. Now, the company hires work from home medical coders with a really competitive $3,000 sign-up bonus.

Altegra Health

Altegra Health is a privately held, national company located in Weston (Florida). Over the years, Altegra Health company has partnered with diverse healthcare providers in all 50 states in the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico.  Aside from that, Altegra Health is affiliated with the AHIMA. Altegra Health employs both on-site and work-from-home employees in the medical coding profession.

Now, Altegra Health company has over 5,000 employees, both on-site and those who work from home. To qualify for their certified coders’ post, you must own at least one year of work experience. However, there are many sources that state that you do not need to have work experience.  After you get in, expect that the company follows strict QA standards.


Humana company is located in Louisville (Kentucky). It boasts over 13.8 million medical members. An estimated 10% of the company’s 50, 000 associates are said to be telecommuting from home. Definitely, Humana company is one of the companies to aim for new medical coders. Computerworld tagged Humana company as one of the best places to work in the United States. Aside from that, Humana has also obtained a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.


Aviacode is one of the most famous companies in case of medical coding and billing contracting in Salt Lake City. According to the research, the company employs about 850 certified work from home medical coders nationwide. It hires work from home medical coders’ to work as 1099 independent contractors for 15 hours to 40+ hours per week.  If you want to apply for the job, you have to pass the ICD-10 proficiency assessment through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

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