Medical Billing and Coding Job Description for Resume

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Just like any other resume, the resume for Medical Billing and Coding needs job description. It is one of the most important things to be included. The thing is that it is not easy to make it, especially for those the beginners. Making a decent one is needed as the whole resume determine your fate. If you make a bad resume with a bad job description, you can surely say goodbye to your dream job.

That’s the reason why you need to learn to make a job description for the resume so that you can make it well. Even the ones that already made a ton are still not perfect and tend to make mistake, imagine the ones who know nothing. Fortunately, you are here and you will be guided to make a Medical Billing and Coding job description for resume.

Medical Billing and Coding Job Description for Resume

Tips to Make A Medical Billing and Coding Job Description for Resume

A job description refers to the one that tells the potential employers the work that you want to do. In this case, it is a must to be specific about the job that you want. For instance: To obtain a technical position utilizing my professional skills in leadership, communication and teamwork. Do not forget to also adjust your objective to every employer you target or every job you are looking for.

Examples of Medical Billing and Coding Job Description for Resume

There are a lot of examples of the job description of Medical Billing and Medical Coding for resume. These followings are some of the examples taken from various sources. Feel free to copy everything, edit, or use them as reference.

Example 1:

Empathic Care Worker with sensitive and compassionate approach to cultivating trusting, simulating and varied lifestyle for residents. Offers enhanced care with flexible learning approach for patients. Experience in hospital and in home settings providing guidance and encouragement to patients through physical and emotional support.

Example 2:

Trained and dedicated medical billing and coding specialist seeking full time position with Internal Care Associates. Passionate about the healthcare system. Trained in ICD-10 coding, medical terminology, data management, data entry, conducting billing practices, and other administrative tasks. Familiar with various computerized coding programs and electronic health records.

Example 3:

Dedicated Medical Billing and Coding Specialist committed to implementing comprehensively organized billing and documentation policies. Adept at the analysis and interpretation of medical documentation, coordinating with medical providers to ensure care, and preparing and submitting claims to insurance companies. Specialize in auditing medical accounts and verifying medical documents.

Example 4:

Detail oriented quality focused professional billing specialist. Successful track record handling complicated assignments. Highly experienced in reconciling insurance and patient payments and resolving account disputes. Proficient in a variety of practice management software applications. Dedicated to maintaining strict patient confidentiality.

Example 5:

Detailed oriented Medical Billing Specialist with (insert number) years of experience managing medical insurance claims. Investigates and resolves insurance company disputes and communicates with patients regarding account balances and claim statuses.

Example 6:

Energic and experienced licensed medical billing and coding manager with (insert number) years of experience in different healthcare environments. Eager to provide (insert institution) and its customers with the best solutions for sustained improvements in performance and profitability. Improved revenue by (insert number) % each year and trained more than (insert number) employees on organizational policies and procedures.

Example 7:

Motivated medical billing and coding specialist with more than (insert number) years of experience in health operations management, billing, and coding. Expertise in ICD-9 and ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS coding. Highly skilled in analyzing and validating patient information, diagnoses, and billing data. Demonstrated leadership skills that enable the processing of high volumes of patient information to achieve revenue generation goals.

Example 8:

Professional, detail-oriented medical billing and coding specialist with recently refreshed credentials. I have experience both on-site in healthcare organizations and as a remote healthcare professional providing data entry support from home. currently, I am back on the job market after a brief break to start a family, followed by a short retraining to keep me current on all HIM procedures.

Example 9:

Detailed oriented and customer focused Medical Biller and Coder showcasing (insert number) years of experience managing clerical and accounting functions to ensure accurate and timely patient billing. Highly experienced in insurance verifications, maintenance of third-party billing records, CPT/ICD-9 coding and ensuring claims are processed with accuracy and confidentiality. Strong track record of handling complicated assignments within the healthcare industry and resolving complex problems. Recognized for my ability to work within a team environment and exceed all patient or customer expectations while mastering new technologies.

Tips to Make A Medical Billing and Coding Resume

Things that are allowed:

  • Thinking of the needs of the employer when making a resume. It is important to target your resume to be relevant to the employer and the position.
  • Including your name, address, telephone number (including area code) and email address if it is used every day.
  • Emphasizing your skills and accomplishments.
  • Using action words and quantitative descriptions, showing the results of your work and showing how well you did your job.
  • Using reverse chronological order for experience and education. Feel free to write present jobs or education first.
  • Using quality bond or resume paper that is available at any office supply store.
  • Keeping your resume as simple as possible. It is better for you to limit the resume to one page. However, more than one page is fine if you have a lot of experiences.
  • Using fonts for organizations of information and visual appeal.
  • Using past tense of your action verbs.
  • Giving detailed examples of how the previous employers have gotten the advantage from your work.
  • Double checking your resume. It is even better to ask for some expert to correct your resume.

Things that are not allowed:

  • Using the personal pronouns such as I or We.
  • Using abbreviations. However, state abbreviations are fine.
  • Exaggerating your qualifications.
  • Using graphics, more than one font, creative fonts or colored paper.
  • Using serif fonts if an employer may scan your resume.

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