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IEP refers to the Individualized Education Program as the special education services. Moreover, Individualized Education Program is a legal document under United States law developed for public school children in the U.S. This program is created through a team of the child’s parent and district personnel who are knowledgeable about the children’s needs.

In addition, IEPs should be reviewed every year to track the child’s educational progress. Of course, there are some schools that implement the IEP program in the United States, one of them is Maryland.

Maryland’s Individualized Education Program is available in an online system. Certainly, the students who follow the IEPs system in Maryland definitely can be allowed to access the Maryland Online IEP training site at

Well, if you are a newcomer of Maryland’s Online Education Program, you definitely can access the site to get any important information related to this program. If you access the site, certainly, there are many navigations and menus that you should understand.

However, by understanding every menu and navigation at this site, following the online  Individualized Education Program will ease you a lot. The site of MD Online IEP actually serves as a user guide to allow them to explore anything within the site.

Of course, knowing and exploring each menu at this site is totally a must for you. It will add any knowledge related to Maryland’s Online IEP system. Here are the navigations and menus that you get from this site:

Introduction to the MOIEP System

  • Orietation

From this navigation, you will get the form of Maryland IEP 2020 for new students. Then, you also can print the form and fill it with correct information about yourself. Get the form at

  • Getting Started

From this menu, you can understand the MD Online IEP which provides two components or modules. You will get the student compass which is displayed upon logging into the system, which has all the supporting information about the IEP. Meanwhile, the IEP module is to begin an IEP, then, to continue to develop or to review a prior IEP associated with the case.

  • Technical Support & Troubleshooting

This menu is available to prepare you for reporting technical issues that may happen at this site.

Student Compass-Aggregate Level

  • Student
  • Progress
  • Meetings
  • Reports
  • Administration

Student Compass – Student Level

  • Notification
  • Monitoring
  • Profile
  • IEP Summary
  • Meetings
  • Forms & Logs

IEP Module

The are some sub-menus that you can see under IEP Module, they are:

  • IEP Development
  • General Information
  • Eligibility
  • Participation
  • Present Levels – PLAAFP
  • Special Considerations
  • Transition
  • Goals
  • Services
  • LRE & Placement Summary
  • Utilities

Student Compass IEP Wizards

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Assistive Technology
  • Supplementary Aids and Services Wizard
  • Secondary Transition


  • IEP Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Data Analytics
  • Disproportionality

Transferring & Exiting Students

  • Transferring Between Schools
  • Transferring Between Local School Systems
  • Exiting Students From Special Education

County Level/Data Manager Administration Functions

  • Case Level Functions
  • Managing User Accounts
  • Editing Demographic Information
  • Addressing Records (Duplicate, Inactive, Deleting)
  • Letter Library
  • Manage Case Rollover
  • Manage Email Recipients
  • Forms Management
  • SQL Snapshot
  • Transfer Student Search

Editing Demographic Information

  • Edit at the Case Level
  • Editing Student Information at the sis_db Level

How to View the Learning Progress at MD Online IEP?

Moreover you can also view and print the Maryland Statewide IEP Process at

Generally, the process guide will introduce timeline and commonly used terms. You also can find the IEP page layout to get IEP Cover page, student and school information, the exit information of the process guide and IEP team participants.

In addition, the Eligibility menu covers for initial eligibility for prior to age 3 and students ages 3-21. Well, you will find the existing assessment date to review and input from the student’s parents.

Like the common learning method at school, the Individualized Education Program also presents a level of academic achievement and functional performance which provides PLAAFP, Area Assessed,Preschool-Aged PLAAFP and school-Age PLAAFP.

The goals of Maryland’s Online IEP must be SMART that means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. of course, the goal has to reflect an ambitious but achievable amount of progress over the IEPs time period. Indeed, it is depending on the student’s current skills, specially designed instruction and previous patterns of growth.

Then, it will be implemented so that the students can accelerate the trajectory of the student;s learning and progress towards the standards. Furthermore, each goal includes short-term objectives which support instructional planning and progress monitoring by describing steps towards the achievement of the goal.

Maryland’s Online IEP with No.Inc App

If you are one of Maryland’s Online IEP participants, you also can use another Maryland’s Online IEP system which comes in the form of an app. This app definitely can be used to follow the IEPs learning and to track your learning progress.

No. Inc is an app which provides Maryland’s Online IEP system. This app was created by partnership with Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education to create the user interface design of the Maryland IEP system. Well, the goal of this system is used to manage, plan and document the Individualized Education Program for the special education students.

In this system, the multiple user roles as administrators, teachers, parents, case managers and specialists definitely utilize the system in classroom environments, administrative planning sessions and during IEP meetings.

The Online IEP system of Maryland, of course, there are some challenges that the students should complete. The challenges  here are:

  • To support several user groups with varying tasks and goals.
  • To make it easy enough to minimize the significant classroom training
  • To accomodate advanced and the beginner users equally.

Maryland’s Online IEP Approach

  • Check out usability of existing system
  • Using case and task flow development
  • Wireframe prototyping and design
  • Develop the high fidelity prototype and design
  • Produce the template
  • Create in user flexibility to accommodate experienced and new users

However, Maryland’s Online IEP system absolutely has two main results, they are to reduce any errors and improve troubleshooting because of the accurate mapping of workplace terminology to interface elements and modern, sleek, and thoroughly professional UI design.

For more information about No. Inc app, you can access the site at

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