Maslow Theory of Motivation in Project Management

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Maslow Theory of the hierarchy of needs is a concept which is usually used in psychology and various professions. It is used to help people reach their goals. But, how is Maslow theory used in Project Management?

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Project Management

According to the Wrike site, in project management, the hierarchy of needs of Maslow is often used to determine how to give motivation to employees and make sure that the needs of employees are fulfilled. In recent years, this concept has been particularly important. Because of a pandemic during the past 20 months, there were a lot of people who experienced burnout. Not only that, there were also extreme environmental disasters and social and political upheaval. These issues have an impact on a lot of people in the workplace. Mental health and employee wellness problems can give an important impact on the culture and project goals of the company.

So, to overcome this issue, establishing a mental health program and providing resources for employees is an important thing to do. Even though applying the Maslow theory of motivation in project management is not the only way, it is an important one. It is true when we get into the workplace again after the pandemic.

Well, even though there are a lot of changes in the world, the basic human needs are still the same. If project managers hone to apply this theory, they are able to provide a foundation for employees to feel great and do great work.

On the Jade Alm site, it is explained that to prevent troubles and delays of the project, the duty of the project manager is to recognize the motivation triggers of each team member. In Maslow’s theory, it describes the needs of an individual person. In teams, there are a lot of individuals whose needs need to be fulfilled. So, project managers need to recognize the need to lead the team of individuals to deliver successful projects. It is important to know that repeating the same motivator for people’s needs is not useful. Let’s say that you have used salary increases to be able to motivate your employees. If you have done it, then the other time, it may not motivate them much again.

What Are Physical Needs in Project Management?

According to the Jade Alm site, psychological needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in project management are basic things to provide to your employees and they are able to be simplified in the categories below.

  • Salary
    You must let your team members know their salaries.
  • Comfortable place to work
    You have to make sure the office is clean, has ventilations and is comfortable to work in. You need to provide a suitable place for them to eat and rest as well.
  • No distractions at work
    There are a lot of people who say that they do not work well because of distractions at work. So, it is better for you to encourage limiting technology for personal use and also unimportant meetings.
  • Enough sleep
    Out of working time or holidays, make sure that you do not send tasks or email.
  • Set clear goals
    Every team member needs to know why the team needs them.

What Are Safety Needs in Project Management?

The secondary needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in project management is safety, security and trust as explained on Jade Alm site. According to research, 1 in 3 employees do not trust their employer. So, making sure about their salary and work conditions are important. Also, employees need to feel safe to give feedback about the project and they are comfortable admitting their mistakes and asking for help. Here are some of the ways to fulfil safety needs in project management according to the Jade Alm site.

  • You must provide the correct project management tool.
  • You must build trust.
  • You must ensure learning. Let’s say that the team members need new skills. If so, you have to organize learning for them.

What Are Social Needs in Project Management?

In a business environment, love and belonging needs must be fulfilled as well. However, of course it is a little bit different than love and belonging needs in private life. As explained on the Jade Alm site, all team members should feel like a part of the team even though there are some colleagues who may lack interpersonal skills. Project managers also need to have soft skills to build trust and motivate the team. According to the Jade Alm site, here are several things to do to help your team members feel belonging in the team.

  • Defining roles and responsibilities must be done clearly. So, they will know how important their roles are in the team.
  • You can do one-to-one meetings. It can make team members more comfortable and free to utter their satisfaction.
  • You can celebrate small achievements and project milestones that have been done by your team.

Esteem Needs in Project Management

When employees feel appreciated, competent and efficient inside their team, they will be more motivated to work. So, it is important for a project manager to show appreciation to motivate them. If the needs are fulfilled, then you can expect more creativity from them.

According to the Jade Alm site, here are the things to do to improve self esteem in a business environment.

  • You have to communicate the company mission. You have to make sure that the employees should be the first customers. If you want other people like you, the employees need to like you first.
  • You have to praise the achievements of your employees. Let’s say that there is a team member who does a good job. If so, you have to praise that person in front of the team. So, it will motivate him and also other team members.
  • You have to praise the growth of the company. You can share changes, news, and challenges on a higher level with your team. If you also include them and ask for opinions from them, it will make the employees feel that they belong to the company.

What Are Self-actualization in Project Management?

People tend to express themselves in different ways. Let’s say that the rest of their needs are fulfilled. If so, there are a lot of ways they combine their personal interests with their work. Using creativity to improve your role at work is self-actualization in project management.

A Project manager needs to learn the interests of team members and give them jobs related to them. Here are some things that you can do to empower the employees according to Jade Alm site.

  • You have to pay attention to the interests of each employee.
  • You have to empower personal development and growth.

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