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Crossword puzzles are one of the games which are liked by a number of people. One of the platforms which provide crossword puzzles is LA Times. In the LA Times, you can find daily crosswords. And for April 14th, 22, there is also a daily crossword where one of the clues is Links To Social Media Post. Do you know the answer for Links To Social Media Post clue?

If you are trying to solve the crossword, this clue may be one of the clues that you are looking for the answer. No problem, it is okay if there are some clues that make you confused because you do not know the answers. As we know that the clues in a crossword are random. It can be about the entertainment industry, education, politics, general knowledge, and many more.

Well, if you are looking for the answer for Links to a social media post clue, you are able to check the answer for this clue here.

Links to Social Media Post Crossword Clue

The Answer for Links To A Social Media Post Clue

The answer that you can use for “Links to a social media post” clue is:

  • TAGS

That’s the answer for Links to a social media post clue. If you are looking for the answers for the other clues for LA Times April 14th, 2022, you are able to check them below.

Clues and Answers of LA Times Crossword April 14th, 2022

If you need the answers for all clues in the LA Times crossword April 14th, 2022, you are able to check them below.


  • Number 1
    The answer for “Leaves of Grass” name clue is WALT.
  • Number 5
    The answer for Links to a social media post clue is TAGS.
  • Number 9
    The answer for Ivy, e.g.: Abbr clue is SCH.
  • Number 12
    The answer for They’re better boosted than inflated clue is EGOS.
  • Number 13
    The answer for Actor Willem clue is DAFOE.
  • Number 14
    The answer for NCAA’s “Tide” clue is ALA.
  • Number 15
    The answer for Where many blood cells are produced clue is BONEMARROW.
  • Number 17
    The answer for Witty retort clue is MOT.
  • Number 18
    The answer for French film clue is CINE.
  • Number 19
    The answer for Be in session clue is SIT.
  • Number 20
    The answer for Neutralize clue is DEFUSE.
  • Number 22
    The answer for Indigo plant clue is ANIL.
  • Number 23
    The answer for Pleased clue is GLAD.
  • Number 25
    The answer for Challenges requiring nerve clue is DARES.
  • Number 26
    The answer for Like some Sundays clue is LAZY.
  • Number 27
    The answer for Aleppo’s land clue is SYRIA.
  • Number 29
    The answer for Alliance acronym clue is NATO.
  • Number 30
    The answer for Champs-Elysees lunch choice clue is CREPE.
  • Number 32
    The answer for Carrying process clue is GESTATION.
  • Number 34
    The answer for Break in the action clue is LULL.
  • Number 36
    The answer for German pop star who sang “99 Luftballons” clue is NENA.
  • Number 37
    The answer for The very beginning clue is SQUAREONE.
  • Number 41
    The answer for Russian rulers clue is TSARS.
  • Number 45
    The answer for Go left, say clue is TURN.
  • Number 46
    The answer for Does as told clue is OBEYS.
  • Number 48
    The answer for First name in fashion clue is YVES.
  • Number 49
    The answer for Wild party clue is RAGER.
  • Number 51
    The answer for “Enchanted” movie girl clue is ELLA.
  • Number 52
    The answer for Gradually withdraw clue is WEAN.
  • Number 53
    The answer for Playground retort clue is ARETOO.
  • Number 55
    The answer for Droop clue is SAG.
  • Number 56
    The answer for “The Hobbit” creatures clue is ORCS.
  • Number 57
    The answer for Buffet server clue is URG.
  • Number 58
    The answer for Head-scratching words … and, phonetically, a feature of the four longest Down answers clue is WHYONEARTH.
  • Number 61
    The answer for Brief moment clue is SEC.
  • Number 62
    The answer for Fix clue is AMEND.
  • Number 63
    The answer for Protected, at sea clue is ALEE.
  • Number 64
    The answer for Word with devil or dog clue is SLY.
  • Number 65
    The answer for Brooklyn ballers clue is NETS.
  • Number 66
    The answer for Puts in clue is ADDS.


  • Number 1
    The answer for Online group study clue is WEBINAR.
  • Number 2
    The answer for Fret (over) clue is AGONIZE.
  • Number 3
    The answer for Big name in travel guides clue is LONELYPLANET.
  • Number 4
    The answer for Mao_-tung clue is TSE.
  • Number 5
    The answer for Style of some surf and turf clue is TARTARE.
  • Number 6
    AFR is the answer that you are able to use for Cont. south of Western 31-Down clue.
  • Number 7
    The answer for “Glad that’s settled!” clue is GOOD.
  • Number 8
    The answer for Stitched up clue is SEWED.
  • Number 9
    The answer for Katana-wielding warrior clue is SAMURAI.
  • Number 10
    The answer for Approximately clue is CLOSETO.
  • Number 11
    The answer for Slams, slangily clue is HATESON.
  • Number 13
    The answer that you are able to use for Newspaper rival of the Bugle in the Spider-Man universe clue is DAILYGLOBE.
  • Number 16
    The answer for Inbox list: Abbr. clue is MSGS.
  • Number 18
    The answer for Advanced math subj. clue is CALC.
  • Number 21
    The answer for Oz, for one clue is FANTASYWORLD.
  • Number 24
    The answer for Anaheim attraction clue is DISNEYLAND.
  • Number 28
    The answer for Joined the clean-plate club, say clue is ATE.
  • Number 31
    The answer for See 6-Down clue is EUR.
  • Number: 33
    The answer for Queen’s subject clue is ANT.
  • Number 35
    The answer for Celestial feline clue is LEO.
  • Number 37
    The answer for Big name in blue jeans clue is STRAUSS.
  • Number 38
    The answer for Bicker clue is QUARREL.
  • Number 39
    The answer for Reason for pacing clue is URGENCY.
  • Number 40
    The answer for Half or full holds clue is NELSONS.
  • Number 42
    The answer for Turned aside clue is AVERTED.
  • Number 43
    The answer for Arrives at clue is REACHES.
  • Number 44
    The answer for W-2 IDs clue is SSNS.
  • Number 47
    The answer for Wise one clue is SAGE.
  • Number 50
    The answer for Atkinson of British comedy clue is ROWAN.
  • Number 54
    The answer for Woeful cry clue is OHME.
  • Number 59
    The answer for Still clue is YET.
  • Number 60
    The answer for Roadside help letters clue is AAA.

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