Limeades for Learning 2020

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Limeades for Learning is the name of the program initiated by SONIC Drive-In to support the US public school teachers in the local communities. With the help of, SONIC will provide some important funds needed for learning materials and innovative techniques to inspire the creativity and learning of the youngsters. The fans of SONIC have the chance to vote on their favorite projects, and win the projects to get funded.

Any US public, magnet, or charter school teacher who signs up, or is currently registered, as a SONIC Teacher on is eligible for this program. Apart from that, they must be a full time educator at a public school employed by the district, as well as spending at least 75% of their time working directly with the students.

AT Service Provided/Covered:

  • No AT services are provided or covered.

AT Devices Provided/Covered:

  • Aids for Hearing Impaired
  • Aids for Vision Impaired
  • Mobility Seating or Positioning
  • Environmental Adaptations
  • Learning and Developmental
  • Speech Communication

Financial Criteria:

  • None

Application Process:

Educators must register online at

Pieces of the Puzzle:

  1. The proposals made by the teachers are funded based on the number of votes received by visiting the website. Keep in mind that voting is limited to a designated time frame each fall. Please check the official website to know the exact dates.
  2. Teachers have to register and submit their proposal early every school year to make sure their projects are able to be reviewed and posted in the time for voting.
  3. Each requested resource has to be used by the students or to directly provide a student experience.
  4. will not accept requests for labor, vehicle purchases, or capital improvements.
  5. SONIC will fund a maximum of $450 toward the winner of the project.
  6. Limeades for Learning is not designed to specifically fund assistive technology, however, any proposal is able to be submitted that would assist the teacher from the local environment to get what is needed.

Just like the customers love SONIC, the owners of it love the communities. That is why SONIC always tries their best to make the program called Limeades for Learning happen every year. The program is so innovative and powerful that it puts SONIC front and center with the purpose to improve education while also increasing community goodwill for the brand.

SONIC believes that having a good relationship with their customers is important. It is what makes the company still around even after all those years. Over the past decades, this company has become one of the biggest, all thanks to the customers. With that in mind, they offer an excellent program to thank the customers for their dedication.

Everyone has to learn one who made a difference in their lives and this year, SONIC invites people to thank their favorite teacher on social media. Limeades is the perfect one to thank the teachers in the United States. Without their sweat, students would not be as amazing as they are.

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