Lesson 13 Homework 4.1 Answer Key

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Are you looking for Lesson 13 Homework 4.1 Answer Key? You may need this because you want to check whether you give the correct answers or not in the Homework section of Lesson 13. So, let’s find out the answer key of Lesson 13 Homework 4.1 together with the other information about Lesson 13 4.1.

Lesson 13 Homework 4.1 Answer Key

1. a. 2,090

b. 408,110

c. 330,011

d. 30,011

e. 890,130

f. 106,010

g. 1,511

h. 371,631

2. 24,717

3. 1,922

4. $312,571

5. a. 390,211

b. 204,110

Do you also need the answer key of Lesson 13 Problem Set 4.1? If so, you are able to check below.

1. a. 4,023

b. 4,023

c. 2,208

d. 4,190

e. 6,030

f. 2,523

g. 9,010

h. 227,110

i. 98,220

2. 12,009

3. 471 y

4. 52,411 lb

5. 109,014 mi

And here is the answer key for Lesson 13 Exit Ticket 4.1.

1. a. 6,011

b. 13,920

c. 6,511

2. 7,050

Lesson 13 Homework 4.1 Questions

1. In number one, by using the standard algorithm, you have to solve the following subtraction problems.

a. 2,431

 –     341


b. 422,431

–      14,321


c. 422,431

–     92,420


d. 422,431

–   392, 420


e. 982,430

–      92,300


f. 243,089

–   137,079


g. 2,431 – 920 =

h. 892,431 – 520,800 =

2. In this number, you are asked about the number that you must add to 14,056 to result in a sum of 38,773. You are asked to draw a tape diagram to model each problem and you have to use numbers to solve and write your answers as a statement.

3. In this number, it is said that there is an elementary school which collected 1,705 bottles for a recycling program. A high school also gathered some bottles so that both schools collected 3,627 bottles combined. Then, the question asks you about the amount of bottles that the high school collected.

4. In this number, it is said that there is a computer shop which sold $356,291 worth of computers and accessories. It could sell $43,720 worth of accessories. And then, you are asked the total of the computers which were sold by the computer shop.

5. It is said that the population of a city is 538,381. In that population, 148,170 are children and then in the a section, you are asked the total of adults who live in the city. In the b section, you are asked about the total of adults who are male if the male adults are 186,101.

What’s in Lesson 13 4.1 NYS Common Core Mathematics Curriculum Of Eureka Math or Engage NY?

As explained in the module, the goal of Lesson 13 4.1 is to use place value understanding to decompose to smaller units once using the standard subtraction algorithm, and apply the algorithm using tape diagrams to solve word problems.

Here is the suggested lesson structure.

  • Fluency
    It is alloted in 12 minutes.
  • Application Problem
    It is alloted in 5 minutes.
  • Concept Development
    It is alloted in 35 minutes.
  • Student Debrief
    It is alloted in 8 minutes.

So the total time is 60 minutes.

In the Fluency Practice, you have to find the sum and it is done in 6 minutes and then subtract common units where it is done in 6 minutes as well.

In the Application Problem, it is told that Jennifer texted 5,849 times in January. Then, in February, she texted 1,263 more times than in January. The question of this problem is the total number of texts that Jennifer sent in the two months combined. And you also have to explain how to know if the answer is reasonable.

In the Concept Development Section, the students must be asked to look at the numbers in the subtraction problem and to think about how the numbers are related. They also need to be asked how they may use their findings to check to see if their answer is right. The tape diagram must be used to indicate if 8,052 was subtracted from 73,658 to find the part of the tape diagram which is unknown, the value of the unknown, 65,606, is able to be added to the part of the tape diagram which is known, 8,052. Let’s say that the sum is the value of the whole tape diagram. If so, the answer is right.

About Common Core Curriculum

According to Engage NY website, to help schools and districts with the implementation of the Common Core, curricular modules and units in P-12 ELA and math are provided by NYSED and those can be adopted or adapted for local goals. Now, full years of curricular materials are available on EngageNY for grades Pre Kindergarten through 12th grade in Mathematics and Pre Kindergarten through 12th grade in English Language Arts (ELA).

You may wonder how you are able to provide feedback on the curriculum modules. Let’s say that you have any feedback on the curriculum modules. If so, you are able to let EngageNY know by completing the Curriculum Feedback Form. The EngageNY team will review all feedback as they continue to make improvements to the materials.

What are included in the curriculum modules? It includes Module framing/ overview documents, year-long scope and sequence documents, lesson plans, performance tasks for administration in the middle and at the end of each module, lesson plan supporting materials, and scaffolding ELA EngageNY Instruction for English Language Learners/ Multilingual Language Learners.

About EngageNY

Do you want to know the creator of EngageNY? Well, it was created and is maintained by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) where the aim is to give support to the application of key aspects of the New York State Board of Regents Reform Agenda.

Then, who is able to access EngageNY? Anyone has the ability to visit EngageNY and download free materials from the New York State Education Department and those include all available curriculum materials.

You may also wonder about the curriculum content which is available on EngageNY. The New York State Education Department is part of Race to the Top federal funding. So, they cooperated with a number of partners to be able to develop curriculum materials which are made for grades Pre-K to 12 in both mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA). Those materials can be downloaded from EngageNY. In 2015, the links to Social Studies Inquiries were added by the New York State Education Department which are also available free for all users.

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