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LAUSD has an agreement with Zoom to allow the students to learn at home through video conference tools. Aside from students, LAUSD also often invites the parents to join in workshops or meetings. Certainly, to join Zoom, parents will receive email  invitations first from the meeting host.

Unlike students who have to sign in by entering their username and password, the parents of LAUSD’s students will be able to join Zoom after they receive the email invitation. Then, how to join Zoom at LAUSD after receiving the email invitation? Let’s see the guide below!

LAUSD Zoom for Parents

As a Parent, How to Join Zoom?

Generally, the parents will get a zoom invitation if LAUSD held the workshop or meeting materials that parents of LAUSD students should know. Sure, zoom invitations for parents will not be often, unless there are urgent matters that LAUSD must pass on to parents.

Well, to join Zoom, the parents of LAUSD’s students do not need to login with username and password. Once receiving an email invitation from LAUSD, they just need to click on the link sent to their email.

Here, they can choose to join Zoom either via PC, Android, Mac, or also iOS. After they click the link and choose the device, they surely will be taken to the meeting along with other parents.

Parents of LAUSD’s students are not commonly  required to create a Zoom account first. That’s because parents are only the participants in the Zoom meetings. So, if there’s a zoom meeting for parents, they only have to click on the email invitation and choose the devide as well as enter the meeting ID. Well, they will be present at the zoom meeting.

How to Connect Zoom?

As a kindergarten parent, you surely prepare your child for online study via Zoom. Of course, you should also configure how to connect to Zoom as your little child does not understand yet to set Zoom. So, if you need ways for connecting to Zoom, let’s see multiple steps below!

  • Firstly, you need to open the Zoom app on your desktop, Start button, Zoom folder, start Zoom.
  • Click on ‘Sign In’.
  • On right side menu Select “Sign In with SSO”
  • Enter your USQ username and password if prompted
  • Click on Join
  • Enter the Meeting ID (this is displayed in the email invitation)
  • You can then choose whether to come into the meeting with your audio or video enabled or disabled.

That’s easy, isn’t it?

LAUSD Parent Resources

LAUSD provides the parents resources section to allow the parents getting the information about the study progress of their child. In order to find out the information of their child’s study progress, the parents are allowed to access the Parent Portal.

In this case, LAUSD wants to help parents stay connected with their child’s progress. So, the LAUSD Parent Portal will assist the parents to monitor their child’s attendance, assignments, grades and many more. Sure, to get access to the Parent Portal, the parents should register to create a Parent Portal account.

Here’s a list of requirements to create a Parent Portal account:

  1. Establish an email account

If you’re a parent, you should have a valid personal email account to sign up for a Parent Portal account.  Google Mail or Yahoo are the most-used email service providers which provide free email accounts. You can also create a secure password for your email account and then practice signing in and out of your account. Then, keep your email password in a secure place.

  1. Become familiar with social media platform

As a parent of LAUSD’s students, you’re required to become familiar with logging into basic online platforms such as social media, apps, and online accounts which are used by schools to communicate with families.

  1. Register for a Portal Parent account

If you already have an active email or also social media to be used to register for a Parent Portal, it’s a great time for you to start creating a Parent Portal account. To register for LAUSD Parent Portal, you should visit this link

When you register, you automatically will receive an account activation email which includes a link to create a password for your new Parent Portal account. Here, you need to save your Parent Portal password in your smartphone notes application.

  1. Request 4-digit Parent Portal PIN

To add your student to your Parent Portal account, you need to request your 4-digit Parent Portal PIN. You can contact your school or the Los Angeles Unified Family hotline at 213-443-1300 for assistance to locate your Parent Portal PIN.

  1. Get Started to Explore Parent Portal

Within the LAUSD Parent Portal, there are numerous features that you will get. However, Parent Portal is the official entryway for parents to connect to Schoology, especially develop familiarity connecting to Schoology where you will follow the students assignments.

You can visit Parent Portal Resources for Parents at for more details about what’s available in the LAUSD Parent Portal.

What Will You Find in the LAUSD Parent Portal?

As we’ve mentioned above, you will find numerous features in the Parent Portal. So, what are they? Let’s see them below!


  • Attendance Summaries
  • Attendance Details

Grades & Assignments

  • Final Grades
  • Click on a Course to Access Schoology
  • Teacher Email

EL Progress

  • Reclassification Criteria
  • Reclassification Progress

Health & Wellness

  • Vaccination Law
  • District Policy
  • Vaccination History
  • Exemptions
  • School Vaccination Record

Student Discipline

  • Definition of a Suspension
  • Three Types of Suspension
  • Appeal Rights
  • Discipline Process
  • Suspension Record

Preparing for High School

  • Graduation Requirements
  • High School Enrollment Choices

Standardized Testing

  • STAR
  • AP
  • PFT
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • SBAC in development

Special Education Services

  • View Active IEP
  • Apply for ESY
  • What is an EIP?
  • What is ESY?
  • Link to SPED Website

Online Forms & Applications

  • School Meal Application
  • School Volunteer Application
  • Athletic Volunteer Info
  • School Choice Programs

Progress Rewards Graduation

  • A-G Requirements
  • A_G Progress
  • Completed Courses
  • LAUSD Requirements
  • GPA

Emergency Card Information

  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Update Phone numbers
  • Update Email

Transportation and Bus routes

  • Bus routes
  • Transportation FAQ
  • Transportation Type
  • Route Number
  • Stop Location/Time
  • Stop Time
  • Delay in minutes
  • Incident Information

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