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Knowing the phone number of LAUSD payroll is important if you have something that you want to ask related to payroll. And here, we have the information about it including the other things related to payroll. You are able to read all of the explanations about it below.

LAUSD Payroll Contact

If you want to contact the payroll service of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), here are the contacts that you can use including its phone number.

  • Telephone service request: (213) 241-2570
  • Fax service request: (866) 761-7413
  • Email service request:
  • Payroll Support Services address: LAUSD Administration Building 333 South Beaudry Avenue, 1st Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017

Payroll Support Services at LAUSD is available from Monday to Friday at 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Infotypes in LAUSD Payroll

According to Payroll Concepts Manual 2021 of LAUSD, it is explained that at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), an employee is processed for payroll during a major payroll run, a scheduled off-cycle run, or special off-cycle run. During these runs, there is a large amount of data which is used by the payroll program to calculate payment for work which is performed by every employee.

Let’s say that the infotypes below are not set up correctly for an employee. If so, payroll will generate errors or the results will be not accurate.

  • Actions (IT0000)
  • Organizational Assignment (IT0001)
  • Personal Data (IT0002)
  • Payroll Status (IT0003)
  • Addresses (IT0006)
  • Planned Working Time (IT0007)
  • Basic Pay (IT0008)
  • Bank Details (IT0009)
  • Residence Tax Area (IT0207)
  • Work Tax Area (IT0208)
  • Unemployment State (IT0209)
  • Withholding Info W4/W5 US (IT0210)

In the list below, you are able to see the infotypes which are used in Time Management.

Planned Working Time (IT0007)

  • Quota Compensation (IT0416)
  • Absences (IT2001)
  • Attendances (IT2002)
  • Substitutions (IT2003)
  • Absence Quotas (IT2006)
  • Quota Corrections (IT2013)

And here are the infotypes which are used in Benefits.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (IT0170)
  • General Benefits Information. (IT0171)
  • Eligibility
  • Insurance Plans (IT0168)
  • Saving Plans (IT0169)
    • 403b
    • 457b

Retirement System

  • Health Plans (IT0167)
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
  • Family Member/Dependents (IT0021)
  • Additional Personal Data (IT0077)
  • Miscellaneous Plans (IT0377)
  • Adjustment Reasons (IT0378)

Subsequent Payroll Activities

After every payroll the Pre-DME program runs to create payment files. In turn, these files are used to create a printable check file or an ACH file for direct deposits.

  • Bank details from IT0009 are collected for all employees who will get a payment based on the payroll run.
  • The address information of the employee is collected to be used in the check printing file and warrant printing file.
  • The information from IT0001 on where to distribute the checks and warrants (the location of school or US mail) are collected with the aim to help the programs know how to sort the checks and warrants.

After Pre-DME, Third Party Remittance and Financials and Controlling posting runs will be run. It is run to create the garnishment payment amounts and allocate the payroll costs to the various cost centers.

  • Garnishment information from IT0194 and IT0195 are used together with payroll results for the withheld amount. It is to create the garnishment payments.
  • The allocations of cost are pulled from IT0001, absences and attendances on IT2001 and the allocations of cost from IT0014 and IT0015 to make the posting documents for FI/CO.

If the data in a field is inserted or charged in one Infotype, the change updates a field automatically in a different Infotype.

Payroll Area at LAUSD

LAUSD is divided into 4 payroll areas. Those include Certificated (CE), Classified (CL), Semi-monthly (SM) and Retirees (RN). In the list below, you are able to see the explanation about payroll frequency for each area.

  • CE Payroll

It is paid every 5th of the month. In case the 5th falls on a weekend, the payday will be the Friday previous to the 5th. It covers the period from the 1st through the end of the month prior to the payday.

  • CL Payroll

It is paid at the last working day of the month. It covers the period from the 1st through the end of the month.

  • SM Payroll

It is paid every 8th and 23rd of the month. In case the 8th or 23rd falls on a weekend, the payday will be the Friday before to the scheduled date. Payday (8th) cover period 16th through the end of the month and payday (23rd) cover period 1st through 15th day of the month.

Calendars of LAUSD Payroll

What is a payroll calendar? It is a schedule that designates workdays, holidays, off-track days and unassigned/ unpaid days in a school or fiscal year. According to the assigned work periods on each type of calendar, the designated school and legal holidays vary.

In SAP, a payroll calendar is the equivalent of a Work Schedule Rule (WSR). It is an assignment feature which is used to specify a reference date for a period work schedule. It is important to note that all employees need to be assigned to a defined work schedule in the system. The assigned work schedule determines how the employee should be time reported in a period which is given.

The general types of payroll schedules are listed below.

  • Single Track (Traditional)

It provides(180) days of instruction for Elementary and Secondary schools to comply with Education Code Section 46200.

  • Four-Track (90/30)

It provides (180) days of instruction for Elementary and Secondary schools to comply with Education Code Section 46200.

  • Special Calendars (Non-Standard)

It is created specifically according to the user or locations needs.

  • 4/40 and 9/80

In the 4/40 calendar schedule, it permits employees to work (4) days at (10) hours per day during a week. There is one scheduled day off each week (total of 40 hours each week). To get the additional information about compressed work week schedules, you can refer to the Office of the Superintendent, Memorandum No. 49, “Compressed Work Week Guidelines, June 4, 1990”. In the 9/80 calendar schedule, it involves pairing work weeks. So, employees are permitted to work (9) days and there is one scheduled day off. The (9) work days consist of (8) days of (9) hours each day and (1) day of (8) hours (total of 80 hours for two weeks).

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