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In this page, we are going to explain about LAUSD Office 365 including how to start using LAUSD Office 365, LAUSD Office 365 troubleshooting and more information about the move to LAUSD Office 365. Keep staying on this page to find out that information.

About LAUSD Office 365

Now, the District is moving to a more modern and secure email solution which provides newer and better functionality, a larger email inbox for every user, easy access to email from anywhere, while reducing costs. Read the pages here to learn all you need to know about this great transition.

LAUSD Email 365
How to Start Using Office 365?

Has your mailbox been moved to Microsoft 365? Here is some steps to get started:

  • When accessing your email on a web browser (For example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), now you have to go to instead of Please log in with your full email address.
  • When using Microsoft Outlook on your computer, the program is going to flag you to warn that it has been directed to go to a different server. Just tell it this is okay, and it is going to take care of the rest.
  • If you access LAUSD email on your phone or other mobile device, you have to re-add your account using your device’s settings.

That’s it! If you have trouble, make sure to review their troubleshooting guide, online tutorials and also support documents. When all else fails, you have to contact the IT Help Desk.

Download the Getting Started Flyer

Ensure the computers, devices, and software which you use are aligned with the minimum system requirements so that you are able to be sure to get the maximum quality experience using LAUSD Office 365. In the text below, we share information about web browsers and operating systems.

Web Browsers: Usually, updating to the latest version of the most famous web browsers is free and easy. If you are not sure how to update your browser, we suggest you to visit, that provides basic guidance on the most famous browsers, what the latest versions are, and where to go for more information.

Operating Systems: Whether you use a Mac or a PC, updating your operating system may be a matter of downloading the latest security patch, or you may need to buy a new version of your operating system. Do not worry! The District is pleased to offer low-cost upgrades for buy through their enterprise license agreements with Microsoft and Apple. Please browse their support library for additional guidance on checking system requirements and upgrading to new versions of browsers and operating systems.

LAUSD Office 365 Troubleshooting

Usually, the latest versions of Outlook will alert you that the program requires to access a different server. If so, just say yes, and Outlook will take care of everything for you. If not, try these steps below:

  • Please close Outlook and restart.
  • Then, go to Accounts, delete your account and reinstall. You have to follow the prompts to submit your information.
  • Make sure that Outlook is up to date.
  • Make sure that your system meets the requirements for Office 365.

If you still have trouble, then you have to contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

You may see a screen that say something went wrong. It means that you are trying to access your email from the new  location when your mailbox has not yet been moved. Please go to and access your email in the usual way until you get a notice that your mailbox has move. The notice will inform you exactly which date and which time the move is scheduled to take place.

Also, you may see a screen say that the Outlook Web App Address is out of date. It means that your mailbox has moved. You are attempting to access your email from wrong place. For this case, you have to go to and then follow the instructions there to log in to your new and improved email account.

Learn more about the move to Office 365

To learn more about the move to LAUSD Office 365, you are able to read some FAQ below.

Is my LAUSD email address going to change?

No. Your email address will not be changed as part of this migration. The only difference will be in that once you check your email by using a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox), now you are going to type your entire email address, instead of just the first part.

I do not like my current email address. Can I change it to better, like an address that has my name in it?

Updating employee login names is not part of the current email migration project, you are able to create an official request to change your login name by contacting the IT HelpDesk. Need to know that these requests are not honored without a compelling reason. Changing an employee’s unique identifier can cause disruptions in accessing many online systems.

How much space do I get with LAUSD Office 365?

For your information, each user of LAUSD Office 365 will have a mailbox which is 50 gigabytes (or 50,000 megabytes) large. It is over 600 times larger than the standard inbox on the old system. As a student, you will no longer have to worry about cleaning out your inbox every week to give room for that PowerPoint presentation someone just sent you.

What will happen to my archived emails in Microsoft Outlook when my LAUSD mailbox is moved to LAUSD Office 365? Will I still can access them through Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, of course. You have to know that the migration only affects email messages and other data (such as contacts, tasks and calendar appointments) that are synchronized with your online account. If you have archived items to save space, then those items will not be affected by the migration. You will be able to access them as you normally would.

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