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Do you love kids and you are dreaming to work at Los Angeles Unified School District but you have no desire to teach, hence thinking about applying for a cafeteria position? If the answer to the question is yes, it is really needed for you to read the whole post.

Cafeteria Jobs at LAUSD

According to some job sites like Indeed, there is currently no job vacancy at Los Angeles Unified School District for the positions related to the keyword cafeteria. This school district is currently looking for the candidates who can fill some positions, including:

  • Substitute Special Education Paraprofessional
  • CTEIG Coordinator
  • Return to Work Specialist
  • Primary Math Program Assistant
  • Legal Secretary
  • Light Bus Driver
  • Carpenter
  • Senior Food Service Worker
  • Energy Specialist
  • Painter
  • Project Engineer
  • Program and Policy Development Advisor
  • Deputy Director of Facilities Maintenance and Operations
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Fitter
  • Roofer
  • Principal Assignment Technician
  • Deputy Controller
  • Civil Engineer
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Senior IT LAN Technician
  • Assistant Fleet Maintenance Manager
  • Associate Project Engineer II
  • Senior IT Infrastructure
  • Plumber
  • IT Support Technician Supervisor
  • Braille Transcriber
  • Building/Construction Inspector
  • Senior Director Information Technology
  • IT Solution Technician

The Alternative to Cafeteria Jobs at LAUSD

As there is no job vacancy for the position related to cafeteria at Los Angeles Unified School District, what about applying for the same position at the other places? Some of the places that you might want to consider include:

  1. Cafeteria Worker (Northrop Grumman)
  2. Cafeteria Worker I (Hacienda La Puente Unified School District)
  3. Cafeteria Worker I (2145) (Glendale Unified School District)
  4. Cafeteria Assistant (Aspire Public Schools)
  5. Cafeteria Supervisor (Aspire Public Schools)

The information about all of these positions mentioned above are available to be found in the number one job site in the world named Indeed. You can visit the same sites or the other job sites if you want to know the other positions related to cafeteria. For further information, you are recommended to visit the official website of these schools and school districts. In addition to that, joining the communities or forums related about the job vacancy might also work for those the job seekers like you.

About Cafeteria Jobs

LAUSD Cafeteria Jobs

Being a cafeteria worker is a perfect dream for those who love kids and want to interact with them but have no eager to teach. The common tasks that will be done by the cafeteria workers include heating oven ready for food items; preparing salads, vegetables and fruit; helping in serving at steam tables; cleaning steam tables, pots, pans, utensils, and general cleaning of kitchen; loading and operating dishwasher; maintaining strict standards of sanitation and keeping the kitchen in a clean condition; helping with monthly inventory of cafeteria supplies; performing the other tasks that are asked.

Cafeteria workers are as important as the other ones at school, including teachers, coaches, counselors, librarians, and the other school personnel. They all team up and contribute to the educations of the kids.

Talking about the cafeteria jobs, the school district usually posts about it on its official website. Experience is not really needed and the education minimum requirement is usually high school diploma or equivalent. Those who have experience working at restaurant are preferrable but it is not that important. There will be on the job training to prepare for the candidates so they will know what to do in the field. The process of selection is not as rigorous as the other position. However, since they will interact with the kids, background checks are often conducted.


The candidates must meet the age requirement. The best one is the one that is old enough to work and they are not at students’ age. While it is true that the ones under 17 years old can work, it is unlikely for them to be hired to fill the position in a school cafeteria. To apply for the position, one must be at least 18 years old.

Job duties:

The meals for the kids are planned by the nutritionists, dietitians, and the other staff that have been trained professionally. It is a must for these menus to meet the nutrition standards. Cafeteria managers are the ones with the task to make sure that the cafeteria workers have the food and enough supplies to make the meals for the students.

The cafeteria workers are responsible to check their inventory of food and supplies regularly and if there is not enough stock, they need to notify the managers as soon as possible. As the cafeteria workers, they might need to move heavy boxes and equipment.

Plastic gloves and hairnets are included as the protective clothing that need to be wore by the cafeteria workers. It would be such a fatal when the kids find a strand of hair in their meals. Aside from gross, it is also unsanitary. The safety of the food is the main focus of the cafeteria workers, which is the reason why they have to be diligent.

One of the most important things for the cafeteria workers is to avoid cross contaminating food. That’s why it is a must to change the gloves for raw meat and vegetables. They will also have to make sure the kitchen equipment, food preparation spaces, and dining rooms are all cleaned regularly.

Sometimes, cafeteria workers have to be cashiers. They will take the payments for breakfast and lunches paid by the kids. They should also know about the ones that are supported by the governments. For this case, it is a must for these workers to keep the information in secret to avoid these kids from getting bullied, teased, and to avoid unnecessary things.


In general, the cafeteria workers are paid between $9 to $16 each hour. If they work full time, there is a high chance of them to get better earnings. It is also possible for the part time ones to get benefits as well, some of these benefits might be prorated on the basis of how many hours they work every week.

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