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If you are a new student of KNUST, it is important for you to know the information about KNUST Portal Course Registration. In this modern era, everything can be done just by sitting down in front of your computer. For course registration in KNUST is also through your computer.

To register to the course, the first thing that you have to do is logging in to your KNUST account in the student portal. After that, you can review and edit your personal information and make sure that it is up to date. You have to verify, fill and also complete all required fields and then click on Update Profile and Continue if you have completed this step. Now, you have to Review and Edit Details for the program that you are pursuing now and make sure that it is also up to date. You need to verify, fill and also complete all required fields. Then, click on Update Profile and Continue if you have completed this step. Next, at the Options page, you have to choose Online Registration for Semester Registration. You also need to ensure that you read the instructions at the next step and then proceed to Course Registration.

Now, at the top left, you are able to click the button to Register Your Trailed courses if any and then Compulsory Courses for the semester will be chosen automatically for you by the System. Now, you have to choose your Department electives if any and you may also choose any Open Elective (VC’s courses) to register if you so desire. After that, you can click on Save and Print Registration Slip to complete the registration button. On clicking the button, you will be prompted for the Pop-up Settings for the Browser and you have to permit Pop-ups to enable you print your slip. On clicking the Save and Print Registration Slip, the system will log you out automatically.

Before registration, you have to make sure that you clear yourself at the Accounts Office. You can also ask your Registration Slip at the Accounts Office in event that you have misplaced your slip. Then, you also need to verify Biometric data. At Biometric verification stage, you need to provide your phone number and any information that are required. The designated Biometric Centres are the ICT Centre (First Floor of Main Library), Business School, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Pharmacy, Carrera/ SRC ICT Centre, Law Library, Engineering, Faculty of Social Science and SMS ICT Centre. After you have done all the things above, then you are able to go online to register.

You need to note that Online Registrations begins at 10:00 am at any Faculty/ Departmental Computer Laboratory or the ICT Centre at the first floor of the main library or any internet café. Another thing that you need to note is about tuition. Students especially freshmen are expected to have paid full fees at the bank. Alternatively, they could clear with the Faculty Account officer on the ARMIS software in case the part-payment is made.

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