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Knust Aim portal is the name of one the portals for Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Knust Aim (the Academic Information Manager) is is the term to call the mobile app for every student of Kwame Nkrumah

University of Science and Technology. This one was developed by the University Information Technology Services or UITS. It is like the mobile companion of the online student portal that is also part of Knus Academic Record Management Information System or ARMIS. The main objective of this one is to bring the functions of the online student portal to mobile devices.

There are some app features of Knus Aim portal. Some of them are Bio (to edit personal records), Chat (to send message with course mates), Results (to check the results of current and previous semesters), Registration (to register courses), Fees (to check the fees and download of bills), News (access to news from university website), Notification (important info from the university), and Map (Google Maps integration).

Knus Aim is currently available for the Android operating system and is able to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Aside from that, this one also can be accessed through the link on the login page of the Online Student Portal. Please take a note that Knust Aim needs the active Internet connection for setup and login. Here are the steps to do so. First, once Knust Aim has been launched, enter the student number and tap the Next button.

For your information, Knust Aim will fetch the student name and picture corresponding to the entered student number. Please confirm the details before continuing. You are able to press back on your device in order to re-enter the student number if it was wrongly entered. Second, enter the username and the password and tap Login button. Third, create the 4 digit pin code. Do not forget that the pin is used to protect the sensitive data such as results, registration and biodata. Fourth, repeat the entered code to confirm.

In order to start the registration, first, tap on the Registration icon or tap on the menu icon or swipe from the left to reveal the navigation drawer and then tap Registration, second, tap he Start Registration button to start the registration button to enter the edit mode. It is once the registration is launched. In this stage, you will be asked to enter the 4 digit pin code to register courses. Third, it is the Compulsory Courses categories. Apparently, all courses are chosen by default. Please tap Next to proceed. Fourth, if there are any elective, they will be displayed under categories. Please choose the needed number of courses for every elective set. Fifth, if there are any trailed courses, they will be displayed under categories railed Courses. Please choose courses by tapping on the course name and then Next. Sixth, review the chosen courses and make changes as required. Please tap Save Registration to save the chosen courses and to complete registration. Seventh, you will have two options which are Download Registration Skip and Email Registration Slip.

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