Kindergarten Teacher Fired for Tattoos

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Physical appearance as the Kindergarten teacher is highly considered. However, the kindergarten students are at children age which will interest in something fun, attractive, catchy and other beautiful things. Of course, they will be scary with something horrible.

Of course, it also related to the teacher’s appearance. Here, the kindergarten teachers should present attractive things, especially for their body and gesture without making the student scary. When the kindergarten teachers show something scary in their body and gesture, of course, they are at risk to lose their job. Why?

Talking about the kindergarten teacher fired for tattoos, of course, there is a true story where a kindergarten teacher should lose her job because of the tattoos covering his body. He was speaking out after he claims he totally lost his job because of his physical appearance that includes tattoos all over his body. Then, he also had the white of his eyes surgically turned black.

A French kindergarten teacher named Sylvain Helaine said that he was totally disappointed to learn from officials at Docteur Morere Elementary School in Palaiseau, a suburb of Paris which couldn’t longer teach the kindergarten after the parents complained that he scared their children.  He definitely has been teaching young  children for many years with tattoos covering his body from head to toe.

For more information, Helaine was 27 years old when he started getting tattoos. At that time, he said that he was teaching at a private school in London and experienced an existential crisis which inspired him to get inked.

Helaine emphasized that having tattoos and covered the whole of his body was such his passion. He also claimed that when people see him from far away, they can assume the worst at all. Since he was teaching the kindergarten student, he never had a problem with teaching until his time at Docteur Morere Elementary School.

Formerly, all of his students and their parents were always cool with him because they basically knew him a lot. But, it is totally different at  Docteur Morere Elementary School, the teacher who has tattoos covering the whole of the body is such a thing  that is against the teacher’s rules.

Helaine whose tattoos which are done in both black and color ink even extend to his tongue and the palms of his hands. He definitely does not have any plans to change his career because to be a teacher in a primary school is such a pride.

Now, you already know that to be a teacher probably in every country in the world is not allowed to have a tattoo. Somehow, tattoos which cover the whole of the body will represent the worst thing at all. Of course, it is so far away from the profession of the teacher. Commonly, the teachers come to educate, then, their personality and also attitude may be imitated by their students.

Well, when you have a worse attitude as a teacher, we guess that you will be at risk to lose your job. So as with a teacher whose tattoos on their body. Even though you think that tattoos are an art or passion, at school, it is still a worse thing as well.

Why Tattoos Affect Students?

However, the teachers who have tattoos on their body and educate the students, at least it will affect the students. Why? Although there are actually no proven reasons why teachers should not have tattoos on their body.

But, in this case, the body covered with tattoos can negatively affect children.  In fact, most students do not seem to notice body art or simply find them interesting versus negatively seeing them. Then, the positive thing of teachers having tattoos can outweigh any negatives which may be considered.

For most, the students, especially the kindergarten students, are tough in an atmosphere which encourages artistic expression, self-expression and open-mindedness will take more advantages compared to those who are not.

Somehow, expressing yourself in anything is more important for you to actually increase the art subject. But, keeping individuals who do not fit the norm out of the classroom, most school systems are doing the student in justice.

Actually, one of the biggest reasons for many school systems not allowing teachers having tattoos is due to the negative visuals they expect from parents. Well, most other teachers and school officials probably have not a negative attitude towards body art. Then, for most parents, there will be one of two opinions, they are;

  • The teachers who educate their children should be professionals and have visible tattoos.
  • If the teacher is good at their job, the body with tattoos does not matter at all.

After all, a good rule of thumb is to get tattoos in areas which can be covered with clothing. Whatever your profession  as long as your tattoo is hidden, you exactly can do your job professionally without any negative effects caused by yourself. Hiding your tattoos will lead you to maintain a professional appearance when needed,

As we know that tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself that will allow some to really become creative. But, the downside is that someone who has tattoos in the body will not be appealed to the corporate eye.

Furthermore, many jobs or schools will not allow you to attend or work with tattoos. In this case, having tattoos is inappropriate in terms of placement and content. Of course, if you do not want to lose your job, be smart about tattoos. Then, make sure that you do a little research in how they may affect your future.

How are your tattoos invisible? In fact, your tattoos are not considered over your interest for study and career, so, it will not be a big problem. To keep you still having a job, you are recommended to dress up professionally for an interview with the consulate.

In this case, the teachers whose tattoos on their body probably will send the wrong message to children and make them as unprofessional teachers to educate the students at school.

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