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Kent State Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is such a powerful all-in-one platform that offers students the immersive human experience through a computer, tablet, or mobile device anytime and anywhere. It is such a real time video conferencing tool that can be used to add files, sharing apps, and using a virtual whiteboard to interact.

If you want to get the best results, accessing Blackboard Kent State Blackboard Collaborate Ultra on your computer with a webcam, speakers, headphones, a microphone, and a reliable connection is recommended. As for the browsers, the most recommended ones are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Your instructor will share a link to Kent State Blackboard Collaborate Ultra either within the Course Content or on the left-hand menu. Please click on the link if you want for the session to be started. Then, click on the Join session. You will be given some options whether to use the camera and microphone or not. Choose the appropriate one. The next thing that you have to do is to click the menu button located in the upper left of the screen to access phone options, privacy policy, tutorials, or to leave the session. You can click the menu button that is able to be found in the lower right if you want to access chat, attendees, screen sharing and settings.

In order to view the Kent State Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings, please follow these instructions. The first thing that should be done is to navigate to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra dashboard and click on the Menu that appears in the upper left of your sessions and choose Recordings. Then, pick the right video and then Watch now from the Recording Options if you want to view the recording. When the Watch now is clicked, you will be able to see the screen with two right arrows. You need to click on the indicator to start viewing the video.

Kent State Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is supported for synchronous remote instruction. Before using it for your courses, making a tool link in your Blackboard course is required. The tool link can be made in the course menu located on the left side of the course, in the content folder such as your Home or Course Content page, or both.

How to create a course menu link? First of all, log into Blackboard Learn via or via FlashLine. When you are logged in, enter your course by clicking on the name of your course to access it. Next, make a menu link. You can do it by clicking the Plus (+) button in the top left corner of the course menu and then select Tool Link from the drop-down menu. The fourth step is to type in the name of the link in the Name field. Feel free to name it Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Live Class Meetings, or anything you want. From the Type drop down menu, please choose Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, click the Available to Users checkbox and then click Submit.

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