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In a daily crossword of L.A. Times which was published on April 14th, 2022, one of the clues is Katana-wielding warrior. Some people who try to solve this crossword puzzle may have no idea about the answer to this clue. Here, I will give you the possible answer for the clue.

The Possible Answer for Katana Wielding Warrior Clue

In the daily crossword of L.A. Times which was published on April 14th, 2022, the clue on the Down section number 9 is Katana-wielding warrior. The number of the letters is 7. So, the possible answer is:


Here are some other possible answers for some other clues which are almost the same as it.

  • Word: TSA
    Clue: Wand-wielding org
  • Word: MULAN
    Clue: Legendary warrior Hua…
    Clue: Lightning-wielding behemoths?
  • Word: AJAX
    Clue: Warrior son of King Telamon, in myth
  • Word: XENA
    Clue: TV’s warrior princess
    Clue: Enjoy wielding long-driving golf clubs?
    Clue: Compassionate fire-wielding superhero?
  • Word: AMAZON
    Clue: Female warrior from Scythia?
  • Word: HILT
    Clue: Katana part
  • Word: USING
    Clue: Wielding
    Clue: Warrior
  • Word: FIGHTER
    Clue: Warrior
  • Word: ECO
    Clue: — -warrior
    Clue: Wielding control
  • Word: MASAI
    Clue: Tanzanian warrior
  • Word: TUSKEGEE
    Clue: “Warrior”
    Clue: 1776 warrior
  • Word: ALSMITH
    Clue: Happy Warrior
  • Word: ATTAI
    Clue: Biblical warrior

For your information, the list of possible answers above is based on the Crossword-solver site.

Some Other Clues that The Possible Answer Is Samurai

Here are some other clues where the possible answer is SAMURAI.

  • Japanese warrior
  • Japanese warriors
  • Warrior of old Japan
  • Feudal warrior
  • Eastern warrior
  • Japanese film heptad
  • Warrior
  • Japanese warrior of old
  • “The Last …”
  • Warrior of feudal Japan

Definition of Samurai

According to the Merriam-Webster site, here are two definitions of Samurai.

  • Samurai is a military retainer of a Japanese daimyo practicing the code of conduct of Bushido.
  • Samurai is the warrior aristocracy of Japan.

According to the Dictionary site, here are the definitions of Samurai.

  • Samurai is a member of the hereditary warrior class in feudal Japan.
  • Samurai is a retainer of a daimyo.

Cited from Britannica site, it is explained that Samurai is a member of the Japanese warrior caste and the term samurai was originally used to call the aristocratic warriors (bushi), but it was used for all the members of the warrior class that rose to power in the 12th century and dominated the Japanese government until the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

Other Clues in the Daily Crossword of L.A Times on April 14th, 2022

Besides Katana-wielding warrior, here are the other clues in the daily crossword of L.A. Times on April 14th, 2022.


Number 1: “Leaves of Grass” name

Number 5: Links to a social media post

Number 9: Ivy, e.g.: Abbr.

Number 12: They’re better boosted than inflated

Number 13: Actor Willem

Number 14: NCAA’s “Tide”

Number 15: Where many blood cells are produced

Number 17: Witty retort

Number 18: French film

Number 19: Be in session

Number 20: Neutralize

Number 22: Indigo plant

Number 23: Pleased

Number 25: Challenges requiring nerve

Number 26: Like some Sundays

Number 27: Aleppo’s land

Number 29: Alliance acronym

Number 30: Champs-Elysees lunch choice

Number 32: Carrying process

Number 34: Break in the action

Number 36: German pop star who sang “99 Luftballons”

Number 37: The very beginning

Number 41: Russian rulers

Number 45: Go left, say

Number 46: Does as told

Number 48: First name in fashion

Number 49: Wild party

Number 51: “Enchanted” movie girl

Number 52: Gradually withdraw

Number 53: Playground retort

Number 55: Droop

Number 56: “The Hobbit” creatures

Number 57: Buffet server

Number 58: Head-scratching words … and, phonetically, a feature of the four longest Down answers

Number 61: Brief moment

Number 62: Fix

Number 63: Protected, at sea

Number 64: Word with devil or dog

Number 65: Brooklyn ballers

Number 66: Puts in


Number 1: Online group study

Number 2: Fret (over)

Number 3: Big name in travel guides

Number 4: Mao_-tung

Number 5: Style of some surf and turf

Number 6: Cont. south of Western 31-Down

Number 7: “Glad that’s settled!”

Number 8: Stitched up

Number 9: Katana-wielding warrior

Number 10: Approximately

Number 11: Slams, slangily

Number 13: Newspaper rival of the Bugle in the Spider-Man universe

Number 16: Inbox list: Abbr.

Number 18: Advanced math subj.

Number 21: Oz, for one

Number 24: Anaheim attraction

Number 28: Joined the clean-plate club, say

Number 31: See 6-Down

Number 33: Queen’s subject

Number 35: Celestial feline

Number 37: Big name in blue jeans

Number 38: Bicker

Number 39: Reason for pacing

Number 40: Half or full holds

Number 42: Turned aside

Number 43: Arrives at

Number 44: W-2 IDs

Number 47: Wise one

Number 50: Atkinson of British comedy

Number 54: Woeful cry

Number 59: Still

Number 60: Roadside help letters

The Possible Answers for Some of the Clues Above

Here are some possible answers for some of the clues in the daily crossword of L.A Times on April 14th, 2022.

  • Clue: Inbox list
    Answer: MSGS
  • Clue: Indigo plant
    Answer: ANIL
  • Clue: Ivy, e.g.
    Answer: SCH
  • Clue: Joined the clean-plate club, say
    Answer: ATE
  • Clue: Like some Sundays
    Answer: LAZY
  • Clue: Links to a social media post
    Answer: TAGS
  • Clue: Mao_-tung
    Answer: TSE
  • Clue: NCAA’s “Tide”
    Answer: ALA
  • Clue: Neutralize
    Answer: DEFUSE
  • Clue: Newspaper
    Answer: DAILYGLOBE
  • Clue: Online group study
    Answer: WEBINAR
  • Clue: Oz, for one
  • Clue: Playground retort
    Answer: ARETOO
  • Clue: Pleased
    Answer: GLAD
  • Clue: Protected, at sea
    Answer: ALEE
  • Clue: Puts in
    Answer: ADDS
  • Clue: Queen’s subject
    Answer: ANT
  • Clue: Reason for pacing
    Answer: URGENCY
  • Clue: Roadside help letters
    Answer: AAA
  • Clue: Russian rulers
    Answer: TSARS
  • Clue: See 6-Down
    Answer: EUR
  • Clue: Slams, slangily
    Answer: HATESON
  • Clue: Still
    Answer: YET
  • Clue: Stitched up
    Answer: SEWED
  • Clue: Style of some surf and turf
    Answer: TARTARE
  • Clue: The very beginning
    Answer: SQUAREONE
  • Clue: They’re better boosted than inflated
    Answer: EGOS
  • Clue: Turned aside
    Answer: AVERTED
  • Clue: W-2 IDs
    Answer: SSNS
  • Clue: Where many blood cells are produced
    Answer: BONEMARROW
  • Clue: Wild party
    Answer: RAGER
  • Clue: Wise one
    Answer: SAGE
  • Clue: Witty retort
    Answer: MOT
  • Clue: Woeful cry
    Answer: OHME
  • Clue: Word with devil or dog
    Answer: SLY
  • Clue: Enchanted movie girl
    Answer: ELLA
  • Clue: Glad that’s settled
    Answer: GOOD
  • Clue: Leaves of Grass name
    Answer: WALT
  • Clue: The Hobbit creatures
    Answer: ORCS
  • Clue: Actor Willem
    Answer: DAFOE
  • Clue: Advanced math subj
    Answer: CALC
  • Clue: Aleppo’s land
    Answer: SYRIA
  • Clue: Alliance acronym
    Answer: NATO
  • Clue: Anaheim attraction
    Answer: DISNEYLAND
  • Clue: Approximately
    Answer: CLOSETO

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