Journeys or Journies – Which is Correct of Plural Form?

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“Journey” is one of the words that confuses many people. Some people say the plural form of this word is “journeys,” but some other people say it is “journies,” so, which one is the correct plural form?

Origin and Meaning of “Journey”

The word “Journey” means traveling, and it can be through land or sea, from one location to another. The origins date back to an ancient form of Latin. The beginning of the term is the Latin word “diurnus” that transformed into “diurnum,” meaning “daily portion.” This “Journey” word is the origin of the Old French word “jornee,” people used it to explain a day, a day’s travel, or work. Remember that the word “journey” itself comes from the Old French word “jornee.”

Journeys or Journies - Which is Correct of Plural Form

Which is Correct of Plural Form – Journeys or Journies

You have to know that the plural form of journey is journeys. Why? Because this “Journey” word is an exception to the rule which says the words that end in “y” in their plural form, it is going to change to “ies.”

With words that end in “vowel+y,” you have to add “s” at the end to make the plural form of the word. So, this is why the plural form of “journey” is “journeys,” because the end of the term is “ey.”

Here are other words with “vowel+y ending” and their Plural form:

  • Boy – Boys
  • Day – Days
  • Delay – Delays
  • Donkey – Donkeys
  • Essay – Essays
  • Guy – Guys
  • Key – Keys
  • Kidney – Kidneys
  • Monkey – Monkeys
  • Play – Plays
  • Survey – Surveys
  • Toy – Toys
  • Trolley – Trolleys
  • Turkey – Turkeys
  • Valley – Valleys
  • Way – Ways

Related Words

Apparently, the word “journey” does not have a direct synonym, however, there is a list of terms related to it or with similar meanings.

  • Crossing
  • Cruise
  • Drive
  • Expedition
  • Flight
  • Hike
  • Migration
  • Odyssey
  • Passage
  • Ride
  • Route
  • Safari
  • Tour
  • Travels
  • Trip
  • Voyage
  • Wandering

How Do People Use The Word “Journeys”?

Usually, people used the word “journey” to talk about the mobilization of a person from one place to another. Most of the time, the word “journey” is used to talk about a long trip, where many things might happen. This is why the word “journey” is more used when traveling by land or sea. Also, the word “journey” can be used to talk about the stay of a person in another place.

Aside from that, the word “journey” is also used in religion. A lot of people use the word “journey” to talk about a person’s path via their spirituality or getting closer to the God they serve. Now, a lot of people use the word “journey” to talk about when people are going through several difficult times. People use the word “journey” because your thoughts and moods are impacted by the words you used to describe them. Studies have already shown that when you use more positive language to describe things or events, people might remember things in a less traumatic or violent way.

The Word “Journeys” in Sentences

Here are examples of the word “Journeys” in sentences:

  • Mike started to write a history book based on the journals he kept during his journeys.
  • Did they enjoy their journeys with you?
  • During high school, the students tend to go on some journeys to make a bond and to recreate. Occasionally, they go camping, and sometimes they go to get to know other cities.
  • They began their spiritual journeys five years ago. Since then, they have done a lot of good things for this world. There is no doubt that their journeys taught them their true purpose in life.
  • They went on journeys to some countries to learn about the culture and culinary traditions and also several rare and unique dishes.
  • They worked hard so they could pay the expenses of their last journeys to Egypt.
  • Her assistant made all the arrangements for all her journeys from January to November. For December, she made the arrangements for a family vacation trip to Canada.
  • Her new job involved some journeys to Europe and the Caribbean. She was excited about this. However, in a short time, she also got exhausted due to the time changes she was experiencing and the long flights.
  • They do not care about the long journeys. They are going to enjoy every moment. They are so excited about learning things about every town they get the chance to visit.
  • They love long journeys, like road trips, this way they are able to get to know every place from a new and exciting perspective.
  • There are some journeys that you can take on your holidays.
  • It took courage from Cristobal Columbus to go on a journey to discover a new route to get the spices. After finding America, she made several journeys to and from Spain.
  • It took her several journeys to find her purpose and rediscover herself.
  • It was a bumpy flight, however, all the flight attendants made sure we had great journeys.
  • People say that life is a journey, however, I prefer to think that life is a collection of journeys which lead you to various destinations. You are able to select which one you stay longer or which one you leave behind sooner rather than later.
  • He was suspicious about all of her sudden journeys.
  • The perfect job for him includes many journeys to know different places, people, and the cultures. This is why he majored in tourism management at college.
  • The royal family has to take these journeys to various estates. All family members have to travel with them.
  • He talked a lot about history, he even talked about all the Scottish’s journeys to convince people.
  • After an exhausting number of the flights and journeys, finally I was happy to be home.
  • The journeys were long and difficult, however, it was worth it in the end.
  • Last year, there were more than 500 journeys made on the train.
  • Of course, we all have different journeys in our life.
  • Make sure you bring a neck pillow for these long-haul journeys.

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