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Jiskha Homework Help is a platform that bridges the users to ask the questions and get the answers in one place. This platform actually helps tons of students with their homework with one-simple-step. They provide a free, ad-supported questions and answers place that can be accessed 24/7 by everyone all over the world.

Within Jiskha, you actually can ask a question of any subjects that you are facing right now. Two of the most asked subjects on the Jiskha platform are Math and Science. We think both subjects always assess the students with quite difficult questions to solve. Then, how do you search for Math and Science homeworks that people ask on Jiskha?

How to Find Homework Answers for Math and Science on Jiskha?

Finding a solution to your homework answers on Jiskha is pretty easy to do. All you can do is to visit the official platform of Jiskha. You can access the Jiskha Platform here. After clicking the link, you will be taken into the homepage of Jiskha.

At the homepage of Jiskha, you will find a list of people’s questions titled with certain school subjects, either Math, Science, Algebra, Chemistry or Physic, etc. You can filter the questions by trending now, today, this week, this month and newest. With those options, you can easily find your homework solution.

Jiskha Homework Help Math and Science

If you want to explore the people’s questions on Jiskha, you can only scroll the list of questions and find what you are looking for. The platform of Jiskha seems to ease the users in finding the questions related to their need by displaying part of the questions on each list. So, you will easily find the question and answer related to your homework topic.

Another way to find the question and answer on Jiskha related to your homework topic, you can also make a search by typing a keyword on the search bar that can be found at the right top of the page.

In the case of typing the keyword, you can type the part of the questions on your homework. After that, you can click the ‘Search’ button to start searching the related topic. If your homework question has been asked by others on Jiskha, the question will appear on the list.

To get the answer of your homework question, you just simply click on the result and see if the questions have been answered by other people. If the answer is available, you can then learn and answer your homework questions on your worksheet.

That’s it! Finding a solution to your homework on Jiskha is pretty easy, isn’t it? So, it’s your turn to start making a search to find your homework solution based on your related school subject.

How to Ask a New Question on Jiskha?

You might have not known yet how to ask the questions for your homework on Jiskha. Whereas, that’s a very easy way to do. To ask a new question on Jiskha, you just visit the official Jiskha site here.

After you are at the homepage of Jiskha, you will find a ‘Ask a New Question’ button on the left. Just simply click on it to start making a new question. In the next page, you will see a bunch of fields that you should fill.

To ask a new question, make sure to enter your first name. Then, choose a school subject related to your homework. After that, type the question that you want to ask on this forum as detailed as possible. Last, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

If you successfully ask a new question, there will be a notification that says ‘Question successfully posted’. Otherwise, if your question already exists on Jiskha, the notification will say ‘The question has already been asked, see below’. Well, it is also such an alternative way to find your homework question.

Example of Math and Science Questions and Answers on Jiskha

We also show you some examples of Math Questions and Answers available on Jiskha. Once again, the example questions that we will show below are not ours. These questions and answers can be found on the Jiskha platform that you can access at https://www.jiskha.com/.

Here are the example of questions and answers on Jiskha:

Math Subject

  • Question:

The numerator of a fraction is two less than its denominator. When both numerator and denominator are increased by 3, the fraction is increased by 3/20. Find the original fraction’.

This is one of ‘treding now’ questions  on Jiskha asked by Ghiffari on October 24, 2011. Someone named Reiny answered Ghiffari’s question.

  • Answer:

first denominator — x
first numerator —- x-2
new denominator — x+3
new numerator —- x+1

(x-2)/x + 3/20 = (x+1)/(x+3)
times 20x(x+3) , the LCD
20(x+3)(x+1) + 3x(x+3) = 20x(x+1)
expanding and simplifying gave me
x^2 + 3x – 40 = 0
(x-5)(x+8) = 0
x = 5 or x=-8

if x=5, the original fraction was 3/5
if x=-8 the original fraction was -10/-8 or 5/4
check for 3/5 , new fraction would be 6/8 or 3/4
3/5 + 3/20 = 12/20 + 3/20 = 15/20 = 3/4
but for 5/4, new fraction would be 8/7
5/4 + 3/20 = 28/20 = 7/5 ≠ 8/7
But, if we take the unsimplified fraction -10/-8 , new fraction would be -7/-5 = 7/5
So the original fraction would be 3/5 for sure, but
also the unsimplified fraction -10/-8

Science Subject

  • Question:

Here’s a list of Science questions and answers asked by koolkid posted on December 17, 2020 on Jiskha:

  1. What is a newton?
  2. A tennis player swings and hits the ball away. How does the force of the tennis racket affect the motion of the ball?
  3. A net force is applied to a moving object. Which statement best describes the effect of the force?
  4. What is the momentum of an object?
  • Answer:
  1. The unit in which force is measured
  2.  It changes both the direction and the speed of the ball
  3.  The force will cause a change in the momentum of the object
  4. The state of motion of an object with mass

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