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If you have been in the gym for a year or more, then there is a good chance you have tried some sort of Push Pull Legs program by Jeff Nippard once or twice. They are a solid method to split up your routine to reduce overtraining, but still hit each muscle group hard once or twice a week. Keep reading this page. Here we will show you how to download Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs PDF.

Download Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs PDF – Here’s Way

Actually, there are some sources you can visit to download Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs PDF. But, now, we are going to suggest you downloading Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs PDF from one of the popular sites; StuDocu. However, if you want to download PDF or document from StuDocu, you must have a premium subscription. After you have a premium subscription, then you are able to download or print content from StuDocu.

Here are some steps to download document/PDF from StuDocu:

  • At the first step, you are able to visit the official site of StuDocu.
  • After that, you have to type Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs on the Search bar.
  • Now, you are going to see the Download button.
  • Please click at the Download button for downloading Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs.
  • Make sure you download the document completely.

Now that you have know the way to download document/PDF from StuDocu. After you get the content, then you are able to learn it.

By the way, how many documents can you download from StuDocu? Need to know, StuDocu’s Premium subscription will allow you to download a maximum of 50 documents per day, with a maximum of 100 documents per month. If you have already reached the daily limit, then you will need to wait 24 hours before downloading documents again. If you have already reached the monthly limit, you need to wait 30 days. But, even though you have reached the download limit, you are still able to view and save all of the content on StuDocu’s, so you will always have access to those crucial contents.

About Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs Program

Talking about how to download Jeff Nippard Push Pull Legs PDF, now you may want to know some information about Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs program. Well, here we will also some information about the program.

The main goal of this Push Pull Legs program is to maximize muscle hypertrophy in the intermediate-advanced stage of training advancement (for individuals). The secondary goal of this Push Pull Legs program is to improve general strength on fundamental compound movements which involve large muscle masses. It is difficult to determine exactly what “intermediate-advanced” means in terms of a training age due to the fact that in the gym training years are not equal across individuals. For instance, some people may have spent 10 years training in the gym, however that time may only be “worth” 1 or 2 years if they have spent the majority of their time going through the motions without focus or direction.

However, as a general guide, if you have been training for around 2-5 years, with a generally serious approach toward your training sessions, then you are going to benefit from this program. If you have been training without adequate structure for a few months, it does not matter how long you have been in the gym, this Push Pull Legs program will get you on the right track. For your information, Push Pull Legs program is divided into two 8-week training blocks, each with a specific primary aim.


Block 1 focuses on two main goals:

  • Complete mastery of the exercise execution. This not only performing the exercise with standard and proper technique for safety purposes, but also honing in on the most optimal method to engage the muscles we are targeting.
  • Development of the large work capacity and high-volume tolerance. This work capacity will set us up for success in Block 2 of the program, where volume is decreased as intensity is increased.


Block 2 will begin with a reload week to emphasize recovery leading into the most physically and psychologically demanding phase of the program. Unlike Block 1 (which will need a degree of restraint and special attention to careful execution), the primary idea with Block 2 is to apply a high degree of effort, by taking lots of sets closer to failure. After you have mastered technique and built a volume tolerance, it is time to lock in mentally and give it your all.

About Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is a professional bodybuilder and powerlifter. Through his own informative and entertaining YouTube channel that has gathered a fan-base of over 800,000 subscribers, Jeff Nippard aims to share the knowledge he has collected through university education and field experience with other people who are passionate regarding the science behind building muscle, losing fat and getting healthier.

Jeff Nippard obtained the title of Mr. Junior Canada for natural bodybuilding in the year 2012, and as a powerlifter, he held the Canadian national record for the bench press in the year 2014. As a powerlifter, Jeff Nippard has claimed a 502 lb squat, 336 lb bench press and a 518 lb deadlift with an all-time best Wilks score of 446.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry, Jeff Nippard has collected the requisite scientific knowledge to compliment his practical experience earned through training and coaching. Jeff Nippard has coached men’s bodybuilding and women’s bikini national and provincial champions, professional natural bodybuilders and nationally and IPF Worlds qualified raw powerlifters. Also, Jeff has presented seminars on Block Periodization, concurrent training, and nutrition and training for natural bodybuilding in academic settings including the Online Fitness Summit and at the University of Iowa in 2014. Jeff Nippard has aspirations of completing a PhD in exercise science or a related field.

Currently, Jeff lives in Kelowna, Canada where he is producing informative YouTube videos and podcasts while preparing for his next competition season in natural bodybuilding in the year 2019.

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