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James Madison High School is the name of one of the American public high schools. This one is located at 3787 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York’s Madison section with students in grades 9 through 12. This school is part of the Region 6 in the New York City Department of Education. The current principal of the school is named Jodie Cohen.

Since the year of 1925, James Madison High School has graduated four Noble prize winner, well-known musicians, authors, sport players, and the United States Supreme Court Justice. Some of people who graduated from this school are U.S. Senators Benie Sanders and Charles Schumer, the former Senator Norm Coleman, and the Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

James Madison High School is the type of the school that organized in accordance with the house system. Apparently, there are eight houses in every of them having the House Coordinator, the Guidance Counselor, and the Assistant Principal assigned to supervise and assist students.

There are special programs for the students of James Madison High School. A lot of students who apply for this school have the opportunity to apply to the specific “House”. Those include Bio Medical Institute, Law Institute, Math Academy, Liberal Arts House, Information Technology House, Academy of Finance, The International House, Madison’s Academy of Community and Civil Service or MACCS House, and Instructional Support Services House. Aside from the special programs, there are also specialized classes and activities offered by the school. Some of them are mock trial, extracurricular activities (African Heritage Club, Anime Club, Business Journal, Club Hispanic, Library Pagemasters, Ladies of Substance: Women Empowerment Club, Hands on Money: Financial Literacy Club, Executive Internship, Lighting Squad, Fidelitas, and so on), advanced placement courses (AP Chemistry, AP World History, AP Calculus AB, AP Economics, AP Psychology, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science, AP Human Geography, and many more), and honors and elective courses.

The main vision of James Madison High School is to be the learning community that embodies the philosophy of Madison “Education is the true foundation of civil liberty”. With the best program that promotes the high achievement and provides the equal access through motivation, appreciation of the strength of diversity, scholarship the celebration of originality and the development of nobility of character, and so on, the school will be the best option for the learners.

James Madison High School is known as the six floor red brick building with many rooms. There is he subbasement consisted of boiler room and storage areas. There is also a basement which has the cafeteria located in it. The first floor of the building is the main offices such as guidance and programming. Aside from that, some of the things located here are theater, the Music Department, the library and the swimming pool. You can see the other facilities of the main campus by visiting the official website of James Madison High School. This site is the best source that you can get when you want to know more about this school.

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