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The ‘It Covers Traffic Lights’ crossword clue was seen in New York Times, Universal Crossword,, etc. This crossword clue was available on October 18, 2021. Almost all crossword answers sites show the same answer for ‘It Covers Traffic Lights’ crossword clue.

So, what is the answer to the ‘It Covers Traffic Lights’ crossword clue? If you’re now trying to answer this crossword clue, but you do not have its answer yet, you’re at the right page, as we’ll show you the answer of  ‘It Covers Traffic Lights’ crossword clue. Here you go!

Here’s the Possible Answer for ‘It Covers Traffic Lights’!

According to some sources including LA Times Crossword Answers, New York Time Crossword and, the possible answer of ‘It Covers Traffic Light’  Crossword clue is DRIVERSED (Drivers ED).

It Covers Traffic Lights Crossword Clue

However, if you are still doubtful of this answer, you can try to look for another solution that can give you the correct answer for the ‘It Covers Traffic Lights’ crossword clue. Perhaps, some crosswords that show this clue may have different answers for it.

We also show you some crossword clues and answers related to ‘It Covers Traffic Lights’ crossword clues. We found them at, and you can use them as reference when you take any crossword game and accidentally the clue talks about the traffic lights.

So, here are some crossword clues and answers related to the crossword clue of ‘It Covers Traffic Lights’:

Clue Possible Answer
It covers traffic lights DRIVERS ED
Purchases traffic lights? BUYS SIGNALS
Rds. without traffic lights HWYS
Cut out green on traffic lights (5) FORGO
Hawaiian island devoid of traffic lights LANAI
(Traffic) lights SIGNALS
Such traffic lights would be having enduring popularity EVERGREEN
Adjust, as traffic lights RETIME
One who jumps traffic lights (5,7) AMBER GAMBLER
Traffic lights (6) ROBOTS
Rd. without traffic lights H W Y
Traffic lights with a push button (7,8) PELICAN CROSSING
‘Red’ on traffic lights (4) STOP
They indicate when to check speed of traffic lights (4,7) TIME SIGNALS
What traffic lights are doing, showing signs of embarrassment (7,3) TURNING RED
Went at speed, requiring second to stop at traffic lights (7) MOTORED
Sandpiper, oystercatcher, eg (5-4: 64 Traffic lights with a push button (7,8) WATER BIRD
Get angry about sight of traffic lights (3,3) SEE RED
Like some roads with bit of confusion – two traffic lights but only one right! (8) CAMBERED
Name of the man crossing the street against the traffic lights? (3,6) JAY WALKER

More Universal Crossword Answers on October 17, 2021

We guess that you are also looking for more Universal Crossword Answers provided on October 17, 2021, right? No worries! We will show you a list of crossword answers that are  available at Universal Crossword site. We hope you will easily answer all Universal Crossword clues with the answers we have provided. Let’s see them out!


Clue Possible Answer
Spanish greeting is Hola
Stocking contents for the naughty Coal
Corkboard fastener Tack
Word before house or bar Open
Computer’s reverse action Undo
Now it’s clear Isee
Reputation slangily Cred
Theme park regular’s purchase Seasonpass
Buzzing instruments Kazoos
Foxlike Sly
___/her She
*Predisposed Hardwired
*Plane ticket datum Seat
South Indian foods that anagram to sodas Dosas
The A in ATV All
Mythology figures Gods
E.R. staffers RNS
Least cordial Iciest
Emulated Moses or what a black square between each pair of starred clues’ answers did? PartedTheRedSea
Lift passengers Skiers
___ had it! Ive
NBA Countdown channel ESPN
Chill (out) VEG
25 singer Adele
*Raised as Rottweilers Bred
*Actor who played the hobbit Sam Seanastin
An elephant’s may be six feet in height Ear
Hot dog holder Bun
More than wanted Needed
*Found out Discovered
*Blacken on the grill Sear
Sonic’s game company Sega
Scheduler for a senator perhaps Aide
Colorful account Tale
14-Across’s menu Edit
___-of-the-moment Spur
Copious amount Slew


Clue Possible Answer
Sell to a pawnshop Hock
Emmy-winning host Winfrey Oprah
Emmy-winning host Gibbons Leeza
Slashed conjunction Andor
They’re bleeped out Cusswords
Number below ! on a keyboard One
Law with ramp standards briefly Ada
Negative bottom-line figures Losses
Barely visible Tiny
Egyptian snake ASP
Unending Ceaseless
TiK ToK singer Kesha
Not current Old
Mount as a gem Set
Like this clue’s number Odd
___ She Lovely (Stevie Wonder song) Isnt
Parks and Recreation actress Jones Rashida
Playground fixture Slide
Blackjack card ACE
Navigation aid briefly GPS
Strong tree Oak
It covers traffic lights Driversed
Trusty horse Steed
Dublin resident Irelander
Labor Day’s mo. SEP
Goal for a certain beachgoer Tan
Bit of work ERG
Like this clue’s number Even
Trojan son of Aphrodite Aeneas
U-turn from WNW Ese
Where dreams are made? Bed
Salary boost Raise
Ford Explorer e.g.: Abbr. SUV
Tries as one’s patience Tests
Most suitable Ideal
Writer Zora ___ Hurston Neale
Fishing vessel Boat
Picked from a deck Drew
Special FX CGI
Run in a stocking e.g. RIP
End of a dean’s email address EDU

How to Take Universal Crosswords?

The Universal Crossword can be found at The Globe And Mail, a Canada’s foremost news media company. Aside from providing the news, this company is also providing the puzzle and crossword section. So, you will be able to take a break and play with letters and numbers while reading the trending news at The Globe And Mail.

You can play the Universal puzzle and crossword online. Sure, everyday, The Globe And Mail company provides a different puzzle and crossword that the readers can solve. It means that it may be a bit hard for you to play the previous  puzzle and crossword available yesterday.

Sure, to take the Universal Crossword, make sure you always visit The Globe And Mail site frequently. If you want to take the Universal Crossword, you can visit the The Globe And Mail site HERE.

By clicking the link, you will be taken into the crossword page. You will see the crossword grid that you should fill with the correct answer, depending on the clues available at the right side of the crossword grid. So, make sure to answer those Universal Crossword clues as correctly as possible.

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