Is Scholarship Owl Real?

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You may be wondering whether Scholarship Owl is real or not. If it is real, how does it work to find you a scholarship? Of course, we cannot guess about the reliability of the Scholarship Owl if we don’t dive into it directly or look for information related to it in depth.

So, what you should do is to look for any important information about Scholarship Owl. No worries! If you happen to be looking into this information, you are on the right page, as this post will show you some important facts about Scholarship Owl. Here you go!

Scholarship Owl Is Real

Certainly, Scholarship Owl is a real and trustworthy scholarship app site to use. This app is free-to-use, even though there’s premium service. For beginners, you can take ‘freemium’ service that will not require paying. So far, this basic free service is still valuable to students.

Each scholarship match will have a direct link to the website hosting where the scholarship is provided. It will then allow the students to apply directly from there without paying. Certainly, the Scholarship Owl is reliable to use for the students who are seeking the scholarships.

Talking about its reliability, it’s pretty subjective whether Scholarship Owl is worth the price or not depending on whether you value your time or money more in order to get a provided scholarship. In this case, Scholarship Owl will allow the students to more quickly start and finish their scholarship application process and also keep track of their submissions.

What Is a Scholarship Owl?

Scholarship Owl is a beneficial platform that is designed to speed up student’s scholarship application time. In short, Scholarship Owl is an app site and search engine for scholarships. The most well-known feature in Scholarship Owl is its scholarship app.

Within the Scholarship Owl, the students who are interested should enter their information related to their birthday, current grade level, intended field of study and more. By completing those streamlines the application process, it will allow the students to apply to a lot of scholarships without having to fill out the same information again.

Its search engine feature also comes in handy. This feature is able to direct students to scholarships similar to what they have applied to increase their chances of winning one. However, a lot of scholarships on the site will also need to complete essays or other information, though that’s easy and quick to apply for scholarships with only one click.

If you want to get a bigger chance of winning at least one scholarship, it would be better for you to apply as many as possible, especially if the topic is something you are interested in. Once you submit your apps, the Scholarship Owl will track your scholarships for you.

So, with this way, you will know which you have applied for and feel confident that your apps went through. The good news, you can also apply for some of the scholarships from the Scholarship Owl site directly.

Based on your information that you provide in the profile, the algorithms of the Scholarship Owl will match your personality, lifestyle, grades and more. After you have narrowed down your options, Scholarship Owl will take the information from your initial application and place it into the appropriate places on your choice scholarships.

How Does ScholarshipOwl Work?

It’s very simple to use Scholarship Owl. What you should do is to sign up first. However, you do not need to fill in any your information. In this case, the sign-up process is the application process. Well, the information that you have entered while signing up is the same information that is used to find you scholarships.

Certainly, you need to enter it once. There may be some requested information that you need to enter including:

  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Education level
  • Citizenship status
  • Ethnicity
  • College
  • Field of study
  • High school and graduation date,
  • Career goal
  • GPA
  • Address
  • A few words that tell about yourself

Once you sign up, you will immediately enter to win the ‘You Deserve It’ scholarship that is awarded monthly to a 16+ United States Resident. At this point, you also need to see the scholarship directory that will recommend scholarships which match the information that you have entered.

Additionally, a quick glance will also give you the deadline, name and amount awarded for each scholarship. If you need more information about how the Scholarship Owl works, you can click ‘View T&C’ to go to the site that hosts the scholarship.

How Much Does Scholarship Owl Cost?

There are two basic services: freemium and premium. With freemium service, you can only access the scholarship matches with default features, while if you want to use certain features, you should upgrade your service to the premium.

If you choose premium service, it will automatically put in apps for recurring scholarship and grant you access to a personal account manager who will assist you understand application requirements. This level of access costs $60 every six months.

For more information, Scholarship Owl also has a VIP pricing tier in which you will gain access to 6 hours of webinars on college admissions. In this case, someone will correct a 500-word essay every month. For this service, it costs $69 per month.

Every payment plan in Scholarship Owl allows you to apply for scholarships from the site. here’s a list of Scholarship Owl Payment Plan:


  • Price: $69/month
  • Billed monthly


  1. Re-applied to renewable scholarships automatically
  2. Gain one (1) 500-word essay professionally reviewed every month
  3. Access to 6+ hours of financial aid/college admissions content
  4. Have your own personalized account manager


  • Price: $20/month
  • Billed monthly


  1. Re-apply to repeat scholarships automatically
  2. Free 7-day trial


  • Price: $15/month
  • Billed every 3 months


  1. Re-apply to repeat scholarships automatically
  2. Free 7-day trial

Half Yearly

  • Price: $10/month
  • Billed every 6 months


  1. Free 7-day trial
  2. Re-apply to repeat scholarships automatically

It’s important to note that the Monthly, Quarterly and Half Yearly plans all offer the same services at different prices. Meanwhile, the VIP plan offers additional services and content.

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