Is Natural Gas Distribution a Good Career Path?

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You may be interested in working in natural gas distribution but before deciding it as your career path, you may want to know whether it is a good career path. So, is natural gas distribution a good career path? Check out everything below.

The short answer to the question is yes. Natural gas distribution is a good career path. There are a lot of reasons why it is a good career path. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Is Natural Gas Distribution a Good Career Path

First, the natural gas distribution is known to be a stable industry. It has been known that getting a job in this industry is really easy. In fact, there are a number of career opportunities there from offshore, onshore, drilling rigs and seismic shipyards to traditional office jobs. There will always be a demand for oil and gas, even in the future so there will always be enough career opportunities in this industry. As per dataUSA, there has been about a 9.68% growth in the number of people who are employed in the oil and gas extraction group.

Second, working in the natural gas distribution is life-work balance. This industry requires a large number of workers. To ensure these employees have time off for personal commitments, they have regulated employees, schedules.

Third, there are possibilities for professional growth. Those with advanced degrees have a higher chance to be promoted inside the company. As long as there is enthusiasm and dedication, everything will go smoothly.

Fourth, most jobs in the natural gas distribution industry offer decent pay. If you are wondering about the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution, the list includes:

  1. Construction Manager ($77,238 per year)

Construction managers are in charge of keeping their team organized. Not only that, they also supervise construction sites. Their jobs include delegating tasks and creating work schedules for their employees. They usually work with drilling equipment and some different kinds of tools that are required to construct pipelines in the natural gas industry. As they are known to be experts in construction practices, they can also teach employees the method to use the heavy machinery and equipment that are required for their projects.

  1. Environmental Health Officer ($76,036 per year)

Environmental health officers are responsible for ensuring that health and safety codes are in use. The facilities and jobs sites are inspected by them to ensure that every employee is safe and not in danger because of unsafe practices.

Environmental health officers are known to know a lot about local and federal building codes and have the ability to determine whether a facility is safe to occupy. They ensure the safe separation of natural gas from incendiary devices and safety of local water supplies.

  1. Project Engineer ($75,818 per year)

Engineers refer to the employees that are responsible for engineering and technical aspects of project development. Their duties include calculating the materials required, conducting site research, and developing cost-effective solutions. Rather than working in an office setting, project engineers usually work on-site because they need to communicate more effectively with their team. One of the most amazing things about project engineers is that they are good at determining the best places to drill and the equipment to use.

  1. Project Manager ($73,922 per year)

Overseeing all aspects of a project is the main job of a project manager. They do it from the start to finish. In order to coordinate logistics, they team up with some other ones, including the pipeline team, the distribution team, and utility facilities. Besides, they also meet with clients and give them the updates on the progress of a project from the start to finish.

  1. Distribution Manager ($70,741 per year)

Distribution managers are described as the professionals who oversee teams of workers in the distribution plants. They usually do tests and repairs on goods leaving their facility to ensure quality control. They work with construction teams to give any materials that are needed for pipeline construction and gas distribution to customers. In addition, they also collaborate with vendor relationships and together they work to source materials at competitive prices.

Even though working in natural gas distribution gives a number of advantages, you should know that there are also some disadvantages that come with the job. One of the disadvantages is the potential for exposure to harmful chemicals. For your information, natural gas is made up of methane and some other chemicals. Even if it is not toxic, it can be dangerous if you inhale it in large quantities. Those who are constantly exposed to natural gas can get health issues over time. Some of the most common health issues include respiratory issues and cancer.

The next downside to consider is the physically demanding nature of the job. Distribution workers usually have to lift heavy objects. Not only that, they also have to work in confined spaces and have to stand for long periods of time. On top of that, their job is also risky as there is a chance of them getting injured due to gas leaks or explosions.

Lastly, those who work in the natural gas distributor may not get the same job security as the other workers in the energy industry. It has been known that the demand for natural gas can fluctuate. If the demand decreases, the distribution workers may be the first one to send home.

If you agree that natural gas distribution is a good career path and interested in it and you are aware of all the consequences, first of all, you should make sure that you have some skills such as communication skills, creative thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving, information technology (IT) skills, ability to work under pressure, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, project management skills, multitasking, ability to work with a team, and flexibility. Aside from that, you also have to get a degree in engineering or geology from a recognized institution. Actually, it is also possible to apply with a project management degree.

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