Intense Hunger Signal Crossword Clue

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‘Intense Hunger Signal’ is one of crossword clues available in LA Times Magazine on April 14, 2022. Have you found the answer to the ‘Intense Hunger Signal’ crossword clue? If so, you can take advantage of Crossword Solutions to get the answers, it will likely be easier to answer.

If you’re taking LA Times Crossword and now looking for the answer to the ‘Intense Hunger Signal’ crossword clue, you do not have to worry, as this post will show you the possible answers below. Let’s check it out!

Intense Hunger Signal Crossword Clue

Here’s the Possible Answer to the ‘Intense Hunger Signal’ Crossword Clue!

We’ve found the possible answer to the ‘Intense Hunger Signal’ clue from This site shows some possible answers related to intense hunger. However, there’s one answer that is exactly based on the crossword clue, ‘hunger signal’.

According to, the possible answer to ‘Intense Hunger Signal’ is ‘PANGS’ or ‘PANG’. Since the answer can be singular or plural, you can see the amount of boxes available in the crossword puzzle. If it has five boxes, you can answer ‘PANGS’ and if it has four boxes, you can answer ‘PANG’.

Even though the answer is available in many crossword solution sites, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that ‘PANGS’ or ‘PANG’ is the correct answer, it’s all about the possible answers of some crossword clues.

If you’re not sure with this answer, you can try looking for more solutions from any sources. You definitely can take advantage of a crossword answers site that will show you a list of possible answers to ensure that you get the answers as accurately as possible.

One of the crossword solutions sites that you can visit is This site will help you find some possible answers related to one crossword clue. Here they are:

Crossword Clue Possible Answer
Intense hunger LUST
Intense hunger YEN
Making money after years suffering intense hunger YEARNING
Acute hunger is sharp around the morning (6) FAMINE
Intense feeling of hunger PANG
“Cakes and Ale”/”Hunger” authors MA UGH AM SUN
“This Hunger” author Nin ANAIS
Appeases hunger SATES
Avoided a hunger strike ATE
Halt a hunger strike EAT
Hunger for WISH FOR
Hunger strike VOLUNTARY FAST
Hunger WANT

Another crossword solutions site that you can visit is In this site, the ‘Intense Hunger’ crossword clue was last seen on January 01, 2014. Here are some possible answers related to ‘Intense Hunger’ crossword clue:

Crossword Clue Possible Answer
Intense hunger LUST
Intense hunger YEN
Making money after years suffering intense hunger YEARNING
Hunger signals PANGS
‘The Hunger Games’ land PANEM
Became less intense EASED
Responds to hunger pangs EATS
‘Hunger’ memoirist __ Gay ROXANE
Feeling of hunger PANG
Intense enthusiasm ARDOR
Get more intense DEEPEN
Fury or intense anger IRE
Get less intense LETUP
Cook with intense heat BROIL
Intense elation EUPHORIA
Intense anger WRATH
Katniss’ ally in ‘The Hunger Games’ PEETA
Intense, often devastating, cyclonic tropical storm HURRICANE
Write poetry, very intense rubbish SONNETISE
Hemsworth of “The Hunger Games” LIAM

What Are the Benefits of Crossword Puzzles?

Even though it’s not supported with research and trusted sources, until now, crossword puzzles are believed to help human brain function. Therefore, the crossword puzzles in health benefits are not limited to cognitive function. Okay, let’s see what the benefits of crossword puzzles are for you!

  1. Help alleviate dementia and delay memory loss

According to a study, it was found that solving crossword puzzles in life will delay memory decline by 2.5 years in those who had developed dementia. Well, the previous education of the participants is not a factor in the result.

The researcher also found that those benefits will help those who are already at risk for Alzheimer’s or dementia the most. Certainly, you will benefit from regularly taking crossword puzzles if you’re at risk for Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  1. Strengthen social bonds

It is known that completing a crossword puzzle yourself is amazing, but if you have to ask for help, it never feels bad at all. One of the great ways to strengthen your relationships and make new friends is by collaborating on a crossword puzzle.

With a wide variety of knowledge, people with different ages and backgrounds will help you to complete a crossword puzzle easily. So, if you’re struggling with a crossword clue, don’t hesitate to ask the person beside you for help.

  1. Increase your knowledge base

In addition to learning new words when completing a crossword puzzle regularly, you can also learn new things in general, particularly if you work with other people to solve a clue. As we know, most crossword puzzles contain a variety of trivia. It does not wonder if you learn new things about science, entertainment, history, politics, technology and many more.

  1. Relieve your stress

In fact, our daily lives are seriously filled with stresses such as the deaths of loved one, medical challenges, social troubles, financial issues, lifestyle and general changes. By completing the crossword puzzle, you will relax and enjoy a little break away from the real world. Some studies have shown that crossword puzzles will help you feel happier and calmer.

  1. Boost your mood

It can sometimes be tricky in the process of completing a crossword puzzle. When you cannot find a clue, you may feel frustrated or foolish. However, if you keep working and practicing toward your goal, we think you will be able to figure out those difficult clues.

If you already feel a great sense of satisfaction, it should cause your brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter which makes people feel grateful. Sure, you will gain a wonderful sensation of pride and peace.

  1. Improve your vocab

That’s not a wrong statement if completing a crossword puzzle can improve your vocabulary. As we know, crossword puzzles will contain uncommon words that may be hard to get its definition or synonym, making the puzzle harder.

Certainly, if you are not familiar with those uncommon words, you can try to look it up using a dictionary or internet. So you can find what the uncommon words mean.

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