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The Incite platform seems to bring together the people, pedagogy, resources and tools for better educational effort. This educational platform makes teaching and learning easier for educators, students, parents and also administrators.

Moreover, the Incite platform not only provides functional needs of educators, but also understands teaching and learning’s technical requirements. The goal of Incite is to deliver standards-based educational insights of improving student achievement and educator effectiveness.

Are you interested in utilizing the Incite educational platform to make your educational result better? No worries! This post will give you a guide for beginners so that you will perform what you need for your educational progress easier. Let’s take a look at the beginner guide below!

Accessing the Incite Student Portal, Here’s the Guide!

The starting way to use the Incite educational platform is to access the student portal. You can access the portal at After accessing the Incite login portal, you will be required to enter your Student ID and Client ID. Both IDs here can be obtained from your teacher.

Incite Student Portal

How Does the Incite Platform Work?

The Incite educational platform assures the educators, students and administrators are able to access all resources and tools that they need in one place through one unified experience. It enables the educators and students to connect across digital and classroom learning environments.

Since its release, the Incite platform has engineered a next generation teaching and learning ecosystem to provide two capabilities which encourage the students success. The Incite platform’s background is started in the team’s belief that every student deserves to get the best education and resources possible.

With the help of Incite platform, the educators are able to personalize instruction accordingly. Therefore, the Incite provides actionable data to educators and then teaches the students how to interpret it, so they are able to make data-driven instructional decisions which continuously improve student outcomes.

Through a connected teaching and learning ecosystem, the Incite platform is able to support high concurrent usage. The education platform is built using the latest big data/web scale technologies to scale easily to ultra-high loads.

With an integrated platform, the users are allowed to access features in all modules at the point of need. It really makes it extremely intuitive and easy to use, as that was created from the ground up as a cohesive and the look with consistent functionality.

With a unique architecture, this educational platform enables pages to load instantly which was specifically built for high speed/low latency transactional performance. The Incite functionality and performance will run seamlessly across devices; laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

To ensure the safety of your instance and data which combine any technical security measures, the access to specific features and data can be controlled at the role and individual user levels.

Incite’s functional modules offer powerful teaching and learning tools, so districts are able to choose the functionality that they need without paying for the functionality they do not.

What Features Will You Find in Incite?

Taking a remotely learning method, the Incite will be a right option for you. The classroom of Incite seems to improve the teaching and learning experience by giving the educators and students all the resources and tools they really need in one place.

Well, the features you will get from Incite include:

  • Remote teaching and learning method

This educational platform assists to make in-person, blended or virtual instruction effectively and efficiently. They also enable two-way communication between educators and students including live video, chat, email, office hours and tutoring sessions.

A remote teaching and learning method allows the educators and students all resources and tools for any activities: digital resources, lessons, assessment, assignments, results and communication channels with a simple login way.

Incite provides an easy access for educators of creating, storing and referencing instructional materials; lesson plans, unit plans, pacing guides, so it can effectively plan, personalize and deliver instruction.

  • Give an assessment

With the help of Incite platform, the users are able to create and administer standards-based assessments and obtain powerful insights to personalize instruction and impact student achievement positively.

Moreover, the Incite allows the users to automatically assign digital resources to educators, students or parents for enrichment based on assessment results.

  • View an assignment

The users are able to see all of their assignments on a convenient page. What they can view on assignment section are:

‘All’ assignment section can be used to view filtered by Assigned, In Progress, Finished and Submitted or Viewed by educators.

‘Available’ assignment section works to enable you to view/ complete/ submit an assignment.

‘Late Allowed’ assignment section shows an overdue assignment, however it can still be finished and submitted.

All ‘Overdue’ assignment section shows any assignments which have not been finished and submitted including the assignments which are no longer able to be accessed.

  • Utilize the administration tools

There are numerous available tools that the users can use during online testing, here are they:

  1. Highlighting
  2. Option eliminator
  3. Equation editor
  4. Calculators
  5. Ruler
  6. Protractor
  7. Timer
  8. Ability to mark the items that the users will review later

The Incite platform also provides the feature of accessibility to help the students with disabilities; Read-Aloud, Line Reader, Color Contrast tool and Magnification/ Zoom of questions and response choices.

  • Digital Library

The Incite educational platform offers a digital library with over 550,000 teacher-curated resources tagged for federated search. With the use of Incite digital  library, the users are able to find, manage and also deliver top curated content which are available in a single sign-on, one-stop, and integrated curriculum solution.

With Resource Finder, the users will have on-demand access to resources of all types for all standards, subjects and grade levels. This feature allows you to search over  550,000 free and open educational resources.

  • Give parent communication tools

This educational platform provides intense parent communication tools which make it easy to involve them in the education process. They can then provide support to help improve student outcomes.

  • Provide a real-time analytic

The Incite gives the users access to real time and actionable data to assist prompt improvements in teaching and learning. An easy analytic allows the users to view and easily understand data visualization.

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