How to Spell Pavillion vs. Pavilion – Which is Correct?

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As pavillion and pavilion are similar in pronunciation, a lot of people get confused with the spelling of these words. If you are one of these people who have a hard time deciding the correct spelling between pavillion and pavilion, you come to the right page as you will find out about it here. So, which is correct between pavillion and pavilion?

Pavilion is the correct one. This one is the only acceptable spelling. It means it should be the one that is used in the sentences. It is counted as a noun and has the meaning of a space constructed for large events. It can also be a tent that is used as a bearing. In the medical language, it refers to the auricle that means the cartilaginous part of the outer ear. There are some synonyms of pavilion, including a kiosk, casino, summer house and so on. As a verb, the word pavilion could mean a covering or an enclosure. Here are some examples of pavilion in sentences:

How to Spell Pavillion vs. Pavilion - Which is Correct

  1. My sister bought me a new HP pavilion on my birthday.
  2. She built a pavilion for herself so that whenever she wants a quiet place, she will go there.
  3. Nadir Shah had built this pavilion.
  4. We decided to have lunch in the pavilion in the garden.
  5. The pavilion was built in the 1900s and still looks perfect.
  6. There are many picnic pavilions scattered around the park.
  7. The pavilion was undamaged by the heavy storm.
  8. Entering the pavilion, pictures are lining the walls.
  9. The festival was made up of various stages and pavilions.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, pavilion has a few meanings, such as:

  • A building near a sports field, especially on where cricket is played, used by the players and sometimes by people watching the game
  • One of a group of related buildings
  • A large building in which sports or entertainments take place
  • A temporary structure, such as a large tent, especially used at public events or for shows
  • A large, open structure or tent, providing shelter esp. in a park or at a fair (= temporary public event)
  • One of a group of related buildings, such as a hospital

Check out some examples of the word pavilion in publishing below:

  1. Many pavilions seem similar, yet sometimes there’s a striking political message. – From Bloomberg
  2. It features a 900-foot-wide stretch of sand, two picnic pavilions and a playground. – From Plain Dealer
  3. Scandals aside, it’s clear which pavilions are popular. – From NPR
  4. The only damage, however, was mostly to boardwalk pavilions and the press went home decidedly underwhelmed – but with their reward money still in hand. – From The Star-Ledger –
  5. The garden has 20-meter steel pillars, a huge golden pavilion shaped like a birdcage and a green pond for turtles. – From CNN
  6. It will also include a pavilion as a gathering place. – From USA TODAY
  7. His special pavilion sits above the south end of the arena, positioned so that the sun will never shine in his eyes. – From Ars Technica
  8. As they enter the pavilion, the first thing visitors see is a wall listing the corporate sponsors. – From NPR
  9. Some vendors still get tucked under the bridge, north of the pavilion. – From
  10. They were in washrooms at public venues, including the downtown pavilions where visitors gathered for free concerts. – From CNN
  11. There was no terrain to negotiate, and the pavilion could be any size, shape and of any material we chose. – From Huffington Post
  12. Included in the plan is a community pavilion and garden. – From
  13. The first expansion, around 1881, extended the building toward the pavilion and raised the roof to accommodate a full second floor. – From Phys.Org
  14. The glacier’s retreat also has left a sheltered pavilion that was built in the 1990s far from the spectacular views of blue ice. – From Reuters

As for the spelling pavillion, it is incorrect. It is a misspelling of the correct word pavilion. It means it does not work as an alternate form for it. According to Cambridge Dictionary, pavillion is not a word in the English language. Therefore, this one should not be used and it is important to avoid it. However, you should know that it may be appropriate in different languages

Take a look at a few examples that include the incorrect spelling pavillion and the correct version of the same sentence using the correct spelling pavilion below:

  1. Incorrect: The cricket pavillion wasn’t used during winter.
    Correct: The cricket pavilion wasn’t used during winter.
  2. Incorrect: The community pavillion is never busy.
    Correct: The community pavilion is never busy.
  3. Incorrect: How much money was invested into the construction of the pavillion?
    Correct: How much money was invested into the construction of the pavilion?

Which spelling is mostly used? Is it pavillion or is it pavilion? Can you guess which one? According to Google Ngram Viewer, pavilion is the prevalent form. It means it is used by people more frequently. The reason why it is used by people more frequently is because it is the correct form and it is the acceptable spelling. On the contrary, pavillion is much less used. It appears very close to the bottom of the graph. However, it is used now and then by some people. It seems like it is because this word is acceptable in some other languages aside from English.

While the word pavillion may be acceptable in some other languages other than English, it is worth noting that it does not make it right to use it when communicating in English. Remember that using an incorrect word many times will not make it right. Make sure to always use the correct spelling, which is pavilion and try your best to avoid the incorrect one, which is pavillion, as much as possible.

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