How to Spell Genious or Genius – Which is Correct?

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For some people, learning English is a little hard, since there are numerous words that have the same spelling or even misspelled words. If you are confused about the spelling of a word, it would be better for you to look it up in the dictionary or also search online, particularly if you’re just learning English.

One of the misspelled words that will negatively impact writing and risk the writer’s credibility is ‘Genious’ or ‘Genius’. If you happen to write the word ‘Genius’ or ‘Genious’ in your writings, you can try to find out which the correct one is. No worries! This post will show you the correct spelling between ‘Genius’ or ‘Genious’. Here you go!

How to Spell Genious or Genius - Which is Correct

Which Is Correct, ‘Genius’ or ‘Genious’?

In fact, the words ‘Genius’ or ‘Genious’ are often interchanged. However, one of the words is correct and the correct spelling is ‘Genius’, while ‘Genious’ has no existence in the English dictionary.

The reason why many people are confused to spell ‘Genius’ is that there is another word in English which may describe this common misspelling. Need to know, ingenious is an adjective which has a different but related meaning to genius. However, mistakes will be bound to happen, but you don’t run the risk of people not taking your writing seriously due to one misplaced letter.

The word ‘Genius’ is commonly used to describe someone with exceptional intellectual capability or talent. This word also refers to someone with exceptionally high achievements in their field of work or study. Of course, this term is not restricted to people of any certain discipline.

How to Spell ‘Genius’?

It is known that ‘Genius’ spelling has two syllables: gen-ius, where the street is in the first syllable. Well, the word is pronounced as [jee·nyuhs] by the Americans. While, the phonological transcription of Genius both in British English and America is [ˈdʒiː.ni.əs].

To spell ‘Genius’ properly, you just simply break down the word in its syllables. The word turns out to be: gen + ius. The suffix -ius is commonly added to a noun to form an adjective which indicates ‘made of’ or ‘belonging to’ that noun.

Why Is ‘Genius’ Spelling Often Misspelled?

Since they have similar spelling and pronunciation, the word ‘Genius’ or ‘Genious’ are often confused with one another. The spelling mistake happens as the way the words are pronounced. However, the main difference is the presence of the letter ‘o’ in one of the terms.

As there is a similar word in English that is ‘ingenious’, the spelling or genius is often confused and misspelled by a lot of people. It is known that ‘Ingenious’ is an adjective which has a similar meaning to genius that refers to a person who is inventive and clever.

Of course, it often leads many to incorrect spelling, since the ‘genious’ part of the word ‘ingenious’ sounds similar to ‘genius.’

What Is the Role of the Word ‘Genius’ in the Sentence?

According to, the word ‘Genius’ will act as a noun or an adjective. Of course, the definition of Genius will vary depending on its context, since the word can serve as two separate parts of speech.

As a noun

As a noun, Genius refers to someone who possesses exceptional intelligence and often shows remarkable cognitive ability and has an exceptional mental capacity. The examples of the word ‘Genius’ as a noun:

  • Albert Einstein was a genius.
  • Whoever came up with this idea is a genius!

As an adjective

As an adjective, the word ‘Genius’ refers to a work or idea which is creative or original. You may claim that they had genius data if someone reveals something remarkably unique. The examples of the word ‘Genius’ as an adjective:

  • At the game of chess, John is a genius.
  • We think it’s a genius idea if you combine the Bohemian and Contemporary styles of decor for your living room.

There are also the primary synonyms of the word ‘Genius’ including:

  • Brilliant
  • Brainy
  • Intellect
  • Master

There are also the primary antonyms of the word ‘Genius’, including:

  • Stupid
  • Dunce
  • Weak
  • Illiterate

What Is the Main Difference between ‘Genius’ or ‘Genious’?

Talking about the main difference between ‘Genius’ or ‘Genious’, we can conclude that ‘Genius’ is an individual who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality, while ‘Genious’ is one of the misspelled words in English that has no meaning.

Where Does the Word ‘Genius’ Originate?

According to some sources, the word ‘Genius’ originated from ancient Rome. As a throwback, the Romans believed that everyone was guided by a spirit throughout their lives. Well, the spirit here was called a ‘Genius’, as it was born in the individual.

Genius was derived from the Latin word ‘gignere’, which means ‘to give birth or bring forth’. Of course, the ‘Genius’ of a person determines their personality and disposition. As a result, it was assumed that a person’s exceptional talent was due to their ‘Genius’. The word ‘Genius’ was then adopted in English to mean both the spirit which inspired the skill and the talent itself.

Other Misspelled Words

Aside from the word ‘Genius’ or ‘Genious’, there are also other misspelled words that make people confused to spell them, especially for those who are just learning English. We will also show you the list of misspelled words in English, but we can only show some of them, since there are so many misspelled words you can find in the sentences.

Here are they:

granddaughter definitely questionnaire parentheses rambunctious
tomorrow queue interesting disguise ceiling
savvy sandwich daughter possess crochet
absence occurred tasty essay secretary
icy beginning embarrass vicious emphasize
receive hairdo dying verbiage build
access committee knowledgeable mediocre fabulous
privilege occasion receipt inconvenience decent
piece personal gorgeous diarrhea legit
business exercise weekend illiterate doable
liaison warranty ornery eccentric healthcare
decision awkward drowned especially censored
curiosity ditto evaluation crucial height
license disgusting absolutely attitude brooch
villain occurrence effervescent congratulations nosey
kindergarten cemetery abandon equilateral weird
truly queasy acknowledgement genius ethnicities
personnel until guard veterinarian advise
grateful excellent therefore coordinator everyday
um apologize restaurant sophomore equivalent

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