How to Spell Accomodations or Accommodations – Which is Correct?

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Some people would agree that English writing can be hard, especially when you are dealing with words that are not easy to spell. In this case, you might end up getting confused. It can be more confusing with complicated terms that have some different kinds of pairs of letters.

Two of the English words that can make you confused are accomodations and accommodations. So, which is correct? Is it accomodations or accommodations? If you are curious about the answer to the question, keep reading the post.

How to Spell Accomodations or Accommodations - Which is Correct

There are several opinions about accomodations and accommodations. Some sources say that accomodations is one of the most common misspellings of the word accommodation aside from acomodations, acoomodations, acoommodations, accommoddations, and so on. From the statement, it can be concluded that according to them, accommodations is the only one that is correct while accomodations is incorrect. Besides, this one should not be used in English.

It may not be easy for you to remember the correct way to spell accommodation as there are two sets of double letters. The good news is that there are a couple of ways to remember the differences. First, you can try to remember that you booked a total of two double rooms for your overnight accommodations on your vacation. Remember two double rooms for two sets of double letters. Aside from that, you can also say you booked accommodation for CC and MM. The second thing that you can try to remember the correct spelling is “two Cots need two Mattresses”. By remembering this, you will be able to use both Cs and both Ms when you spell accommodation.

On the other hand, some other sources state that accomodations and accommodations are two different spellings from the same word. It means they are both correct. According to them, accommodations are more formal to use while speaking and writing in the United States and Canada. This one is more recognized as the correct way of describing a place of rest. It seems like this spelling is more in use than the other one because the autocorrect on laptop always underline it saying that it is incorrect. Here are some examples of this spelling in sentences:

  • On getting to Eastern Gardens, the gatekeeper offered me accommodation.
  • Getting accommodation in the East is not as easy as it seems.
  • My Teacher described that the best spelling of accommodation is the one with double m.

As for accomodations, even though it is usually seen as a misspelling of accommodations, it is actually legit. To why most people think it is a misspelling of accommodations is because it is less common in use. Apparently, this spelling is more formal to use while speaking and writing in Australia and the United Kingdom and is more recognized as the correct way of describing a place of rest. Go check out some examples of accomodations in sentences below:

  • To my friends in the UK, “find a good accomodation for me”.
  • Why is the accomodation with a single “m” so uncommon in use?
  • The diversification of the English language creates confusion in “accomodations vs. accommodations”.

Once again, according to these sources, both accomodations and accommodations are correct. The only thing that makes them different is in the country of usage. Make sure to use any spelling in the right region of residence in order to avoid sounding incorrect in writing.

Which opinion do you agree with? It does not matter which side you think is correct, you may want to know the meaning of accommodations or accomodations. So, what is the meaning of accommodations or accomodations?

Before anything, you should know that it should be accommodation or accomodation. It means there should be an s after that. Even though this word has a plural meaning, just like most uncountable nouns, accommodation or accommodation is singular with no plural form.

As you already know this, it is time for you to find out the meaning of accommodation or accomodation. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, accommodation as a noun has two definitions, as follows:

1. something supplied for convenience or to satisfy a need: such as

a. lodging, food, and services or traveling space and related services —usually used in plural

Examples: tourist accommodations on the boat; overnight accommodations

b. a public conveyance (such as a train) that stops at all or nearly all points


      2. the act of accommodating someone or something : the state of being accommodated: such as

a. the providing of what is needed or desired for convenience

Example: changed his schedule for the accommodation of his clients


Example: an accommodation to temporary conditions

c. a reconciliation of differences : SETTLEMENT

Example: Negotiators felt that an accommodation with the union was possible.

d. the automatic adjustment of the eye for seeing at different distances effected chiefly by changes in the convexity of the crystalline lens

In general, accommodation or accommodation refer to a place where someone resides and gets meals and some other services. The synonyms for this one include room and board, living quarters, lodgings, and hotels. There are a lot of examples of accommodation in sentences. Some of them are as follows:

  • This apartment is just a temporary accommodation until our home remodel is complete.
  • Our accommodation bill included several unexpected charges from the minibar and Pay-Per-View movies.
  • We booked accommodations just off the highway for our road trip.
  • Does the accommodation include food as well as living quarters?
  • The student required an accommodation for extra time on his tests due to his ADHD.
  • The conference made scheduled accommodation for the people who had late fights.
  • In the field of ophthalmology, accommodation refers to the automatic adjustment our eyes make to distance.
  • Would you prefer to stay at accommodations with an indoor pool or a place with an ocean view?
  • The accommodations we booked in Las Vegas will sleep six guests, so it’s perfect for a girls’ trip.

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